Bigger, Faster, Stronger…

JUN 14 2014 BY JAY COLE 36

InsideEVs - Now Faster

InsideEVs – Now Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Thanks to the support of the community and some great contributors and writers over the past few years, InsideEVs has grown into the largest media website on ‘the Internets’ covering exclusively plug-in cars and their infrastructure.

…however, it hasn’t been without a few road bumps and learning experiences along the way.

Most recently, the site was plagued with a bug that saw some visitors get involuntarily redirected away. We worked diligently to figure out the cause and solve the problem…only to find out later that it was a much larger problem across the web; and the source of the problem was actually on the ‘hosting side’ of the equation; and not on our end at all.

With a move to a new host today, that situation has now been rectified.

In addition to troubleshooting the issue , and in anticipation of ever-increasing public interest in the EV movement going forward, we used this opportunity to also add extra traffic capacity, storage and speed to the site.

The InsideEVs team would just like to take a moment to express our thanks for your patience during the changeover.



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Thanks Jay, from the IT guys to all the writers and readers of the site– glad that redirect hack has finally been fixed.

Congrats too, on the new server and for evolving this site as EVs become more and more common in this blooming era of increasingly sustainable transportation.

It was great reading you on gm and I find myself at your site multiple times a day to keep up with the good news (lowercase good). Thanks for all the great articles and info. You guys are doing a great service to the ev industry, our nation, and our planet.


Great site! Thanks a lot!

Always appreciate the honest take on what makes this market move, and the delicate pokes at those wishing not to compete.

You guys are top notch!

The train has left the station. Slow moving but unstoppable at this point.

Glad that was sorted out before I lost my job for being redirected to certain sites on my work PC 😉

Yes, my wife was wondering why I was looking for an “adult friend”. Glad everything is fixed… this is my favourite EV website!

Thanks Jay et al.

I start my day with this site, I look multiple times per day and nearly close my day with this site. Thanks for the great work!!

Ps: one little remark if I may:-) on the smartphone version you cannot see the number of reactions on the homescreen, which I think is a pity. But of course that is nitpicking.

Best wishes,

Great site, just wish one could edit recent posts.

Yes the redirection at work would have been a problem! OO ps

Great guys! You are making best EV-related site in whole internet!

I think insideevs has been permanently blocked on my work’s firewall

Yes, mine too – the only EV site that has the problem.

If your browsers where using any ‘traditional’ filters/firewalls (like Norton,Googlesafe, etc) to stop redirects, all of those have now been reset and the site is listed as ‘problem free’ on all major 3rd party apps

Yay! I can get my insideevs fix at work now. THANK YOU!!

Keep up the good work. Appreciate it.


Congratulations for turning a problem into a nice upgrade for all of us insideEV’s addicts.

Thank You,


Keep up the good work!

Great Job! Happy Days are Here Again:


Great to see everything back and better than ever. I was missing the comments, which is one of the best parts about this site besides the great articles.

Great job, guys! The news infeed and the growth could only go up at this point. Ever since Inside EVs was quoted in a TYT video, I wouldn’t doubt the fact that traffic is a its highest than ever before.

Hope you’ll be more able to post more news than ever before.

Thanks offib,

Actually, the amount of news is a bit of an issue at the moment. We have lots of writers/contributors working here and around the world…and there is a lot of stories that just don’t make the cut.

Our front page only holds 13 articles and we are hesitant to go over that threshold during the week and things get backed up.

As an example we currently have 139 stories scheduled in the queue and 40 being researched/drafted. Perhaps we just roll them off the front page and not worry about them…anywhoo, its being discussed.

Ah, yes, I remember you told be about excessive traffic. But that was a couple of months ago! I guess the Chinese Rally would have to wait too!

It makes a lot of sense now, it’s best to keep the bigger and more successful stories on the front page.

Considering that this is the largest Plug-In only news outlest on the web, how flattering would it be to find out that Musk or Plamer and Ghosn pays attention to this site? Or even the guys who gamble with stock exchange, keeping an eye on the next big thing or big fall for TSLA?

Are there any plans to add a permanent FAQ area, or “Top 10 Plug-in Myths”?

I used to go to several EV sites, but now, this is the only one I read daily/regularly. You guys have heart! Keep up the good work.

Glad to have Adult EV Finder back on line!

Kudos to the team for a high quality and informative web site!

kudos!!! This is the first ev site I open and the only ev site bookmarked on my computer. I like your format very much because you deal exclusively(or at least 80% of the contents) to evs only. The others include hybrids, fuel cell cars and even gas cars just to have content on their sites and it just a lost of focus for them, in my opinion.

I wonder if I was immune because I enabled AdBlock Pro on this site after other ad-related issues. I also use FlashBlock, which requires a click on the Flash object to run it.

No, it was getting everyone it selected as it was a pointing issue from the host domain server.

That being said, I myself never got a redirect…it looks like it affected about 1 in every 250 odd visitors in the end. That was another reason why it was hard to troubleshoot at first, it was a conditional bug; and if you got it, it couldn’t be immediately replicated

Great website – glad you have the technical issues resolved. There does seem to be a slowdown of EV news at the moment but that’s not site specific. What I currently find most interesting at the moment is VW claiming they’re going to be the dominant plug-in car seller by 2018.

Jay and company,

It’s been a pleasure reading and writing since your early days, and I wish you the best as we all ride the wave to EV awareness for all.


Could it be possible to have (email) notifications for new replies to comments?

I personally would suggest to have Disqus commenting platform also here in InsideEVs, as it is to my opinion the best commenting platform.

Congratulations to InsideEVs on its well-deserved increasing popularity! It’s certainly my #1 go-to website for EV news.

Now, at the risk of nagging, I hope y’all will “up your game” and hire a copy-editor to proofread your articles before they are posted.

So far,there appears to be little emphasis on mass production of ‘green’vehicles other than cars.What about, for instance, motorhomes? Watch out for the NISSAN DORMER!