Video: Benchmarks In Cars Over The Last 100 Years – Ending With An EV Of Course


100 Years Of The Automobile Have Culminated In The Age Of The Plug (via

100 Years Of The Automobile Have Culminated In The Age Of The Plug (via YT/

It is no secret that there has been a lot of advancements in what Americans haven driven to get themselves around the past 100 years or so.

Now, the folks at Mode have put together a really swell video highlighting 11 cars over each decade that represent the last century or so of driving.

…and as it made it here to InsideEVs, you can bet it ends with an electric vehicle.

Hat tip to Miggy!

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21 responses to "Video: Benchmarks In Cars Over The Last 100 Years – Ending With An EV Of Course"
  1. David Murray says:

    I’m actually quite surprised they included the Prius being that most auto enthusiasts despise it.

    1. unbiased says:

      I guess if you look at the most defining car of the 2000s, at least in America, it’s gotta be either the Prius, the Suburban, or the Ford F-150.

    2. TomArt says:

      To my knowledge, the Prius was, and still is, the highest mpg production vehicle ever in the US (with the possible exception of some sort of diesel vehicle I might be overlooking). In addition, with the previous decades focusing on muscle and bulk (at least in the US), the Prius entering the US market is a highly visible symbol of the US joining the global shift to approach sustainable transportation.

      1. Roy LeMeur says:

        You are overlooking the first edition Honda Insight. The highest gas mileage car ever sold in the US. 60-70mpg and under some conditions as much as 90mpg.

        1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

          But nobody would call the original Honda Insight the “car of the decade”. It was sold in small numbers and was discontinued after a few years. The Prius, on the other hand, was the #1 international best-selling car for some years.

          1. 2013VOLT says:

            Source? I don’t think the Toyota Prius was ever the best selling car internationally.

            1. 3laine says:

              Agreed… Best selling car in the world is usually Corolla/Golf/Fiesta, or similar.

            2. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

              You’re right; the Prius was never a world best-seller. thanks for the correction.

  2. leptoquark says:

    It would have been interesting and satisfying to start off with an 1903 Columbia Electric or a 1904 Baker Electric for the “1900’s” category, and wind up with the Model S. Fitting bookmarks to the gasoline age.

    1. Anon says:

      Yeah. Was gonna say they could could have STARTED with an EV and still have been historically accurate.

      1. TomArt says:

        Ha! I thought the same thing.

        1. Big Solar says:


      2. Jack Alberts says:

        I fully expected that as well considering the dominance of the electrics in the 1900-1920 era.

  3. Sublime says:

    No BMW 3-series? The car that every sedan in the 90s compared themselves to?

    1. TomArt says:

      Nope, not for the 90s – the rise of the SUV and the beginning of Japanese dominance in the US market appear to be the what they consider to be the most significant aspects of the 1990s. A Toyota SUV nails it.

  4. TomArt says:

    What is the 1970’s vehicle?

    1. Marcel says:

      Fiat Spyder… great car.

  5. Jake Brake says:

    Benchmark of the 1990s should have been the Toyota Supra.

  6. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

    What? The car that defined the ’50s wasn’t the T-bird!?!?


    Seriously, this was a well-produced video. Hats off to the film maker.

  7. Chaloum says:

    Why is the driver a woman just for the family car?
    stereotypes… stereotypes…

    Just passing by – no feminism hidden.