Beijing to Have 1,000 Public Chargers by End of 2014


Smog in Beijing - To Reduce This, EVs Must Number in the  Hundreds of Thousands

Smog in Beijing – To Reduce This Significantly, EVs Must Number in the Hundreds of Thousands

From 20 today to 1,000 by the end of 2014.

BYD e6 is One of China's Most Popular EVs

BYD e6 is One of China’s Most Popular EVs

That’s Beijing’s public charging station goal.

With Beijing extending its EV purchase incentive program and approving several models such as the BYD e6 and BYD Qin for incentives, the thought is that residents of the city will soon begin buying plug-in vehicles in volume.

Therefore, the public charging infrastructure must be built out.

As BJ Review reports:

“Beijing decided to engage in rapid full-scale construction of charging poles this year for the first time. It plans to finish construction of 1,000 public fast-charging poles within the year, and in the future there will be a charging pole every 5 square km. At present, there are only 20 charging stations in Beijing.”

So, one charging point for every 5 square km, or in miles one for every 1.9 square miles.  Now that’s what we call charger dense.

Charging Station in Beijing

Charging Station in Beijing

Source: BJ Review

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What would be great would be to see measurable positive effect within in a few years. Though it will probably take a decade, even massive adoption of methods to pollute less, cannot erase decades of horrifically damaging policy decisions. One result of growth at any cost…and everything that comes with it.

How many of these will be compatible with Tesla?

Chances are very likely that China’s charging infrastructure will be compatible with Tesla Model S.

1) China uses same ~200V & signling for Level2 as Japan, Europe & N.Amerca.
2) For DCFC Level3 China uses GB/T protocol/connector … communications is via CANbus similar to CHAdeMO although connector plug is unique to China. (It would be no more difficult for Tesla to offer a GB/T Tesla Adaptor similar to the CHAdeMO Tesla Adaptor)

This IEC DCFC has a nice diagram comparing CHAdeMO, GB/T, Combo1 & Combo2 connectors:

Announcements are one thing, but I’ll believe it when I hear jackhammers and see shovels.

If anything, urban charging in China might resemble charging of our early electric cars, where cars were charged at a central garage and either picked up and dropped off there by the owner, or were delivered to the customer in the local neighborhood. Home charging of cars presents practical problems, at least in the neighborhoods of Beijing I’ve been in.

Not sure what difference it will make considering China is a huge importer of coal for use in their power plants.