Best EV Factory Lease And Dealer Offers For Every Plug-In Sold In America (June)

JUN 27 2016 BY MARK KANE 25

Best Factory Lease Offers, June 2016 –

Best Factory Lease Offers, June 2016 –

Fiat 500e

Fiat 500e

For all those interested in going electric this summer, here is a useful comparison of best factory and dealers lease offers compiled by EV-VIN.

If you are willing to do some travelling (or you are in the right state) the differences between a specific dealer and the national/state factory offers can vary by as much as 25% on a monthly lease payment.

Once again, the cheapest option to go electric remains Chevrolet Spark EV.

The bulk of the best dealer offers naturally comes from California (home of EV sales in the US, and the CVRP program…at least when it’s funded) where you can find many models between the $150-$200 per month range – for example, a Nissan LEAF for under $190.

Best Dealer Offers, June, 2016 –

Best Dealer Offers, June, 2016 –

Check out ev-vin for the latest, up-to-the-minute deals here.

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FYI, that Quirk lease deal on a ’17 Volt is a unicorn….unicorn pooping rainbow ice cream no less. So many conditions it’s ridiculous.

Should still be able to score a ’17 Volt LT lease for a bit over $200 in MA, however.

Quirk is 5k off ’17 Volt, for cash, 6k if you finance. I think GM is already pushing for higher sales numbers. Not sure why Quirk is so far ahead, on 2017 leasing? Maybe GM is targeting its market.

No, I negotiated with them when my cousin was shopping for a Volt lease in MA last month. They had a “$145/month lease, 0 down!” ad on their website.

Once I got into the nitty gritty, I found out you needed $1k in trade-in value, competitive lease, and oh yeah, that $145/month price was only good on 1 unit that may or may not have still been in stock.

classic bait and switch. My cousin ended up leasing from a neighboring dealership that was up front with pricing.

Oh, the “real” price ended up being $259/month when it was all said and done.

I got $261 per month (or $9420 for 3 years) from Quirk Chevy.

Still have a bad taste in my mouth, and I feel like I overpaid, but couldn’t suffer the same 3-hour ordeal from other dealers, so went with it. What did your brother end up getting from the other dealer?

Ended up going with Herb Chambers in Danvers. They gave him an upfront quote of $269/month, 36 months/12k miles on a $34,655 MSRP 2016 unit.

He applied a $1k private offer, which reduced the monthly payment to $240/month. All he had to pay at signing was the title/reg fees.

I think he was pretty much in and out in an hour. If he had gone to Quirk, I know it would have taken much longer….with much more pain.

I must have hit the jackpot with my Volt lease. I had been checking in regularly with another Chevy dealer in the hope of landing a deal I could afford. Last April I saw an ad by
Paul Masse Chevrolet in E. Prov., RI for Volt leases. What caught my eye was a note about a $ 2,500 rebate from the State of Rhode Island.

I stopped in the next day and after 45 mins. of negotiation made the following lease:

– $ 5000. Trade in for my 2002 Honda Accord EX-V6 with 52,000 miles on the odometer. Though it was always treated like a baby the most I could get on line was $ 2500.
– $ 5000 plus in lease rebates, no money down, no fees at lease inception and first months lease paid.
– 38 lease payments of under $ 123/mo including sales tax and the deal maker-
– I qualified for the $ 2500 State rebate which I have since received!

Just bought a Volt in California last week and got the same nonsense at two different dealers known for deals.

Ended up with a good deal but forewarned is forearmed.

Will be writing an in-depth article soon about what to watch for, and how to counter it.

Of course for the non CARB states you get nothing.

We need more states to join CARB. That would be a good thing.


The factory lease deals from Nissan are not good this year, I think some people at Nissan know exactly when the 2018 Leaf is presented… this year or January 2017 ?

Is Nissan purposefully shooting themselves in both feet? Why wouldn’t they want to move way more product off their lots? They need bat-guano crazy $99/mo. lease deals, like in the olden days. Open the flood gates!

for the MY17 Volt factory offer, on it states its $3,029 down, not $0…At one time it was $0 down but was 10K/year miles…Guess they changed…

Just checked the Chevy website, it shows me the $0 down lease offer… also says the offer is for CA and OR. My guess is that you’re in another state?

I’ll add a note that the offer is for CA and OR only. Thanks!

thanks…I’m in cali but chevy defaulted to Vegas??? No idea how chevy pulled that zip…lol

Thanks to Vin for a great round-up as usual, and to Mark for posting it.

Hey, I’m always glad to help you guys put more butts in EVs!

leased (2) kia soul ev+
$450 down 36 mo for 265.00 a month (sun & fun package) and we loved it so much, we went back and leased the 2nd one @ $450 down 36 mo for 257.00 a month!!

you can’t beat this deal

For a few hundred more, total out of pocket, the Leaf SL in Sunnyvale, looks like a good run for the money, if you can stand a leather interior for 36 months. With a 30 kWh battery, it is a little bump up in range. Kia still wins with the SOUL-full look. Nissan Leaf is going to find the Soul hard to beat in appearance.

For practically the same price as these leases you can own a lightly used PHEV or BEV.

@ spoonman:

so you know most EV driver have their first car. i dont need another ICE vehicle. smell of petro going into the tank and come out of pipe is outrageously digusting…

2017 Chevy Volt (despite some old school dealer bait-and-switch in advertised deals) remains most praticle & affordable entry to EV.

In bay area, people don’t want green HOV stickers.

commuters want white HOV stickers.

while i am a big fan of Volt2 but it’s it not an EV.

The gen 2 Volt is a great car. And while I agree it is not strictly an EV, it sure can act like one. I leased a ’16 Volt at the end of last April and now have over 1200 EV miles an 0 ice miles on the clock. That includes a 78 mile round trip when I only charged for 4 EV miles in the middle!