What Are The Best Ways To Get Ahold Of A Tesla Model 3 ASAP?

Tesla Model 3

JAN 15 2018 BY EVANNEX 22

Tesla Model 3

The vaunted Tesla Model 3 makes its way into the Palo Alto, California Tesla store (Source: Teslarati via Alex Guberman at E for Electric)


Perhaps you’ve reserved your Tesla Model 3 but haven’t taken delivery of your car yet. Or maybe you’re keen on the Model 3 but need to see it in-person before making your reservation. Sure, you can fly to the Tesla factory and hope to spy a Model 3 in the company parking lot. Then again, you don’t want to be a stalker. Hmmm… isn’t there any way you can get your hands on a Tesla Model 3 now?

*This article comes to us courtesy of EVANNEX (which also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Matt Pressman.

If you’re outside the United States, the answer is… unfortunately, no. But if you’re in the U.S., there are a few ways to check out the car (up-close and personal) if you’re willing to try one of these three methods…

Check out Model 3 at your local Tesla store

If you’re located on the West Coast, you might have to drive a bit, but, you can (finally) check out a Model 3. Forbes reports that Tesla stores have been “mobbed” with people clamoring to see the car. Brooks Crothers writes: “The Model 3, as of Friday, is being shown at only two retail locations nationwide, the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto and Century City mall in Los Angeles.”

Above: Tesla’s Model 3 made its debut Friday at Los Angeles’ Century City mall (Youtube: Fox 11 Los Angeles)

Crothers observed that, “there was a long line waiting to get inside the vehicle. In fact, it reminded me of the line that formed in November at the Century City Apple Store (where I waited dutifully in line for the iPhone X). Maybe not quite as long but the Model 3 certainly generated the same kind hubbub as the iPhone X.”

Rent Model 3 on Turo

A recent article in the Washington Post recommends an alternate approach, “to plant your buttocks in the driver’s seat of the Model 3.” How? “Turo [which] is a San Francisco company that allows people to rent out their vehicles for cash, a practice known as peer-to-peer car sharing. The company already has at least six Model 3s available for rent now in FloridaColoradoCalifornia and Virginia.”

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 on Turo (Image: InsideEVs via Turo)

And more are coming: “that number will climb to 20 by the end of the month, according to the company’s director of communication, Steve Webband an additional 116 Turo members have signed up to rent out their Model 3s upon delivery… Capitalizing on the car’s rarity, people are renting out their Model 3s for a pretty penny. Rental prices range from $213 to $700 a day. Webb said demand for the vehicles — some of which are booked months in advance — is high.”

Buy a used Model 3 on eBay

Dan Zorrilla recently took delivery of his Tesla Model 3 and completed a record-breaking cannonball run. However, Zorrilla has three kids and prefers his other (bigger) Tesla Model S. In The Drive, he writes: “I’d been hoping that I’d be able to squeeze my family of five into the Model 3 on road trips the way we can cram into [my] Model S, but the Model 3’s smaller cargo capacity means there just isn’t enough space.”

Tesla Model 3

Dan Zorrilla’s Tesla Model 3 after his record-breaking drive cross-country (Image: The Drive)

Sooo… if you’re dying for a Model 3 right now, you can buy his — he explains, “If I were 10 years younger, or had just one kid, the Model 3 would be the car of my dreams. But, at this point in my life—with three young kids in car seats, and strollers, cribs, diaper bags, toys, and the rest of their junk—I just can’t make it work. So that’s why I’m selling my car… I will miss my Model 3… but my loss can be your gain if you feel like placing a bid for the car on eBay*.”


*Editors Note: It appears since the writing of this article the bidding on this Tesla Model 3 has ended on eBay — you’ll have to move fast if an opportunity like this comes up again.

*Editor’s Note: EVANNEX, which also sells aftermarket gear for Teslas, has kindly allowed us to share some of its content with our readers. Our thanks go out to EVANNEX, Check out the site here.

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The best way was to get in line first (aside from owning an S or X) yet I find it strange that some that are very impatient about being further down in line did not have a sense of urgency in putting in a reservation on 3/31. If you didn’t make the effort, your wait is a consequence of your own inaction.

Well for some of us that reserved the first day delivery date is “late 2018”. And people driving on the left 2019. So being first in the reservation line doesn’t solve every problem.

The later timelines for the aforementioned markets were mentioned at the reveal.

Or just wait about 12-18 months and you won’t be able to swing a dead cat without hitting one.

Who the F would swing a dead cat!?!?!?

John, Billy Bob, Bubba ….

It’s an old expression.

Very old. Once put it in a paper in college. The prof noticed!

The expression, I believe, is simply to “swing a cat”. Nice of you (for the cat’s sake) to use a dead one!

Maybe, but cats are not amenable to being swung around. Dead cats on the other-hand don’t seem to care.

That would be the humane way to do it.

I think the cat would prefer to just be swung around a bit alive instead of being dead…


That’s what happen when you buy a car without being a able to test drive it. Dan Zorilla has buyer’s remorse and needs to put it on eBay.

Blame it more on people who said the back was spacious. We need people to tell the truth instead of being blinded my our desire to advance EVs.

The back is not bad at all.

It looks like he bought it to rent it out to make money and then decided to sell it to make more money. I don’t think he ever intended to use it himself after his cross-country drive.

It seems like Dan has some kind of scam going on. Just sold his 3 on eBay but is still renting it out.
Also promoting people to use his referral code. I smell a rat.

“This car isn’t available”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a test drive to figure out that a midsized sedan wouldn’t be big enough for 3 babies/toddlers with car seats and all their stuff for long trips.

I mean come on.

That news report was awful.

She’s describing a $35k car you can’t buy yet while standing next to a $50k+ version of it.

No gear shifter, an iPad thingy, and room for car seats – awesome.

And the guy who’s waiting until next month to reserve – he can’t afford it if he’s waiting until next month, and he won’t see a Model 3 for a few more years anyway.

There are tons of model 3’s on eBay and no one is bidding on them so that should be the easiest way I guess.