Bentley Confirms 2020 Launch Of 500-HP Electric Coupe


Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 concept

Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 concept

Sources are still stating that Bentley will launch an all-electric version of as-of-yet unnamed coupe (the concept is called the EXP 10 Speed 6 concept) the automaker plans to introduced within the next few years.

The electric version is tentatively set for production by 2020.

The pure electric will put out at least 500 hp, feature two electric motors and “a pair of three-stepped automatic gearboxes,” according to Digital Trends’ initial report from last year.

Top speed is claimed to be 200 mph, with electric range optimistically set at approximately 300 miles.

There’s no word on pricing at this time, but since all Bentleys are expensive, we expect this electric one to be priced well beyond the budgets of most consumers too.

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Too bad I’ll be raptured by then. πŸ™‚

Man, 2020 is going to be quite a year. Try googling “by 2020.”

Bill Howland

Sounds good to me. John Steed’s Bently was green also.


Bentley is part of the VW Group so we have now 3 cars within that group which will have a full electric powerful drivetrain (with Audi Q6 and Porsche e) I wonder how closely related those drivetrains will be. Pool of similar components shared across brands or car makers (Toyota/BMW or Renault/Daimler for example) makes those behemoths very hard to beat on cost.


By 2020 there will be much more VAG EVs, the Bentley, the Audi Q6 and Q4, the Porsche Mission E the VW Phaeton, eGolf some unknown “iconic” pure EV and probably several fully electrified VWs and Audis, like the Tiguan, A/Q3, Touran everything that can be derived from the Golf, basically. And although their share scale won’t effect the big cars of those that much, the smaller ones will be very cheap.


Hopefully it will be a Beetle BEV that does not suck…

V. Bowman

I’m at a loss for the need of the large grill…or worse yet…the two tailpipes. These function how exactly? Merely to confuse onlookers, or will they altruistically spew forth cash money to all willing to watch me in my new, overpriced car? πŸ™‚


Its for the Saudis or Qataris who consider buying this EV, they don’t want to be considered as traitors to their country :-).


But of course.
There the Secret Appendix in the option sheet, where you buy the Special Manufacturing Option Ketone Emissions (SMOKE(tm)) add-on , which issues burned-carbohydrate particulates out those pipes.
However, Don’t forget to recharge the device when it runs run — from any Diesel car’s particulate filter πŸ˜‰




Micke Larsson

I wonder if they did the concept car first and decided the specs and that it should be all electric afterwards. πŸ˜›

eco Logical

Hmmm … grille, tailpipes, 10 speed 6 (or is it 3-step?) transmission … doesn’t sound electric at all!


Yes. Why bother with clean sheet simplicity, just tack on all that ICE-era crap to maintain your product CachΓ©.