Beijing Hit Electric Vehicle Registration Target For 2017 In Just Five Months

JUN 28 2017 BY MARK KANE 14

Fighting with traffic jams and emissions, the city of Beijing strictly limits registrations of new cars to be driven on its roads (as does many other Chinese cities). Even the addition of electric vehicles is limited – to 51,000 in 2017.  Relatively speaking, these “EV plates” are much (much) easier to acquire than via the normal petrol lottery system.

BAIC Arcfox-1

And as it turns out, the target set for 2017 has already been reached, and we are not even at the halfway point of the year!

The next window to purchase and register a plug-in car is to be opened next year.

In other words, sales of plug-in vehicles in China will be at least 50,000 lower this year than they could be if true demand was unleashed in Beijing.

The good news is that there is still plenty of new plug-in utility vehicle plates available as only 3,000 out of 9,000 were taken.


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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

They should have a “Cash for 2 clunkers” type of deal.
Bring in 2 clunker ICE cars when buying an EV and you get the EV registration.

Bring in 3 ICE clunkers and the EV registration is free.

If cleaning the air and getting ICE cars off the road is the main goal this should help.

Francis L

A electric car is still a car. I don’t see how it can fix jams.

In terms of jams and emissions, public transportation is still the winner.


The Chinese car industry factors quite strongly into China’s modernization plans, so the cars are not going away.

And the Beijing metro plans are to be over 900 kms by 2021 so they are doing quite good on that front also.


Is that why BYD has built so many EV buses, then?


The Chinese Literally Laugh at us and Trump.
They’re going full Solar and EV ASAP, and we’ve elected the Coal President. They’ve had a record shutdown of coal plants and are now going after EV dominance.

US Repubs Destroy American Greatness.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Wasn’t that the case in 2015 and 2016?


No. You don’t remember Obama meeting with the Chinese leader at the Paris Climate Agreement? He and his staff convinced the Chinese it would be good for their environment and economy to lead in the Global Warming Effort.

Secondly, the economics have changed, and the Obama administration pointed that out. The truth about the economics of solar and wind today, will never cross Trumps lips.
( Solar and Wind are now cheaper than Any New installation of any other energy source. And soon they will be cheaper then any old installation of any other energy source. Now they’re cheaper then a new fracking installation, in 2 years they will be cheaper then any old coal/tar sand or fracking operation. ( Physics and Economics don’t care who’s President. ))


The Chinese knew all of this without encouragement from Obama, plus they were choking on their own air. The negotiation on climate was mostly to gain advantage in other negotiations by appearing to give on this one when, in fact, it was an absolute domestic imperative for them and they knew they could make great progress at no additional cost to their economy. That is why they are touting their commitment with Trump’s withdrawal. They are now the leader and seen as such by many. More countries now want to deal with China despite misgivings about human rights and a lack of democracy. As they say, China plays the long game. In the West, especially the US, it is all about the current quarter or less.

El Fantastico

Very well said! Someone understands politics! 😉




I don’t agree about China playing the long game. They’re a fairly shortsighted country like all the rest. In chasing double digit growth for 3 decades, they have absolutely destroyed their environment. Their air was a disaster 15 years ago, yet they kept building coal power plants at a breakneck pace.

Maybe they’ve cold to their senses now, but that doesn’t make up for the bad choices already made.

I agree though that China will go green with more gusto in an attempt to stand out from the US and Trump. I actually think Trump may turn out to be a great gift to environmental causes since he motivates so many to try to spite him by doing the opposite of what he does.



Micke Larsson

And hydro, wind and nuclear.

Solar is just a small portion with hydro doing the heavy lifting and wind/nuclear being fairly equal in a split second place.


When one sees how hydro is done in China, one cannot see it as a positive move.