Bentley Reportedly Working On Small, Electric-Only SUV

MAR 6 2017 BY MARK KANE 10

Bentley Bentayga

Bentley is hinting at an all-electric SUV that will be smaller than the full-size Bentayga model. The British luxury brand, owned by Volkswagen, doesn’t want to stop with a single-SUV lineup, but at the same time the company would like to make a smaller one that is more appealing to new customers. A BEV should be the right option, but no earlier than 2020.

Rolf Frech, Bentley’s board member for engineering, explains:

If you are looking for such a car [small SUV] then we are looking to that in combination with the possibilities to go full electric. It only makes sense if you get really new customers into the brand.

Previously, Bentley set goal to electrify all existing models, offering each as at least a plug-in hybrid. The Bentayga will be the first Bentley with plug-in hybrid powertrain (V6), followed by Continental GT, Mulsanne and Flying Spur. For the U.S. market, the plug-in hybrids will be available with V8 engines.

The question is whether or not Bentley will be able to introduce a small electric SUV and at the same time it brings its electric EXP 10 Speed 6 concept to the market.

Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 concept

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Bentley and Audi have been developing recent models together. The Bentayaga and Q7 use the same chassis. Basically all Bentleys except perhaps Mulsanne use Audi chassis and powertrains. This Bentley will be a re-skinned Audi e-tron, so it is a not really surprising to see Bentley using the existing platform to come up with an appealing model at a relatively low cost.

Another (Euro) industrial point of view

Exactly what I was thinking, Bentley, Audi & Porsche Mission E all using same chassis and batteries.

with 2019 and 2020 being thrown around so frequently, are we convinced this is just development and deployment time or do you think these companies have analyzed the economics and determined that would be the earliest time they could make the preferred profit or even some other left-field reason?

oh, and nice looking cars / always happy to hear of electrification plans.

They Can Never Look as nice as $300,000 Plus Cash.. N0 Matta Watt !

It’s mostly based on development time. Some cars positioned for 2018 are likely finished in design and are going through testing and manufacturing setup. Those in 2019-2020 are earlier in their development. It’s not too surprising that it takes a long time to develop new vehicles.

I could only Imagine the Price…Your Right Arm + Your 1st Born ++++ .These guys will Make The Tesla Price Look like an Economy Car Price

Well, they are hand made.
They are the anti-Tesla.


Handmade? Yawn is Rite! Shouldn’t be the consumer’s $$$ problem . Machine made are always more consistent in accuracy and Quality & etc:…