Best Plug-In Electric Car Deals April 2016


U.S. Best Lease Deals – April 2016 (CarsDirect data)

U.S. Best Lease Deals – April 2016 (CarsDirect data)

2017 Ford Fusion Energi

2017 Ford Fusion Energi

Another month is upon us, so it is time once more for CarsDirect’s plug-in electric vehicle lease deals update for the month.

Two models – Chevrolet Spark EV and Volkswagen e-Golf remain at previous costs, while the Ford C-Max Energi, Ford Fusion Energi and Chevrolet Volt went up slightly (in case of Ford by $2, and in case Volt from $299 to $312 on average).

New on the list is BMW i3 with range-extender, which costs are still significantly higher than the Volt, but factoring value based on the starting MSRP is actually quite reasonable.

In other words, BMW is having a “hard as heck” time moving metal and is putting a lot extra cash on the hoodl

Separately CarsDirect highlights a strong Nissan LEAF 0%financing offer, cash discount offer.

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22 responses to "Best Plug-In Electric Car Deals April 2016"
  1. ClarksonCote says:

    Wow, 0% finance for 72 months on a Leaf, plus $4000 cash back. That’s a pretty steep incentive. Hopefully it’ll translate to more sales in April!

    1. Ken says:

      The Nissan deal has been around for over a year. I bought my 2015 Leaf S with chademo for $17698 out the door in November 2014. And i also got the 72 months at 0% financing. Dealer discount was almost $3k and Nissan discount was almost $5k and fed credit was $7500. So i got a new Leaf for less than most spend for a Civic. Payment $245 a month is less than id spend for gas. A lot better than when i payed full price in january 2012 for my first Leaf.

  2. John says:

    That is not the best deal on a Chevy Spark EV. We leased one a couple weeks ago to tide us over for the next few years as the longer range EVs come out (we return our leased Leaf next month). We paid $2,880 down and will pay $61 per month for the next 35 months (first month’s payment was included in the $2880). That’s a total of $5,015. And, because of the strange quirk of where we live, that’s before two rebates, one for $2500 and the other for $3,000. So basically, free car for the next three years.

    1. tedfredrick says:

      You Da Man

    2. Mont says:

      No strange quirk to live in the CV. Drive the car for free.

      The question is what happens with the spark when Bolt comes online. My HOPE is same awesome RV deals with the Bolt where we can convert an existing lease into the Bolt somehow. –Or GM takes our Fiat lease off our hands for a Bolt

  3. Speculawyer says:

    That Spark deal is hilarious. It is basically a free rental car. No money down and $139/month . . . the same amount any people spend on gasoline.

  4. Frank says:

    I wish we had those offers in Canada !

  5. acevolt says:

    It would be good to list the annual or monthly miles that go with these lease deals. Some are really low.

    1. John says:

      That is a good point. Our Spark EV lease is for only 10K miles per year, which means we had to be pretty sure that would work for us (fortunately it will).

  6. Mike I says:

    Keep in mind that the figures in the table don’t include sales tax. In CA you have to pay sales tax on the tax credit passthru, so if you front the $2,500 rebate and get the $7,500 tax credit passed through as a cap reduction, you will be paying $875 (in Santa Clara County for example) in sales tax, which spread over the 36 months is $24.30/mo. Plus you’re paying sales tax on the monthly payment too. That would be another $16/mo on the e-Golf. So, we’re at $200/mo and we haven’t even put in the license and registration yet.

    1. Ken says:

      Wow, i finally found something better about living in NJ vs CA. There’s no sales tax on a new or used EV in NJ. Even rentals, leases, and used cars are tax exempt.

  7. SparkEV says:

    Month after month, same old, same old. SparkEV is now leasing for $69/mo * 36 mo + $1500 drive off – $2500 CA rebate = $1484 / 36mo = $41/mo. That’s from Dublin Chevy. If you qualify for low income (retired?) CA rebate of $4000, that could be -$16 for 36 mo, or you make $0.44/mo. That should get you McD coffee every 2.5 days!

    For deals on this and other EV lease, check out ev-vin’s blog. He keeps far better info than

    1. Nate says:

      Good link.

      1. SparkEV says:

        You should let him know so he can brag to his wife that he’s not just wasting time. I read that from his comment section.

        1. vin says:

          Thanks guys!

          SparkEV – thanks for helping me keep the peace at home. 🙂

          1. Jychevyvolt says:

            Vin, I’m always checking your site for the latest deals. Keep up the good work.

            1. vin says:

              Thanks! Glad to help.

  8. Bloggin says:

    2016 Focus Electric is $169/mo and $1,999 Down for 36 months, or $224/mo, which as it tied with the e-Golf.

    1. SparkEV says:

      ev-vin’s blog shows “Sunnyvale Ford $139/mo + tax $2016 + tax drive-off” while “ (SE) $159/mo + tax $2349 + tax, lic drive-off”, so FFE is cheaper than e-Golf.

  9. kubel says:

    Volt deal is not nationwide, it’s only available in CARB states.

    1. Larry says:

      Yeah, we get squat in Virginia. Guess that’s why they don’t stock any here – they know we aren’t going to buy when discriminated against so blatantly. Have they never heard of the internet?

  10. William says:

    Leased 2015 i3 for $202 including tax, even better after $2500 CA EV rebate.