Best Dealer Offers For EVs – April 2016 By EV-VIN Blog

APR 26 2016 BY MARK KANE 26

Best Dealer Offers, April 22, 2016 -

Best Dealer Offers, April 22, 2016 –

Chevrolet Spark EV

Chevrolet Spark EV

Thanks to our regular InsideEVs readers, we took notice on our radar of an interesting blog that focuses on the best dealer-specific offers for EVs in the US,

The site is updated weekly, and often lists deals far superior than those featured nationally or even at the state-level, which are published every month by CarsDirect.

Some of the offers seem to be no brainers in making the extra effort to deal with a specific EV-seller, and will maybe offer that last push to plug-in “fence sitters”, assisting them in a decision to switch to a new EV.

Hat Tip To SparkEV!!!


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were checking to see who will lease or sell to us in Arizona. The SPARK EV is super but only available in CA and a few other states so far.

There’s a guy in Canada who bought SparkEV in CA and drove it home in 2014. That was before much CCS, so it took him days, but he’s happy with it.

There’s another who post in forum who lives in Kansas with SparkEV. His sig is “far from any of its sibs”

While having it at non-supported state is a risk, mainly for service, it’s not impossible.

In California, some folks are leasinh Spark EV and Focus Electric for free after the $4,000 CVRP state rebate adjusted for lower-income individuals:

The link also has a detailed lease calculator for Spark EV that allows you to customize your own inputs, such as selling price. The best Spark EV deals on that list assume ~$2,500 to $3,000 off MSRP.

$20 less than the $89 deal we got on spark last year.

Jump on it…..

PS after driving it for 7 months, the car is excellent. The only knock I have against it is the drivers seat track slips backwards under sufficient force (acceleration, for example). I saw two cars that did that as well on the lot. Its dangerous, the seat can slip while you are driving. Surprised GM does not have a lawsuit over that.

It’s a really really lime green one…must love that kind of green to jump on that, I imagine.
The RAV4 EV that I had used to do the driver seat slipping too. It’s milder degree than your description though

I like my “really, really lime green” Spark EV. Everyone in the neighborhood and at work always knows it’s me in the car.

Good for you! Anyone wants to steal your car would have a hard time to not get noticed. 😉

It’s amazing what ev-vin does. I wish I knew about his site sooner. It could’ve saved me hundreds, if not thousands, and that’s on top of cheapest lease EV (SparkEV). His site will help many others to switch to EV, especially those who don’t drive much and low income (ie, retirees, high school kids).

Thank you, insideevs for public service announcement! 🙂

No problem. We often publish the best US national/state EV deals (~once a month or so) and EV-VIN would come up quite a bit in the discussion because of the great way they articulate deals available at one particular location

…so figured why not take the time to also highlight the good work they do? I mean, it won’t translate to all the readers for sure, but certainly will for those in (and around) California

I think he wants help nationally, not just CA. But as a small outfit (I think one person), it must be tough. Maybe with this article, people could help by letting him know of other deals out there. Something nice would be broken out by per-state or even sub-state regional deals, but that’s a lot of work for one man hobby.

Thanks, SparkEV. You are right, it’s just me, trying to make a positive impact. Since you came on the scene, I feel like we are a team in that endeavor!

Jay, Mark – You are part of my life every day. Pour the coffee, fire up the laptop, click on the insideevs tab, refresh. Best way to describe how I felt yesterday morning seeing my blog on your front page? Well, last week one of my boys hit a home run for the first time in his life. Kinda felt like that. Thanks guys!

Thanks for the kind words (and of course checking out IEV daily, lol), happy to help shine a bit of a light on your efforts…appreciate you doing this service, I’m sure it is mostly a thankless job.

Sidenote: I know the feeling of pride watching one of your kids succeed. My son’s first baseball game is tomorrow…so I’ll let him ride home with us if he at least gets a triple in his first AB. No pressure, (=

I know a great thing when I see it: Tesla, SparkEV, Insideevs, quickchargepower, ev-vin blogspot. Unlike my blog which is just my rant, yours actually help people. Many thanks for what do you.

Tempted to head over to Dublin Chevrolet. Are there are decent number of CCS chargers out there now?

Quite a few CCS in bay area and SoCal as seen by Plugshare. But watch out for busy times; waits of 2+ hours are possible mainly due to Leaf.

I have (had) No intention of buying anything until Tesla Model 3, but that 2017 Chevy Volt 36 month lease for $5,654 in MA (drive up from PA) could save me ~$5K between now an 2018ish for a trade of my 2013 C-max Energi or 2012 Volt. Might have to break out the spreadsheet and give them a call.

A co-worker has 2017 Red/Burgundy Volt in parking lot and they look much, much better in person then in pictures. If they guy saw me circling his Volt with my Tesla S85, I am sure it would have made him smile 🙂

Yeah, I also have a deposit on a Model 3, but that lease is really tempting.

Interesting that the best EV deals are in CA and other compliance states, largely.

It’s like a self-fulfilling prophesy. With higher prices elsewhere – and smaller subsidies, no wonder they don’t sell as well.

Most, if not all the deals listed are before any subsidy. With state subsidy, they become ludicrously cheap, such as -$0.25/mo for low income (you make money by leasing). Ev-vin has links to dealers at his blog, and you can verify yourself.

This is great if you want to lease, but do they have anything on purchases? I couldn’t find anything on their site for that.

As a two EV owner, I suggest you lease. There’s always something better around the corner.

I wonder how much will the second hand value be?

For purchase, traditional sites like works fine. For example, SparkEV is listed for $18K in parts of OR and MD before any subsidy. Post federal subsidy would make it $10.5K. If one can get it as CA resident (ie, shipped), it could be $8K after CA subsidy. It would be interesting if someone could try that; a brand new kick-ass EV for $8K!

EV-vin’s site has been a huge help to me. Very glad to see it given some well deserved publicity here. We leased a Spark EV from Rydell Chevrolet last month and couldn’t be happier. It’s a really good little car as long as you don’t mind driving something small, and with the state and local rebates it will be almost free transportation for the next three years. That will let us watch as the longer range EVs come out and take our time picking the best one for us.

The Spark lease is a no brainer here in CA.
+ After the rebate it’s practically free.
+ Carpool access
+ Free OnStar for 3 years(which is as long as you’ll be leasing it). You can use the OnStar app for directions and remote start etc.
+ No gas (2 bucks to fill it up to full charge)
+ No maintenance (no oil changes etc. just cabin air filter)
+ 4 doors
+ Some offers give you a free home level 2 charger ($500 bucks – your city has offers too)
+ Very quick…Easily beat the armenian guy in the bmw trying to pass you from the right turn lane when the light turns green
+ 4G in-car wi-fi and satellite radio (free for 3 months)
The only slight negative is that you’ll need a new set of front tires within 3 years because of the ridiculous torque.