Bentley PHEV SUV Gets A Name – “Bentayga”

JAN 20 2015 BY MARK KANE 9

Bentley Bentayga

Bentley Bentayga

Bentley announced a name “Bentayga” for its upcoming luxury SUV, which will be unveiled later this year.

Sales of Bentley Bentayga will begin in 2016 and there will be a plug-in version, although we don’t know details on its powertrain.

“The Roque Bentayga – an iconic, eye-catching standalone peak in the Atlantic Canary Islands, provided further inspiration. A unique feature, one with gravitas and stature. One that draws attention from all directions. Locally and globally.”

For now, Bentley has launched micro-site and one video from extreme tests.

“In developing the Bentley Bentayga – the world’s first genuine luxury SUV, the design team were faced with more than the creation of a new vehicle – they would be elevating the Bentayga to new heights.

Empowering those within it to transport themselves to new environments. Through latitude and longitude, of course – but also via mind and spirit.”

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9 Comments on "Bentley PHEV SUV Gets A Name – “Bentayga”"

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That’s … a pretty ugly loud engine…

Maybe I have mild dyslexia, but I read that name like this:

It’s Bentley’s way of putting the heat on PHEV.

You’re not alone. That is totally how I read it too!

I just got ‘gay’.
I’ve just spent the last five minutes trying to think of a car with a more stupid name.

I reckon one will pay three times the price and get half the capability of a Range Rover…

It is time to tighten up the restrictions on PHEVs that are allowed to use carpool lanes, not pay congestion charge, get incentives, etc.

I think a lot of luxury brands are now putting out ever-so-slightly-green cars to cash in on the various incentives and benefits. They need to be real green cars if they want the benefits.

Like the McLaren P1, which I believe can do a staggering six miles on pure electric power?

What an obscene monstrosity.

Our great-grandchildren will see these pics in 60 or 70 years and shake their heads in disbelief.

“the world’s first genuine luxury SUV,”
Bentley has never heard of a Range Rover then…?