Berkeley Gets Freedom Station With DC Fast Charger at Whole Foods

APR 14 2014 BY MARK KANE 7

Berkeley Gains Freedom Stations With DC Fast Charger at Whole Foods

Berkeley Gains Freedom Stations With DC Fast Charger at Whole Foods

One of the latest NRG eVgo Freedom Station

One of the latest NRG eVgo Freedom Stations

NRG eVgo added another Freedom Station in California – this time the first in Berkeley.

It’s a standard installation with one DC fast charger (CHAdeMO plug) and an AC L2 terminal and it’s located at Whole Foods:

  • 3000 Telegraph Ave Berkeley, CA, 94705

To take a charge, shoppers can use a credit card or subscribe to one of NRG eVgo’s charging plans.

According to the City of Berkeley press release, the number of electric vehicles is surging in Berkeley to ~350 registered. Interesting is that 70% of these registrations were added in last six months.

“Whole Foods, on Telegraph at Ashby Avenues, is the first business to participate in a City of Berkeley pilot program to ease the permitting and installation of EV charging stations. The Non-Residential Plug-In Electric Vehicle Charging Station Pilot Program has staff who personally guide businesses through the process. Applications will be accepted through the end of the year.”

Terry O’Day, Vice President of NRG eVgo in California stated:

“The City of Berkeley’s pilot program has expedited the permitting process for electric vehicle charging station installations and enabled us to more quickly deploy the NRG eVgo network for drivers in the area.”

The permitting process seems to be one of the major hurdles that block the fast spread of charging networks, but NRG eVgo is moving foward to install 200 Freedom Stations in California.

Tristam Coffin, Energy and Maintenance Coordinator at Whole Foods Market, remarked:

“It is only natural that we offer EV charging stations at our stores, especially in forward-thinking communities like Berkeley.”

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So are these in addition to the ones NRG must install due to their settlement with the state of California?

These are the ones they must install as part of the settlement. There’s 200 total across the state, they still have a ways to go to reach that number.

The installations from the settlement are supposed to have SAE-CCS in addition to Chademo. Perhaps they plan to add it later? But they have already build some Freedom stations with SAE-CCS.

Yes, they will be coming back to add the SAE Combo plugs later. They aren’t required to install them quite yet.

I think they need another SAE Combo car to hit the market first.

Doesn’t make sense to install them yet when only the very low volume Spark EV has the plug as an option. Perhaps after the i3 starts shipping we’ll start seeing more SAE Combo stations.

That is a sumitomo dcfc unit. It may not be compatible with CCS?
Anyone seen a sumitomo withe the combo plug?

They are building a Whole Foods near me, anyone know any way to nudge them into adding one here?!

It looks like the EV herd in San Fransisco is starting to gain momentum and starting to expand into areas around the city as it looks for new grazing lands and new space to expand it’s range.

I think these DC chargers with in two or three years will pay off. The only thing I find flawed with them is that they can only fast charge one car at a time when they should at least be able to charge three to four cars at a time in the future. I think you would have to charge three to four cars at a time to be profitable.