BEVs Set New Sales Record In Western Europe In March and Q1

MAY 15 2017 BY MARK KANE 5

2017 Nissan LEAF

Over the past couple of years, European all-electric car sales have been growing without much drama, as new models, with better electric abilities have continued to assault the mark.

March sees highest-ever electric car sales total on record (Source: EagleAID)

Recently sales in Western Europe reached a new all-time record of:

  • 32,700 in the first quarter
  • 15,102 in March

Also the market share finds its highest level at 0.8% in March (up from 0.7% year ago).

“Never before in Europe’s comparatively short electric car history have so many pure electric cars (BEVs) been registered as this March.

The UK’s traditional March car registration blitz, this time with a more than one-third jump to a chart-topping 3,141 electric cars, helped elevate West Europe’s BEV sales in March by just over a quarter to 15,102 units.

That’s the highest ever electric car registration total for any month on record.”

Source: EagleAID

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5 Comments on "BEVs Set New Sales Record In Western Europe In March and Q1"

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Three things.

Diesel on the nose
Renault zoe 40kwhr &
Germany has awoken with 100% growth.

Renault Zoe is the pick of the litter in Western Europe, as it is quite possibly the only “no brainer” for those that were waiting on the EV sidelines!

This would be true if it had DC fast charging. The current best “cheap” EV on the market is the Hyundai Ioniq!

Nah, the Zoe beats the Ioniq by not only a mile but two or three.

The longer range and cheaper price but only 22 kW “fast charging” beats the Ioniq.

The Ioniq needs (much) longer range and the Zoe needs fast charging desperately though.

I think I would also add a fast charging network that is actually a network.

I drove in the UK for 10 years, when I look at the plugshare map now I can’t see anywhere that I have driven that I couldn’t get to with a 30 kWh leaf or a 40kWh Zoe. I think that this increase is the tip of the iceberg in Europe. There really isn’t a technical, and probably not much of a financial, block to 3-10% adoption of EV’s in places like the UK.

My personal opinion is if you are buying a 20k pound+ hatch back now without really deeply considering a Zoe or Leaf you’re mad.

There are still people these cars won’t work for, like those who can charge at home, but I think most people in the UK could step out of their current focus and into a Leaf and not change anything in their lives. Apart from not going to the petrol station.