Best Plug-In Electric Car Deals May 2016

MAY 17 2016 BY MARK KANE 12

U.S. Best Lease Deals – May 2016 (CarsDirect data)

U.S. Best Lease Deals – May 2016 (CarsDirect data)

Kia Soul EV

Kia Soul EV

Six plug-in electric cars were listed by CarsDirect among best “wide-release” lease deals in May 2016. As always, this is the basic building blocks from which dealers may still haggle from.

Of note this month, the Ford Fusion Energi is now $10 a month lower than it was in April, and there is still $4,000 cashback, which in some cases could be expanded to $5,000.

We should note that there is a reason the Fusion Energi has so much cash on the hood right now – and that is because a slightly refreshed 2017 model is out in a couple months, that not only features a slightly cheaper base price, but improved efficiency.

We recently got our hands on a window sticker for the upcoming 2017 Fusion Energi and found that all-electric range has improved from 19 miles to 21 miles, while the extended MPG rating moved from 39 to 42.

Both the Chevrolet Spark EV and Volt lease deal remains unchanged, but at a very inticing level.

The Kia Soul EV returns to the list this month, at an average lease cost of $225, $30 below the 24 kWh Nissan LEAF, which is a definite value…provided you can find one.

Rounding out this list, is last year’s BMW i3, with a below $300 average cost (after a pile of deposit money down) without the REx option.

Source: CarsDirect

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Back to carsdirect? ev-vin has far more extensive list of factory lease deals listed as well as much better local deals. First table is summary of local deals, second table is summary of factory deals, followed by descriptions and notes.

Thanks again for the “plug”, SparkEV!

I was gonna say shout-out instead of plug, but considering the nature of the vehicles we are talking about, “plug” seems more appropriate 🙂

We love your list too vin, (=

As long as it is still ok with you, we will feature it out shortly again. You are the ‘tip of the spear’ when it comes to finding all the deals!

That’s definitely fine with me, Jay. Thanks!!!

The Soul EV is a great car. We have 30,000+kms on ours now. I drove it today in fact. Very comfortable for commuting but our ‘S is still the king. That said if you’re looking for a better value the Soul EV is a great choice.

2016 Focus Electric $169/mo for 36 months with $1,999 Down. $224/mo – Loaded with everything but leather.

No good Fiat 500e deals?

Fiat has a factory lease of $179/mo, $1999 down for 3yr, 12Kmi/yr… Dealers in CA typically beat that deal significantly. Seems to be a pretty good value, judging by the numerous 500e that are now on So Cal freeways. See link on SparkEV’s post for links to where the deals are.

So Fusion Energi has 2 mile increase in electric range, 3 MPG increase and a $780 decrease in price.

This is anemic, but still some improvement is better than nothing. Hope slowly these improvements will finally enable us to have an electric car with a 300 mile range and a $25,000 price tag by 2025 at least.

But BMW i3 has a big 50% increase in electric range and that’s spectacular.

The Spark EV lease price is wonderful, but as far as I know is only available in California and Oregon. Is there a way to lease it from other states too?

Dealers in Virginia live in a different world – quoted over $500/mo for i3 and over $400/mo for Leaf!

Have you tried BMW of Alexandria? They’ve consistently advertised great 2015 i3 deals on their web site, except of course for this week. But I check up on them every week and post their best deal if they have any.