Bike Rack For Model X Now Available From Tesla


Tesla Model X With Bike Rack

Tesla Model X With Bike Rack

Tesla now offers a bike rack for the Model X through its online store.

The rack, a rebranded Yakima, features a Tesla logo and a Tesla appropriate price tag of $539 (or $40 more than the same Yakima rack without the Tesla logo).

Below are all the details on the Model X bike rack.

*Requires Model X pre-configured with the towing package or accessory hitch.

Tesla PN: 1068386-01-A

Tesla Model X Bike Rack

Tesla Model X Bike Rack

Designed exclusively for Tesla, the Model X Hitch Rack is a premium tilt-down hitch rack that comes fully assembled out of the box. Installation is a breeze with the AutoPin™ and locking SpeedKnob™. New ZipStrips™ make loading and securing bikes simpler than ever. Need to access the rear of your Model X? Simply tilt the rack down with the conveniently located UpperHand™ lever.

Other Features:

  • Fully padded arms which can be folded down when not in use
  • Integrated security system with (2) SKS Locks  – lock rack to hitch receiver and lock bikes to rack
  • Fits both 1.25″ and 2″ hitch receivers
  • Carries up to 4 bikes*

Hitch Rack Dimensions/Weight:

  • Overall arm width – 12.25″ 
  • Overall height – 36.5″
  • Weight – 44.0 lbs

NOTE: SKI/SNOWBOARD CARRIER FOR HITCH RACK required to carry skis/snowboards. Sold separately. 

*Model X hitch is designed to support loading of up to 120 lbs. When carrying bicycles or other items on the Model X hitch, always check to ensure that the maximum weight is not exceeded. The hitch weight threshold is sufficient for carrying two bicycles weighing approximately 40 lbs each, or four bicycles weighing approximately 20 lbs each, assuming a carrier weighing approximately 40 lbs.

This product is not offered outside of North America.

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“The rack, a rebranded Yakima, features a Tesla logo and a Tesla appropriate price tag of $539 (or $40 more than the same Yakima rack without the Tesla logo).”

The Yakima FullTilt 4 bike rack actually sells for only $419 on Yakima’s online store, a whopping $120 less than the one with the Tesla logo.

Yakima also sells a version that carries 5 bikes, the FullTilt 5 for only $449 or $90 less than the Tesla rack that hold only 4 bikes.


Don’t you know that Tesla logo is worth the price difference for those Tesla fan boys?


David Schurig

Ugh. That type of rack design is fine if you want your bikes scratching and damaging each other at every road bump. Tesla should rebrand a good design, like the 1UP USA racks.

Four Electrics

Absolutely. I have a 1UP for my X and it is amazing.


The 1Up racks are nice, I’m sure, but like Yakima and Thule, they’re also very pricey for what they are.

The 2/4 bike convertible tray style rack #18086 from Curt is an excellent product, very sturdy as should be expected from a company that’s been in the towing and RV industries for so long, and it costs less than a single bike 1up rack.


The pic of the Model X in the story above shows that it is off road by the ocean. Can you take a Model X down long dirt roads (to go mountain bike riding or morel mushroom picking) without Tesla considering it abuse and warranty voiding, or is it forbidden like with the Model S? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tesla promoted taking the Model S off paved roads for 80 miles a day in its marketing, and then claimed a Model S owner abused his car by driving down a long dirt road to pick mushrooms. There was a Telsa Customer Story video from Tesla marketing about a mailman in rural Minnesota who bought a Tesla for work and drove it 124 miles a day on his route with “80 of those miles” on gravel roads and dirt roads. See @1:08 into the video below.


And where is the story of that poor mailman in Minnesota who had his suspension rusted and wheels falling off? Oh, right. That didn’t happen. Because the Model S suspensions are just fine and a couple out of a hundred thousand may show some issues because Math.


Sven likes to regurgitate and twist debunked FUD for his Trolling pleasure. Dunno why, but at least it keeps him preoccupied and out of prison, so far…


If Tesla is going to continue to push customers to this type of hitch based carrier, wouldn’t it make sense to move the charge port to the front of the vehicle.


In the future, I would like to see dual ports (front and rear) as standard. Only one port usable at a time (unless you paid more for another inverter), but the added value and convenience of charging would be awesome.

The onboard computer would ask you which port you wanted to use, so that would eliminate abuse of attempting to dual charge the vehicle if it was not built to support it.


Even better.