Bicyclist Collides With Nissan LEAF – Video


Bicyclist Collides With Nissan LEAF

Bicyclist Collides With Nissan LEAF

“Bicycle runs a red light at S 9th Street and Snyder Avenue in Philadelphia PA, then gets hit by a Nissan LEAF.”

States the video description.

These bicycle/car incidents are all too common, which makes a vehicle’s pedestrian safety score all the more important.

The LEAF scores 65% in pedestrian safety, which is mid-pack among plug-in vehicles.

Would a greater/different audible sound warning have made any difference? We think not in this case, but the discussion of what is necessary and what is not (if at all) is still a hot topic in many countries around the world.

Most importantly, injuries must have been relatively minor:

“The bicyclist walked away from Philadelphia EMS personnel.”

And the “driver was cleared of any wrong doing.”

Euro NCAP LEAF Pedestrian Safety Rating

Euro NCAP LEAF Pedestrian Safety Rating

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The cyclist did not brake or look because, as I used to do, and (I guess) many many cyclists do, is to run on sound. Since EVs are still very scarce, cyclist do not care to look for silent cars. In this case, it appears clearly to me that a sound from the car would have helped.
It could be implemented with a radar to emit only with obstacles nearby like parked cars and walls..

EVs aren’t silent, and are noisy as hell in the rain.

And when I’m on my bike (which is a lot), I use my f**kin’ eyes. And I stop at stop signs. And signal.

You may agree with me that EVs are more silent, or maybe there was too much noise in the head of the cyclist. 🙂
There are so many points to consider in a specific event like this one…

What complete nonsense! Get yourself out onto a suitable road and actually use your eyes, ears an, most importantly, BRAIN to see how much actual *engine* noise you scan hear coming from approaching traffic doing 20 – 30 miles an hour. Unless it is a large truck, you will not be able to hear any engine noise over that made by the tyres on the road and air moving over the vehicle. Please try this yourself before penning any more silly, ill-informed twaddle on the interweb! We need *less* noise in out towns and cities not MORE!

What was the “ding” sound after the accident? No airbags deployed; did the car detect an accident anyway?

I was wondering what the DING was also.. I sort of laughed and figured it must be like a video game and the driver just got 10 points for hitting a cyclist.

I’ve seen many bicyclists around midnight in large groups flash-mob-riding around LA, taunting the fates.

They congest the roadways in huge numbers, cut in-and-out in front of you, randomly switch between both sides of the road to ride on, and seem to enjoy hanging out in a vehicle’s blind spots.

They are often escorted by LAPD cars, but that does not stop all the shenanigans they try to pull on anyone they happen upon.

Frankly, wish there was more Darwinism going on with those events.

Which means you want Darwinism to “go on” here and this means (what the Darwin Award means) that more of them will perish in such accidents? Nice guy – you’re fun at parties too?

I believe people should learn that their actions have direct consequences. Artificially protecting people who purposely choose dangerous behavior on roads and highways, should be allowed to eliminate themselves. That is the highest form of freedom any society can bestow upon it’s citizens.

Respectful Mindfulness is something current Western Culture no longer prizes.

Please, tell me more about your interest in parties…

@Anon, how did the cyclists manage to hang out in your blind spot? It sounds like you did something irresponsible like try to drive through the middle of the pack. Then you were mad because you were surrounded by bicyclists. Next time, just be patient for an extra cycle of the light and they will all go past and be out of your way. Just because you don’t understand why they “cork” intersections, does not mean there is not a valid reason for it. If they all rode single file and each stopped individual at every stop sign, traffic would be clogged for miles. When 200 vehicles turn down a narrow street, don’t follow them if you want to go fast, regardless of why type of vehicle it is. Like everyone else, we only remember the ones who were being jerks which sadly exist in every group. Just because someone driving an electric does something stupid, it does not mean that everyone in an electric car should be run down by large Suburbans which is very similar to what you implied should happen to bicyclist, except the cyclist is even more vulnerable. Should we really implement the death penalty for… Read more »

Poor assumptions make for poor discussion…

I wish there was more Darwinism going on with people who post troll comments to the Internet.

1. Biker ran a red light.
2. Leaf could have stopped in time when his/her light turned yellow.
3. What was the chime when the biker got hit. Reminded me of when Mario hits a gold coin.

4. In most cities, it is lawful to parallel park vehicles far too close to intersections blocking critical peripheral visibility.

5. In Virginia you are not allowed to enter an intersection if the light is yellow. If this would have happened in Virginia the operator of the Leaf would have been cited for running a red light. I know everybody runs yellow lights. If I remember from the time I lived in Pa. you were allowed to enter intersections when the light is yellow.

TUFF GUY ! WALKED AWAY FROM IT.., THIS TIME ….THE MAJORITY OF CYCLISTS ARE the Most CARELESS People that BREAK EVERY LAW & ROAD RULE EVER WRITTEN, ON A DAILY BASIS …PLUS…IN THEIR MIND THEY ARE DOING NO WRONG!..& Truly Believe that they OWN THE ROAD & they have MORE RIGHTS Than TAX PAYING Licensed Drivers With Valid Road Licences & INSURANCE.. .Especially Avid Cyclists that take their kids out & expose these innocent children to life threatening dangers…I HATE to see anyone get Hurt…..But Some of these people ????? I Just don’t Know///&^%$#@!@#$%^&*(

Biker ran a red light, pretty simple to me. Traffic safety laws are for cars AND bikes.

