Beginner’s Guide To Charging A Tesla Model S – Video


“Tesla Motors & EV’s: Beginners Guide to Charging, Adapters, Public Stations, DC Fast Charging.”

Kman using a public charger (Chargepoint). Which utilizes the J1772 Adapter.

Kman using a public charger (Chargepoint), which utilizes the J1772 Adapter.

“In this basic guide, I will cover common charging adapters, Tesla UMC/EVSE’s, HPWC’s, Public J1772 Stations, Dealer Charging, CHAdeMO, Superchargers. While it is more Tesla Centered, all EV drivers should find information Useful. I have also covered some challenges that I have faced in charging out in the wild!”

KmanAuto presents in his latest video a complete go-to guide for charging your Tesla Model S.

We should note that the Model S comes with a Universal Mobile Connector (UMC), NEMA 14-50 240V Outlet, standard household 3-prong outlet, and a J1772 adapter for most, if not all public charging stations.

If you have any other tips, tricks, advice, etc in regards to charging and ways to charge a Model S, then let us know in the comments below.

*Editor’s note: Model S owners outside of the US will have different plugs, cables, Model S charge port, charging speeds, etc. Supercharging is the same with the exception of the Model S’ charge port being slightly different than ones found on the Model S in the US.

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When is Tesla making a US CCS adapter?

Well at the rate they are being installed in the USA, there just wouldn’t be much point to make one. 🙁

But I guess it would be very useful in Europe. :-/

Pity the video was so amateur. The guy seriously needs to learn how to use the cut tool some more so we don’t have to listen to his phone ringing, etc.

I agree he needs to be better prepared when making the videos. ‘Don’t mind all the distractions’. His intentions are good, but as soon as I saw who it was I knew this was going to be 5 times longer then it should be. I pretty much skim after a few minutes or don’t watch it because of time. I really appreciate the effort, but do plan out what you want to say and show with minimal distractions, like David Murray said. I feel everyone will enjoy your videos more. Thanks.

It is great that they are on youtube because then you can use the little settings/gear icon to change the speed to x1.25 (or x1.5)

Watching at x1.5 worked great.
Graphic on settings:

I forgot about that Scott. Thank you. Just to be clear to everyone that I appreciate all the hard work that Mike does. I am just saying he doesn’t have to work so hard as he does. Keep going by all means Mike.

Give me a break. The guy made more than 150 videos. He freezes his ass in the Wisconsin weather to help us learn so much about owning a Tesla in the real world… And you are complaining about how long are the vidoes. He is not working in Hollywood. I find his videos extremely helpful, informative and useful. He has guided me to think about what is the right Tesla to order. KmanAuto, keep doing what you do and don’t pay attention to these kind of comments.

Christopher Allessi II

Grazie! I have some good ones coming too! Leaving for China next week. Will be visiting the LARGEST Tesla Store in the WORLD!

Plugshare is your friend – there is a version of the site optimized for the Tesla browser.

Pretty good video. Some minor errors but what the heck, still pretty good introduction. I’m near that NF station that he talked about. Would be interesting to check it out. Many of the Chevy dealers have the same problem with their VOltecs. 15 amps at 195 volts, typically so everything works, but even VOLTS wont’ charge at full speed let alone Model S’s. Too long a run of #12 AWG wire. 150 feet is not a long run of cable compared to the size of most dealerships. The electrician must have not even thought about it since the added cost to use #10 AWG for the VOLTEC is only around $100. They both use the same 1/2″ EMT. Other problems that ROadster Owners might have is that the car will charge at around 1/2 the Nissan Dealerships and the other 1/2 it won’t. Just depends on if the AV evse you are plugged into has a stable 5 volt supply or not. Age of the unit isn’t a factor. I’ve seen old ones work and brand new ones fail. Pass & Seymour units constantly negotiate with the Roadster’s charger, but never get down to actually charging. Some were sold under… Read more »

A couple of days ago, someone asked ‘Where are my Videos?’

Here’s a video I did 40 months ago (when the cars were new).

“Electric Vehicle Car Charging On a Budget.”