Best July Sales Result Ever Powers Chevrolet Volt Into 6 Digits All-Time

AUG 2 2016 BY JAY COLE 52

Chevrolet Volt hits a "hundie" in July

Chevrolet Volt hits a ‘hundie’ in July

Normally at the end of each month for our Chevrolet Volt sales recap, the “headliner” is how many extended range cars GM did, or did not, sell in a month – and why.

Some xxxx gen 1 Volts contributed to the 100,000 total

Some 84,000 gen 1 Volts contributed to the first 100,000 total

This month, the front page news is that the Chevrolet Volt has become the first plug-in vehicle to sell more than 100,000 copies in a single country, as sometime around the 3rd week of July the Volt hit 6 digits in sales all-time.

Powering the number was 2,406 Volts sold in July – a new high for 2016, and the best July ever. The month was also an improvement of 83% from the 1,380 sold in July of 2015.

Given the year-over-year sales comps are against the Volt’s first generation self, it was another “easy win” for the PHEV (and the 10 consecutive monthly beat).  It will be interesting to see how the model fares when it starts to compete against itself come this October.

Still, GM seems to finally be getting a little more serious about the Volt, as dealer inventory this month not only started to even out more thoroughly across the country, it averaged over ~5,000 units in stock available to be sold for the first time since the 53-mile version of the car arrived last Fall.

As for the total sales, 100,964 have been moved, which is 4,517 more than number #2 Nissan with the LEAF at 96,447

Bob Lutz And Rick Wagoner Shake Over The Concept Chevy Volt At The 2007 NAIAS In Detroit

Bob Lutz And Rick Wagoner Shake Over The Concept Chevy Volt At The 2007 NAIAS In Detroit

Can the all-electric Bolt EV someday pass the Volt in sales?

Can the all-electric Bolt EV someday pass the Volt in sales?

Also of interest this month at GM with plug-ins:

*-  16 Cadillac ELRs were sold out of the handful of remaining inventory

*- (update) the Chevy Spark EV continues to be a strong performer, selling 333 copies

*- GM re-confirmed a Q4 first delivery date for its 200+ mile plug-in, the Chevrolet Bolt EV

*- Lyft (GM’s partner in ride-sharing) drivers in California are to be some of the first to receive the Chevrolet Bolt EV in 2016

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Good job Chevy….keep it going.

Any word on Spark EV sales?

I guess around 300. It was about 450 last month, now to 320. But the stock was going up and down, probably due to new inventory.

But if very informative Jul 1 one day sales number of 14 reported by Insideevs is extrapolated to 31 days, it’d be 434.

450 and 320 are inventory numbers as shown in autotrader, not the actual sales.

I’m tracking Spark EV inventory on a few dealers lot’s in Portland & Salem, Oregon. (I’m in Seattle…) They are moving. I was hoping to get one for a really cheap 3 year lease when the Bolt shows up…

Good news, I guess. But Ford F150 sold 256,895 units through only 4 months of 2016. We can only hope that they will be EV one day.

Indeed. There is doubtless a very long way to go. But with the rapid improvements in especially cost and the fact that EV drivers tend to love their cars, I’m feeling pretty confident that we will go down that long road.

It would be fun to guess how many new BEV models will come to market in 2018-2019. I think at least 30, incumbents and new entrants included.

Beg to differ. An EV F150, if used just for one-person transportation as many are, is nearly as bad for the planet as an ICE F150. Most should be replaced by e-bicycles or at most subcompact cars.

Have you seen the people who drive around in F150’s in the United States?

Roughly one-third of US adults are obese, and obese drivers typically choose larger than average vehicles. The F-150 is the top selling vehicle in the US, and it is larger than the average vehicle. The Venn Diagram of those particular datasets have a heavy overlap.

So it isn’t an insult or a mathematical surprise to figure out that tons of F150 full size truck/SUV owners are NOT going to be riding electric bikes or getting subcompact cars anytime soon.

That circus just ain’t coming to town.

If we want F-150 drivers to drive greener vehicles, we will have to provide solutions to them on their ground. We can’t expect them to buy electric scooters, or Smart ED’s.

LOL! So the root of global warming is American obesity? Then, raising taxes on cheese, ice cream and other fatty products is the way to go. A mandatory exercise program all over America is also called for. Electric cars cause more pollution (mining, electricity generation, battery production and recycling) somewhere else.

Wavelet, I don’t know where you get your figures from. An EV F150 would be a huge improvement over gas. You compare it to an Ebike. For comparison purposes. Let’s say the F150 gets 2 miles per kWh. I am sure it will be better but being conservative. You drive 10 miles and use 5kWh. Cost 0.50 cents to $1.00. Now you drive your Ebike 10 miles, cost of about 0.03 cents. Now you forgot something, you expend your body energy even just to balance. Even if you do not notice, you will find you will likely eat a bit more through the course of the day. Food is not free, likely more than 0.50 cents. That Ebike is more wasteful than an Etruck.