I don’t buy the whole audible noise below x mph arguement. Most of a vehicles noise at these lower speeds is road noise, not engine noise. Not to mention the extra road noise because it is raining in this scenario.

It’s the opposite. At low speed, we always hear engine noise. At higher speeds the wind and tire/road noise cover the engine noise and give awareness of the EV coming. But I’m not for artificial noise either even if I abmit that it could help in some circumstances.


I rarely see a bike rider that stops at a stop sign; most will blow right through. I’ve honked at them a few times, only to be greeted with a “what?” look, or something less friendly. They act like it’s their right to not obey traffic signs. Then when one gets hurt, they are quick to advocate “share the road”.

I don’t disagree with what you’re saying but the part about not accepting fault and blaming others is something I see often by people in general and is not isolated to bikers. Drivers who are 100% in the wrong and get honked at in near misses, honk back, give the finger, etc.

Yup, another *sshole cyclist who insists on being treated like a vehicle until they come to a stop sign/red light. Just saw one do it 30 minutes ago.


Worse yet, here in Cali now you (the car) can get a ticket if you don’t give them 3 feet when passing, which means they can legally block you at 10 mph for as long as they want if you can’t pass on the other side of the road.

complete stupidity.

I think the 3 foot rule is great. In a car vs bike situation, it’s a far more dangerous situation for the cyclist so if it helps save a life it’s all good in my book. Road users whether they are on bikes or in cars need to abide by the rules and suffer the consequences of their actions if they do not.

Yea, I bet the term “California Stop” was coined because of all those scofflaw cyclists blowing through stop signs. I am sure they are much more law abiding when they are driving a car.

I remember this one time I was stuck behind this cyclist for like 8 seconds. I barely had time to catch up to traffic so I could wait at the next light with them. And then the rude cyclist had the nerve to pass me while I was stuck at the light, which I am sure he would have blown if it hadn’t turned green by the time he got there.

This is 8 seconds I am never going to get back. I could have watched someone ride a bull on my smart phone while waiting at the stoplight, but noooo! Because of some jerk cyclist thinking that their tax dollars help pay for MY roads when they don’t even buy gas, I missed an opportunity to watch 8 seconds of bull riding!

complete stupidity

You’re a moron

No, that is wrong Kosh. The CA law for bicycles states: “When passing a bicyclist in the travel lane, you should allow at least three feet between your vehicle and the bicyclist, unless doing so would cause a hazard. In these cases, slow down and pass the bicyclist when it is safe to do so.” Furthermore, the law states “Bicyclists may occupy the center of the lane when conditions such as a narrow lane or road hazard make it unsafe to ride in a position that may provide room for a vehicle to pass. With any slow-moving vehicle or bicycle, drivers should follow at a safe distance. When it is safe, the bicyclists should move to a position that allows vehicles to pass.” Now you just look silly passing on misinformation.

AKA Reasons why you need cameras in your car running while the engine is “on”.

Well, I guess it will teach the cyclist a lesson.

cyclists are too arrogant these days.

Perfectly non sense hating.
Cyclist are frequently car, buse, or truck driver too, just like myself.
Human are just sometimes stupid, period.
Make me want to give credit to NRA, the problem ain’t the gun, but the idiot who handle it!
The only thing different is when you ride a bike you have yourself and 20 pounds of stuff to trow at 20 mph on something you didn’t see or hear, while in a car you have two tons that you can pitch at + 70 mph.
It’ probably what make some motorist feel so superior I guess.

Speaking as someone who used to ride a bicycle around town…

Cyclists are subject to the same traffic laws as motor vehicles. When I was riding my bicycle, I did stop for red lights. On the occasions when I didn’t stop for a stop sign, you can bet that I looked very carefully both ways for oncoming traffic before doing so. I also used my eyes to watch for traffic, and certainly didn’t depend on my ears. Not all gas guzzlers are noisy, clanking vehicles, especially at low speeds.

And if I ran a red light and got hit by a car, I would have had only myself to blame.

Freedom means taking responsibility for your own actions. It doesn’t mean finding someone else to blame.

Oh joy, my home town.

Step one, stop at red lights.
Step two, don’t be an idiot.

One thing you haven’t mentioned here which is very important.

The biker did not have a light. If you would have a normal proper bike light, which is law here and hopefully in all places, then the driver would have seen the bike coming long before the actual bike.

Stoping for the red light would of course have been the first thing to do, but not making yourself seen (and see the roads properly) by having a light makes this idiot a candidate for a double Darwin award.

Green light, then yellow. Leaf is in the clear. Bike rider should have stopped so he’ll get no sympathy from me. Darwin is a b__ch.

sorry if my attitude sounds bad, but I was brought up in England following the Green Cross Code. LOOK RIGHT AND LEFT THEN RIGHT AGAIN BEFORE CROSSING AND CONTINUE TO LOOK BOTH WAYS WHILE CROSSING THE ROAD.

Obviously i’ll brake if somebody steps out in front of me, but I won’t lose sleep over it if they want to play chicken with my Land Rover.