Best Global Green Brands 2014: Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan Grab Top 4 Spots


Top 3 In Best Global Green Brands 2014

Top 3 In Best Global Green Brands 2014

Automakers took the top four spots in the 50 Best Global Green Brands list for 2014:

1. Ford

2. Toyota

3. Honda

4. Nissan

Battery maker Panasonic landed in fifth

How do the “green brands” get ranked:

“This year’s nominees were drawn from Interbrand’s annual Best Global Brands report, which ranks the world’s 100 most valuable brands. The 50 companies on Best Global Green Brands list were ranked in two ways: on the strength of their sustainability initiatives and on how the public perceives those efforts.”

So, criteria would then be:

  • World’s Top 100 most valuable brands
  • Strength of sustainability initiatives
  • Public perception of sustainability initiatives

Definitely not scientific in nature and we do question how Interbrand can accurately determine public perception, but regardless we’re thrilled to see automakers and a lithium-ion battery manufacturer clog up the Top 5 spots.

Source: Fortune

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You gotta be kidding. Toyota and Honda only make compliance EVs. I guess people still think that hybrids are the cutting edge green technology.

+1, +1, +1, +1, +1


Some still think diesel is above all else!

… I guess I shouldn’t tell you that in Japan, Toyota and Honda will receive 20,000 dollar’s-worth of incentives for their FCEVs, compared to a maximum of $8,500 for an EV.

I don’t believe the ranking had much to do with the PRODUCTS, but more to do with the sustainability efforts of the top 100 brands. What, exactly, is meant by “public perception” and how that has anything to do with reality is beyond my comprehension.

I do know that Ford has taken significant efforts in reducing carbon use at its factories. That there is any understanding of these efforts by the general public would be quite surprising, however.

If anyone is interested in Ford’s efforts…

Interesting is that the truck factory in Dearborn has the largest living roof in the US.

Just as a point of interest, I was in Detroit for some other EVSE infrastructure business and checked out the plant/roof…as well as the Ford museum too of course.

I highly recommend it to anyone if you are in the area and if you have the opportunity.

Ford? Must be for their best selling model which will come in 6 different shades of green as a color option, assuming you can see any difference through the black fog.

That public perception must be weighed strongly. That would explain Ford at the top; they are masters of green washing!

Ahh, as I mentioned above, I don’t think members of the general public recognize that Ford is taking significant steps to cap carbon usage at its auto plants. Thank you for confirming my point!

You’re welcome. I’ll admit I didn’t know.

My point was that Ford likes to brag about how green their cars are, especially how many “electric” cars they sell (Ford, conveniently, includes traditional hybrids as “electric” cars). They scream it on websites. They post it on billboards (drive around LA and count how many “green car” billboards you see – more than half of them will be Ford). The bottom line is that Ford seems to do more to promote how green their cars are than any of the other top five companies.

Curiously, they seem to do little to advertise their green factories…

Yeah, not very believable at all

Hard to understand how the top four are auto makers, is that green?
If any auto makers should be there it would have to include Tesla.

“The automaker now offers seven electrified models. Six are hybrids. The seventh, the Focus Electric, is a pure battery electric car.”

6 hybrids? Fusion and Cmax hybrid and Energi. That’s 4, plus MKZ hybrid make 5. What is the 6th hybrid? Do they know something we don’t?

Most people I know think that if they recycle they are “green”. So most think electric cars, solar panels and buying products with a recycled content is not necessary.