Beijing To Group Tesla With Chinese New Energy Vehicles In License Plate Lottery

SEP 11 2015 BY MARK KANE 12

Tesla CEO Elon Musk At Beijing First Delivery Ceremony In April

Tesla CEO Elon Musk At Beijing First Delivery Ceremony In April 2014

Being a local car manufacturer makes a huge difference in China.

For example, in Beijing, native New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) have separate license plate lotteries (30,000 available compared to 90,000 for all other cars).

By April, consumers had 100% chance of registering their Chinese plug-ins from BAIC Motor Corporation, SAIC Motor, JAC Motors and BYD.

The probability of winning the lottery falls with every month to 88% in June and now stands at around 38%.

Foreign NEVs are grouped with conventional cars, so their chances stand now at 0.5%. Or ,one per 200 Tesla Model S (or any other model) could be registered.

“Beijing is about to make it easier for buyers of a Tesla Model S to get a license plate in the increasingly congested capital, according to sources close to the municipal transport authorities, Chinese news site reported on Tuesday.”

Changes in policy are expected in a few weeks. Tesla will be put on a special list of foreign NEVs. Whether other foreign manufacturers will be as lucky, we don’t know yet.

It’s hard to say how much it’s worth to be exempt from mainstream, but for sure it will provide boost.

Generous electric car subsidies of up to some 110,000 yuan ($17,300) are still not available for Tesla.

Source: South China Morning Post

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Well, that certainly raises a lot of questions! How did Tesla manage to qualify, when imported cars are generally excluded? And whatever Tesla did, can they do the same in other cities? Is this the start of a trend, or just an odd outlier event?

I am guessing that Tesla just happened to hire the right lobbyist to push their agenda through. It probably didn’t come cheap, but it got the job done…

Because that’s the way it works in China? I would have guessed not.

That’s how it works in the US not China.

I guess it had to do with money but not with a lobbyist. This is how i heard it is done in china.

If it where me, I would have done some “we build normal chargers with our superchargers”-deal.

Because Tesla is by far the best NEV of the solar system. Come on guys, don’t go this far to find an answer!
Sometimes politicians make good decisions.

Could be the recent publicity of Musk pressuring Pres. Obama to discuss access to local markets during his visit. That is something all the foreign automakers would probably want to jump on, if they could.

Probably a variety of factors.

wow, this changes a lot regarding the selling game in china.

Well, Tesla now has more than just Dozens of ‘Destination Chargers’ in China, along with 73 Supercharger Sites! A Quick Glance shows well over 100 Destination Charger Sites, probably over 250 now!

See, Type in ‘China’ in the find a Supercharger field, hit enter, and click the Destination Button in the lower right – then you can see how many there are!


what is this about did I miss something? No mention of destination chargers in the story, comments or original article

Looks like he’s putting out some other possible reasons why China is making this move – Tesla is making their vehicles increasingly invaluable and desirable. China needs to cut emissions aggressively, particularly in their cities, so having a desirable EV with a solid and growing dedicated charging network is something to be encouraged.