” as dealer inventory this month not only started to even out more thoroughly across the country, it averaged over ~5,000 units in stock available to be sold”
Just as a comparison, how many Silverado trucks are normally in stock to be sold?

2,406 is a good number, but GM is gonna need to increase the lease incentives in non-CARB states if we ever want to get back to the 3k mark. That and/or a 20% sale off 2017s….which could happen later this year.

Fantastic car. Well deserved mile stone.

July has never been a great month for Volt sales so this is pretty decent but if GM wants to get the Volt sales up above the record sales they had in 2012, they need to drop the MSRP. 20% off last years cars is ok, but 12-15% off the MSRP this year would make more of a positive impact on Volt sales.
GM has improved Volt inventory, now they need to step up to the plate by dropping the MSRP to a number starting with a 2.

Best monthly sales for the Volt since August 2014! Congrats!

About time though!

Great achievement that doesn’t come as a surprise when can you advertise 20% off…Before the Gen2 even hit the dealers lots you could get one under invoice through Costco…Why don’t they just stop with the under invoice/20% off/$1K private offer deals and just lower the MSRP across the board? $29,995 for the LT and $33,995 for the Premier?

Volt sales are going to be bad whenever you able to purchase a Bolt EV…GM will prefer that every “green” sale a Bolt…A Bolt will most likely gain 7 ZEV credits while the Volt only gets 2…They are a commodity with fluctuating prices with several sources stating they’re worth around $6K/each…However that’s only through 2017, in 2018 ZEV credit awards are capped at 3 max. Therefore it’s in GM’s best interest to put its best efforts selling as many Bolt EVs it’s can through 2017…

“GM will prefer that every “green” sale a Bolt…A Bolt will most likely gain 7 ZEV credits while the Volt only gets 2”
Well that could be true in California, but for non-ZEV-credit states, I think GM doesn’t have much of a preference if you choose a Bolt EV or a Volt.

If someone buys a car outside of Cali but in a participating ZEV state, they get credit for Cali…For now…

I said non-participating ZEV credit sates. So like my state, Michigan, GM would love to sell me either a Volt or a Bolt EV. I guess it may depend on which one has the greater profit margin.

I would guess that if they are not getting credits, they, (and especially the dealers) would prefer to sell the one with the ICE…. plenty more money to be made on that.

Invoice is not what it used to be.

Bacardi — This has long been the sales model for US car makers who sell to what is called “Price Point” shoppers. This is the same reason why Bed Bath & Beyond proliferates coupons like crazy, and why JCPenney sales tanked when they eliminated discounts and sales and just lowered their prices. This category of “Price Point” buyers only want to make purchases when they believe they have gotten a big discount. So throughout the retail industry there are fake high prices so that fake high discounts can be convince these buyers to open their wallets. Some might believe that Volt buyers are smarter than that. But history doesn’t seem to support that. In 2013, Volt sales were spiking with GM throwing roughly $5,000 dollar “limited time” discounts on the hood each month that supposedly expired at the end of each month. Then when GM introduced the 2014 Volt, they also replaced their roughly $5,000 dollar sales incentives with a $5,000 dollar price cut. Sales dropped. Sure, nothing happens in a vacuum, but typical GM/Ford/Dodge customers expect to have a bunch of discounts thrown at them before they will buy. It’s a feedback-loop, and GM isn’t going to be able… Read more »

Reminds me of those stores that have “Going out of business” sales. But they are going out of business for 3 years straight, LOL.

Kohls is bad about that.. Every time my wife goes there she buys a bunch of stuff and says “but it was on sale.” The thing is, when you go into the store, EVERYTHING is on sale. I challenged her to that one time.. We looked and tons of merchandise and about 90% of everything in the store was “on sale.” And the other 10% probably had coupons or hidden sales in mail-outs and such.

It’s like the saying “I saved so much money, I’m broke”.

Meanwhile, last time I went to Kohl’s, it was because I forgot to pack something for a trip. I bought the item, and surprisingly it wasn’t on sale. It was, however, stupidly expensive. So I returned it and bought the same item at Target for 40% of the Kohl’s price.

Yeah, but did the Target store have free L2 charging stations like Kohls does? 🙂


Neither Kohl’s nor Target in Dover, DE had EVSEs, no.

Certainly not every Chevy car…When the Gen2 was release, you could buy it under invoice from Costco; GM/Costco partnered together to offer a $700 gift card…Neither Vette and Camaros can be had under invoice through Costco nor were they part of 20% off sale…

That’s what an $89/month lease would do to sales, at least in CA. Not $189, $89. Saw the ad right here on InsideEVs too.

A single Uber/Lyft ride costs more than that!

