Big Daddy’s SR-37 Dragster Shooting To Pass 200 MPH In Quarter-Mile Run

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Drag racing legend “Big Daddy” Don Garlits and SR-37

Drag racing legend “Big Daddy” Don Garlits and SR-37

Don Garlits, known as “Big Daddy,” is considered the father of drag racing – electric or otherwise.

Big Daddy would like to pass 200 mph in an EV dragster on a ¼ mile drag strip on the 50th anniversary of his historic first official 200 mph pass in 1964.

Currently, the only EV that has exceeded 200 mph was the Lawless Rocket drag motorcycle. Driver Larry “Spiderman” McBride did  6.940 @ 201.37 mph in 2012.

Now, Big Daddy claims he can go even faster and will have fastest EV dragster since Dennis Berube’s Current Eliminator V, which was able to do 7.956 @ 159.85 mph in 2007.

To set new record, Don Garlits will need a new electric dragster – the SR-37.


SR-37 Battery

SR-37 Battery

SR-37 will have 1.5 MW of peak power battery pack (li-po) and six DC series wound motors, which hopefully will be strong enough to utilize all amperes supplied from three Zillas.

Electric SR-37 is now under construction with the help of Lawless Industries. Crescent Electric Supply donated six 7.5” GE motors. Derek Barger/HighTech Systems LLC will assemble the battery pack.

Tests are scheduled for Spring and by this Summer the team should be able to try to exceed 200 mph. This is the quest – Quest for 200MPH.


R-37 drivetrain

SR-37 drivetrain


SR-37 press release

SR-37 press release

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“Don Garlits, known as “Big Daddy,” is considered the father of electric drag racing.”

Shouldn’t you scratch out the word “electric” from there? Seems like he’s the father of the whole sport, not just the electric variant.

Yes, I think that is a fair point, (= /fixed

This vehicle’s motor won’t need to be completely overhauled after each run like most dragsters. They only need to wait for the 1.5MW battery to get recharged!

Just imagine the range on that baby at 35 mph!

Wow! This just brings full-circle a whole bunch of memories for me. I remember going to my neighborhood market as a kid to buy Hot Rod Magazine, and the first one I ever purchased had Big Daddy Don Garlits on the cover.

The guy is THE drag racing legend because he was always on the cutting edge – first to put the fire-breathing Hemi in the rear over the back wheels, winning everything in site. It seems fitting for him to go after this worthy goal. I wish him safety, at his age taking those kinds of g forces.

This is the kind of stuff that catapults EVs into the minds of automobile lovers. If Don believes EVs are worthy, then – well, maybe they just are… Or so, I’m sure – some will think.

I hope the 200mph pass will inspire others to follow – just as they followed Big Daddy and changed drag racing ( and hot rodding )back in the day.

Like you it brings up memories for me also. My Dad used to race his jet car against guys like Gartlits and Don Purdomme. My dad car went over 200 in about 1964. By the way my 72 year old Dad now Drives a Leaf

10/4 on that. Lot’s of memories. I can remember going to Lions drag strip in LA in the 60’s. Seems like the fuelies were just getting into the 5’s then with a few breaking 200.

Go big daddy!

And Don is 82 years young! Wow!!!

Be safe – Don. God bless you!

Your dad is driving a LEAF!!! HOW COOL IS THAT, HUH?!!!

God bless your dad, a very cool and very smart man!

And they said you can’t teach an “old dog” new tricks… Your dad is fantastic and a great example to all generations younger than he is – that we can evolve and still have a heckuva lot of fun while doing it.

Great to see SW37 see the light of day, and with a launch date. It’s been in testing for a good year now, with lots of behind-the-scenes drama!

Hey we got all kinds of ‘EVs’ that go over 200mph. 🙂

I don’t know if all those 7.5″ motors will be enough to do it?

Crowdfunding project for completion of Garlits SR-37 Quest EV Dragster 2014 battery package is live at