BEV Sales In Europe Increased By 48.6% Year-Over-Year To 85,000 In November

DEC 31 2015 BY MARK KANE 8

All-electric car sales in Europe - November 2015

All-electric car sales in Europe – November 2015

According to the latest report on all-electric car sales (without the Twizy) in Europe released by Renault, the market is growing by 40-50% year-over-year in major countries.

Average growth for the Europe is +48.6% to some 85,000 BEVs sold through the first 11 months of 2015.

Europe will not exceed 100,000 units sold this year, but 2015 was definitely a strong year.

UK stands at nearly 10,000 BEVs sold in the first 11 months of 2015, Germany at over 10,000, France at around 20,000, and Norway at nearly 25,000.

All the results exclude plug-in hybrids, which are growing too, and together with all-electric sales added in, will exceed 160,000 units sold for all of 2015.

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8 Comments on "BEV Sales In Europe Increased By 48.6% Year-Over-Year To 85,000 In November"

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Excellent! More! MORE! M O R E !!!

I would guess that with all the new models coming out and the longer ranges, this figure could continue for several years to come. I love compound interest!

Thanks, Mark.

How about a follow-up article comparing the growth of plug-in EV sales (not just BEV sales) in North America vs. Europe since 2010?

N.A. sales shot up quickly for two or three years, but flattened this year (hopefully growth will pick up next year). I get the impression that European sales are more or less following the same trend, albeit about three years later, give or take a year.

I’d love to see the trends on the same graph for comparison.

Its really nice to see that BEVs outselling PEVs and I am hoping for the day the BEVs will outsell HEVs (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) as well.

But this is not easy given the fact that Prius has taken Hybrid sales to much greater heights.

But Tesla Model-3, Bolt and other upcoming electric vehicles may achieve this.

What is total car sales in Europe so far?

13 million according to

so BEVs have 0,65%. The only way is up 😉

Excellent news! I think that once the lower cost long range EVs come in 2017-2018 this increase will seem like small potatoes.

Internal combustion engine = CRT monitor
Electric AC induction motor = LCD flat screen

The public are _finally_ waking up. 2016 is going to be a fantastic year for EVs!