Best Selling Chinese Plug-In Cars For The First Half Of 2015

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According to the ChinaAutoWeb, Chinese manufacturers produced some 76,233 NEVs (New Energy Vehicles) by the end of June, and sold nearly as many (72,711, up 240% year-over-year).

Around 25,000 were produced in June, which is a pretty strong surge.

Numbers includes different vehicles, out of which passenger cars had 50,627 deliveries – 29,743 BEVs and 20,884 PHEVs.

BYD on the top of the list isn’t a surprise. In the second place are BAIC’ BEVs – we believe three models gathered as one (is that fair?). Sadly, we don’t have data for cars imported to China like Tesla Model S.

 “Sales of the top-ten best-selling EV models in H1 2015 are:

1. BYD Qin (plug-in hybrid), 16,477

2. BAIC EV 150/160/200 (E Series, pure-electric), 5,803

3. Zotye E20 (Zhidou E20, pure-electric), 4,913

4. Zotye Cloud 100 (pure-electric), 4,347

5. SAIC Roewe 550 Plug-in (plug-in hybrid), 3,321

6. Chery QQ EV (QQ3 EV, pure-electric), 3,208

7. BYD e6 (pure-electric), 2,900

8. JAC iEV (pure-electric), 2,591

9. Geely-Kandi Panda (pure-electric), 2,547

10. Chery eQ (pure-electric), 2,129

Sales of other notable EV models in H1 2015 are:

DENZA EV (pure-electric), 619

Venucia e30 (pure-electric), 453

BYD Tang (plug-in hybrid), 412

GAC Trumpchi GA5 REV (plug-in hybrid), 364

BMW 530Le (plug-in hybrid), 310

SAIC Roewe E50 (pure-electric), 140

BAIC ES210 (Senova EV, pure-electric), 89″

Source: ChinaAutoWeb

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Where is Tesla among all those?

Here it is…

No, but according to EV sales blog it was 1300 in march and estimated 1700 in may.
So it’s likely to be somewhere around 2000.

So it might be in the top 10.

To be fair, Tesla does not publicly disclose its monthly sales numbers, nor its regional sales numbers either. So omitting the Model S from the list might not be a deliberate snub. They’d have to use an unofficial estimate.

It’s a list of EVs from chinese manufacturers so not being on the list is not a snub of any kind since Tesla is not a chinese manufacturer. 🙂

Neither is BMW. 🙂

And the article isn’t titled “The Best Selling Chinese Made Plug-in Cars”; the title is “Best Selling Plug-In Cars In China”.

That BMW is made in China. Go to the original source… the list is only Chinese made vehicles.

Those BMW are made by a chinese company co-owned by BMW in china.

But I do agree that the titel of the article is wrong. 🙂

BYD Tang went on sale on July 6th but some how BYD sold 412 Tangs in the first six months of the year. Do these numbers include pre-orders? If not how is this possible? The first six months of the year end on June 30th.

I cannot wait to see the Tang’s sales numbers for the month of July.

It went on sale (or rather started deliveries) on June 6th, not July 6th.

If you would have counted pre-orders then the numbers would have been very high considering that the pre-orders opened in January.

And since the BYD Tang is the most anticipated EV in the world (of EVs that actually are more than rumours and speculations) the numbers will surely rise fast.

I’ve been talking to the good fellows at BYD, and they are really excited about the Tang’s launch/results this month (as well as just EV sales in general)…even promised us a first hand look into the Tang sales/orders as soon as the month closes and numbers are in.

Should have something published on it shortly thereafter, but it is really refreshing to hear execs truly excited about plug-ins.

Thanks Jay. I can’t wait for the results. You guys are doing some great reporting.

Nice… I love those kind of “inside information” articles that you can’t find anywhere else.

BYD seems to be very open, I’ve had some good chats and got a lot of information when I’ve been in contact with them.
But then again why shouldn’t they? They are the top selling EV manufacturer in the world for two months in a row now and are going straight up.

And this is a great way to get exposure and free publicity while maturing some of the European and North American public to the presence of BYD.

Exciting times…

I’m confused. Doesn’t NEV stand for neighborhood electric vehicles? You know like a GEM car that’s only allowed to go 25 mph and only allowed on certain streets. I kept hearing about all the nev sales in china and i thought, oh ok that’s makes sense over there because their cities are so crowded and they all use bicycles and scooters anyway. A smaller nev with 25 mph speed limit would probably be fine over there. But i guess they are gonna confuse things and call full size cars NEV now?

It stands for either/ or depending on the context. An unfortunate result of using the same acronym for two different things.

NEV in the context of EVs means “Neighborhood Electric Vehicles” except in articles about the Chinese market, where unfortunately translators have chosen to use the term “New Energy Vehicles” (rather than “Alternative Energy Vehicles”)… and abbreviate that BEV.

Yeah, it’s confusing.

Edit: …and abbreviate that NEV.

Didn’t mean to add to the confusion!

Get used to NEV (almost) always refering to New Energy Vehicles. It’s both the most common and most important use of the accronym.

No one really cares about slow going EVs, especially not since it’s just a US term. And if you for some reason want to talk about those it’s better to call them golf carts or LSEV (Low Speed Electric Vehicle).

We have heard a lot about the Build Your Dream (BYD) Qin; what are the other big sellers?
Some info from
1) BYD Qin (Toyota Corolla)
“As the second-gen F3DM, the Qin features an upgraded hybrid driving system, boasting a 0-100km/h time of 5.9 seconds. Equipped with a 550V 13kWh LiFePO4 battery pack and 110kW electric motor, it can drive up to 70km without burning gas. The range can be extended when a turbo-charged, direct-injection 1.5L starts to work”.
2) BAIC (Mercedes B-class) 30kWh
3) Zotye E30 (Smart lookalike):
“The Zotye E30 is a Smart-lookalike. It sports a central console inspired by Tesla Model S, with a large touch screen.
It has a 17.6KWH battery pack and an electric motor that can deliver up to 18KW of power”.
4) Zotye Cloud 4 seater el-cheapo with only 18kW of power.
5) SAIC Roewe 30mile mild PHEV with only 23kW electric power.
6) Chery QQ3 (Daewoo Matiz copy?) 6kW motor & lead acid battery – sounds primitive.
7) BYD E6. Compact crossover & taxi.
8) JAC iEV ?
9) Kandi Panda hourly rental city shopper.
10) Chery eQ 41kW 22kWh el-cheapo.

Seems the Alternative Energy Cars are quite a mixed bag.

8) JAC iEV – 19,2 kWh pure electric.

For Model S sales check here, 2,147, it ranked in 10th place, not bad