Bellevue Nissan Opens Six Unit CHAdeMO Station In Washington (w/videos)

MAR 17 2015 BY MARK KANE 9

2015 Nissan LEAF

2015 Nissan LEAF

Bellevue Nissan (formerly Nissan of the Eastside at Bellevue) on the occasion of the opening of its brand new dealership outside Seattle, launched the nation’s first dealership-located fast-charging depot featuring a whopping six fast-charging stations.

Bellevue Nissan is one of the nation’s top-selling Nissan LEAF dealers and now has the largest group of fast chargers at any dealership in America.

Each station, provided by NRG eVgo, can charge a Nissan LEAF from depleted to 80 percent full in less than 30 minutes. According to the press release, all of the chargers are public and will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through EZ-Charge Card.

“The new chargers will be networked by NRG eVgo, a nationwide provider of EV quick charging, and they will be accessible using the all-access EZ-Charge Card. They will be included in Nissan’s “No Charge to Charge” program, which offers two years of no-cost public charging at select local stations with the purchase or lease of a new LEAF. More information on EZ-Charge and “No Charge to Charge” is available at”

Governor Inslee stated:

“I want to congratulate Bellevue Nissan on its expansion and for creating Washington’s first electric vehicle charging depot. These fast-charging stations are the backbone of our future transportation infrastructure. Electric vehicles will help us clean our air, create more jobs and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. I’ve charted a course for action to grow the number of electric vehicles in Washington State from 10,000 on the road today, to 50,000 by 2020. Increased sales of electric cars and creating the charging infrastructure to support them, like what we’re seeing here in Bellevue, will help us meet that goal.”

Jimmy Kalie of Bellevue Nissan remarked:

“Since the all-electric LEAF went on sale in late 2010, we have been one of Nissan’s top LEAF dealers. Now, we are leading the country in providing a fast-charging depot for those customers and other EV owners.”

Brendan Jones, Nissan’s director of Electric Vehicle Sales and Infrastructure Deployment commented:

“Nissan is committed to doubling the number of quick chargers in the U.S. by next April, and we applaud Bellevue Nissan for installing this charging depot for LEAF drivers in the Seattle area. Bellevue Nissan is adding to the established infrastructure in the northwest to make driving an EV even more convenient and rewarding.”

Glen Stancil, vice president of Strategic Market Development for NRG eVgo said:

“NRG eVgo is proud to work with Nissan to expand the availability of fast charging in Washington State. Fast-charging depots like this one, plus additional capability around the city, will give EV drivers the convenience they need to drive electric.”

Check out this video, via Nissan LEAF owner Trish Haveman, from the scene showing Governor Inslee conducting the gas hose cutting as part of the opening ceremonies:

And here’s video from the scene showing the chargers:

And one last video that captures the majority of the event:

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I wonder if you can get an EZ charge card for an older LEAF?

It looks like no.

“How do I get an EZ-Charge card?
Currently, EZ-Charge cards are only available through participating dealers in specific markets.”

ie, only new sales or leases.

YES, at long last! Love it. More please!

Doing a “pump-cutting” for the opening is a nice touch too 🙂

EZ Charge cards are also tied to a single car. I have two and while I tied each existing charge network from my old card to the new one… Unfortunately the new one is only for the new car. Still have to have all the old cards/tags for the old car. Would be nice to be able to order another card on same accounts for old car… even if it costs something.

Awesome to see multiple CHAdeMO quick chargers going in. 24/7 avail at dealer is also great feature. Keep building a single network with the many charger networks and the system gets better for all. Thanks to all involved. Now… could someone finish the West Coast Electric Highway? CA we’re looking at you!

This dealer has always had a bad attitude about folks who didn’t buy their car there stopping for a charge, and if these six stations are not accessible to the public, I’ll be raising some serious cane with the governor’s office! EZ-Charge building a closed network is contrary to CA law, so how do they handle is down there?
Ref: EVSE service providers may not charge a subscription fee or require membership for use of their public charging stations. In addition, providers must disclose the actual charges for using public EVSE at the point of sale; allow at least two options for payment; and disclose the EVSE geographic location, schedule of fees, accepted methods of payment, and network roaming charges to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Exceptions apply.

If a national standards organization has not adopted interoperability billing standards by January 1, 2015, the California Air Resources Board may adopt such standards for network roaming payment methods for EVSE. Providers would be required to meet these standards within one year of adoption.

(Reference California Health and Safety Code 44268 and 44268.2)

It’s good to see a dealership install multiple units and make them available. Since these are managed by eVgo, non-EZ-Card drivers should be able to use a eVgo rfid card here.

I am a little surprised that dealers haven’t sponsored some EVSE units at malls, theatres, etc. It would be a good way to get your name out.

Its nice that some dealers have figured out that a charger that does not have 24/7 access is a VERY bad move

Because who doesn’t have a half hour plus to sit around and recharge their car? LOL Put solar panels on the roof or something, big dummies.