What is the down on that lease?

It’s a 3-year, 30,000-mile lease, $4,495 due at signing, so that + 36 x $89 = $7,699 + tax, title, reg on a $34,155 Volt. Say they include the $7,500 fed. tax credit and $1,500 CA rebate (currently a waitlist), that’s $25,155.

Still a great deal that we don’t have in the rest of the US.

I guess it is not a coincidence I saw my first Volt 2.0 on the road in Houston Sunday. It was the blue one in the first pictures.

Not the color I would pick, but excited to finally see them get shipping outside of California.

I also saw my first ELR ever the same day. That is one awesome looking car in person. Too bad it would be torture for kid loading/unloading.

Sounds like big improvement over prior dismal results. But 2400 is still not that great. LEAF was doing better than this a while ago.

2017 Volt is best bang-for-buck EV.

2016 Tesla Model S is best EV if price is not the primary driver.

Imagine the sales if dealers didn’t steer customers away from the Volt. If they were knowledgale about the Volt and GM offered dealers incentives to sell them then the sky would be the limit.

And if there were 5 to 10 on the lot with different colors and options.

I would have expected more of an Osborne Effect with the Bolt coming, but I guess Volt and Bolt buyers are not cross-shopping as much as I might have expected.

The Volt and Bolt are very different cars so they should be able to coexist. I bought a 2017 Volt in May, I wouldn’t have considered a Bolt because of its limited range. But I don’t commute, most of my miles are weekend day trips of 250 miles or more, 385 was the longest recent trip. The Volt has a 450 mile range on a full battery and tank so I’ve never had to stop at a gas station. The Bolt couldn’t do those trips. However for a commuter car the Bolt will be great and for people who own more than one car the Bolt will take a chunk out of Volt sales.

Besides the fact the Volt is cheaper, I think it is a sportier, cooler-looking car than the Bolt. And being that it essentially an EV for me and my lifestyle, I’m fine with the range on it.

Good job Chevy.

Keep it up.

Prius Prime will take a bite out of the Volt sales because Toyota Prius buyers are that weird.

Of course, the current gas price doesn’t help either.

I’m not 100% convinced of that. I think Prius buyers often are not aware of the Volt in the first place. So what I expect is Prius Prime sales to possibly even HELP the Volt.. Why do I say that? Well, if a person goes to the dealer and is shown a Prime, he/she might go home and do some research before buying it. Then he/she might discover the Volt can be bought for similar money and take their business to the Chevy dealer…

“Well, if a person goes to the dealer and is shown a Prime, he/she might go home and do some research before buying it. Then he/she might discover the Volt can be bought for similar money and take their business to the Chevy dealer…”

Sorry, in my experience is that if a person goes to the Toyota dealers and is shown a Prime, he goes home to research before buying it and completely ignores the Chevy as an alternative due to the fact they don’t care about it since it is a Chevy.

Yes, Toyota fan base are that strong or Chevy name is that bad (deserving somewhat).

Read the GCR recent article about how a Prius owner in Oregon got a new Prius despite the GCR recommended a Volt to her directly. She is a die hard Toyota Prius buyer. She would leave with a Prime instead of a Volt for sure.

Thanks to the fire sale on 2016 Volts, the Volts in the parking lot where I work now number in the double-digits. The lineup of EVs includes about 10 Volts, 1 Fusion Energi, 2 Leafs, 1 i3, 1 Fit EV, and a smattering of PiPs (not sure how many – they never bother to charge!). The Volt wins by a landslide here!

Actually we have similar cases except that PIP owners do charge and they hog the spots…

We have 12 Volt, 6 PIP, 4 Energi, 5 LEAF, 3 Model S, 4 E-Golf, 3 Spark EV, 4 Fiat 500e!! and 3 BMW i3 REx.

Was at a Chevy dealership the other day looking for the new Volt and the salesman definitely steered me away from it. He asked me if I was interested in a hybrid vehicle and I said no I want a plug in EV. Still have a long way to go towards educating the sales staff on the difference.

I’m one of those July Volt sales. Traded in my 13 for a 17 Premier. Awesome car. Everyone that drives with me wants one and a friend is out looking now. Even with the all electrics coming there is a bright future for the Volt

Just think where we would be at if GM did not kill the electric car the first time around.

My 2012 was bought used in 2015, and is at 130,000 miles and going strong. It get 3.7kwh/mile and, when needed, it achieves 37mpg on gas at 75+ mph. Rides as nice as my old GS Lexus, and the Bose stereo sounds quite good, too. (Last week I hit 99mph accidentally without even noticing, while passing some slower traffic on the interstate…wow!)

Will probably upgrade at 250K to the Gen 2 in two years (60k/yr)… I could use the extra 20 miles in battery electric power.

My battery still routinely charges to 38-42 miles every night.