Beijing Passes Massive Charging Station Mandate – 1,000 DC Quick Chargers By End Of 2014


Tesla's Solar Supercharger in China - There Won't Be 1,000 Of These Chargers Anytime Soon In China

Tesla’s Solar Supercharger in China – There Won’t Be 1,000 Of These Chargers Anytime Soon In China – Maybe a Couple Hundred Though

BYD Charger In China

BYD Charger In China

As Want China Times reports:

“New residential communities in Beijing will have to install power-charging posts for 18% of their parking units, as well as a power supply source, according to a new Beijing government plan aiming to popularize use of electric cars and combat smog.”

This is similar to what was passed in New York City awhile back, but there’s one major difference in Beijing”

“The plan, dubbed Enforcement Rules for Power-Charging Facilities for New-Energy Passenger Cars in Beijing, calls for the installation of 1,000 rapid DC electricity charging posts this year.”

Yes, that’s 1,000 DC fast chargers in one city.  By mid year, Beijing will supposedly have 100 of those DC fast chargers in operation.  By year’s end, 1,000 should be up and running.

In China, the lack of charging infrastructure is seen as this biggest hold back for electric vehicle adoption.  If all goes according to plan, the infrastructure in Beijing will perhaps be the most robust of any city in the world by the end of 2014.

Niu Jinmin, director of the center for promoting new energy cars in Beijing, says government involvement is key to growing the infrastructure:

“Government involvement is indispensable for the installation of charging posts, since it is not profitable now.”

Beijing’s government is getting involved, so hopefully the infrastructure makes a dramatic turn from the 60 charging points in Beijing today (for use by buses and taxis only, private EVs can not use the sites) to the 1,000-plus point of tomorrow (end of 2014).

Source: Want China Times

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George Bower

As much bad press as the Chinese get about coal fired generating plants, they are more aggressive with these sorts of projects than we are in the US. They are installing nuclear faster than any other country in the world. Between now and 2020 they will install 65 Gw worth of nuclear……that is the equivalent of 65 1000 Mw ractors…..that’s a lot.

Big Solar

Hopefully they don’t have any earthquakes.!$


that’s impressive indeed, but their pollution problem is epic. I just hope they build the right kind of nuclear reactor and not the ones promoted by the US (cheap at the cost of efficiency and safety).


They install even more of solar power plants, 12-14 GW per year. China today is very different country than 20 years ago. They have bullet trains, the biggest hydro power plants in the world and now they are by far the most aggressive in solar and EVs. They are not just talking about it for the market to evolve , they are doing it as we speak. They are not just catching up, they are way ahead, but most people just do not know it yet. They are no longer just delayed followers, they are in many instances leading. While we developing (or talking about building) Keystone pipeline (as energy of yesterday) Chinese are installing 1 out of every 3 solar panels of the whole world installations. So when we finish with the pipeline we will be truly ready for the 20th century, while Chinese are readying themselves for the 21st. Today some news about solar roads. I bet 10 years from when we will be ready to start planning to build it China will have those highways fully built and running. In many ways we are losing the edge, unfortunately.

Josh Bryant

Add to that, they are #1 in the world in Wind Power installed with 91 GW installed at the end of 2013. They added 16 GW in 2013 alone.

US is #2 in total capacity at 61 GW.


I read today that 9 U.S. states broke above 12% wind power, in 2013. IA and SD, at 27% and 26%. This is by actual contribution, not name plate.

There is no reason to settle for taking U.S. electric sector CO2 from 2.0Gt today, to 1.6Gt, in 15 years.

scott franco

It makes sense. There are way more than 1000 gas stations in any of the top 10 US cities. Putting that many chargers in a city, and especially fast chargers, means that the perception of running out of charge in peoples minds goes effectively to zero.


How many kW are the chargers rated at?



Ocean Railroader

Think of what a 1000 DC Fast Chargers could do along the East Coast of the United States. But if you think about it a 1000 DC chargers in one City that would rewrite the rules for EV’s. In that if you have a 1000 you could possibly own a EV but live in a apartment.


Probably converting their Army tanks to DC quickcharge. I wonder if they’ll have a pedestrian warning tone, other than the large cannon pointed at them.

Micke Larsson

That’s 25 years ago… Unlike the child seeking drones some country seems to be a good solution today.


Same level of oppression is still there.


“New residential communities in Beijing will have to install power-charging posts for 18% of their parking units, as well as a power supply source,”

Wow. We need some rules like this.


Didn’t Hawaii pass some law that said for every 100 spots they needed an EV charging spot? But there was no punishment for not following the law, so no one does it.

Brian Henderson

Yes, one dedicated EV parking stall per 100 in parking lot (of 100 or more). Effectively under 1% of parking vs. Beijing’s 18% of new parking.

List of Hawaii’s PEV incentives … a leader amoung US states:

D. Harrower

So are these CHAdeMO stations then? CCS? Some new Chinese standard? What is their charging rate?