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Tesla Semi

APR 16 2018 BY MARK KANE 12

Bee’ah CEO, Khaled Al Huraimel, talked a little bit about the electrification plans after the company ordered 50 Tesla Semis for its operation in the UEA.

The Tesla Semi order is just first step to make the fleet more environment friendly.

With a fleet of over 1,000 diesel vehicles, there are a lot more orders expected in the future, but first Tesla needs to begin production, deliveries overseas and prove capabilities of the Semi.

The other Bee’ah-Tesla project in the Middle East is an energy storage system at the new zero energy headquarter using Powerpacks.

Bee’ah CEO discusses Tesla electric trucks, expansion plans

Bee’ah’s Khaled Al Huraimel comments on the addition of the latest Tesla electric trucks to Bee’ah fleet, and the organisation’s expansion plans in the region. In his role as Group Chief Executive Officer of Bee’ah, Khaled Al Huraimel oversees the company’s day-to-day operations and maximises the efficiency of projects by ensuring close cooperation and communication between different departments.

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Bad News For Shorts.
Shorting Tesla in Incredibly Risky.
Any one of their business tangents can take off and completely swamp the auto business.

Why isn’t this an American CEO with this goal.

Because for the average American CEO its easier to look mainly at their short-term quarterly profits and donate to politicians to weaken CAFE or CARB rather then actually innovate real solutions for the future.

Sadly true.


It’s not only easier, but it’s legally required now, thanks to someone (Greenspan?) or some institution like Wall Street (financial). So it’s taught in our business schools, law schools, etc. and has infected the entire culture.

Actually worldwide 130 companies, cities, and countries have 100% renewable energy goals, including Apple, Microsoft, IKEA, San Diego, Netherlands etc. Unfortunately its out leader who continues to try and take the country back to the 50’s that can’t see the world passing him by. Someone should take his smartphone away and give him a dial phone, since he’s so nostalgic for the good old days.

That’s UAE, difficult isn’t it…

Three letters gets confusing 🙂

UEA = United Emirates of Arab

The forward-looking countries (not all of them are like this) realize that the oil bonanza will end at some point… They’re using the money they have now to invest for a post-oil future. They all have very dry & sunny climates, so perfect for solar-thermal and PV. This makes electric-energy-intensive industry esp. appealing. I expect that in addition to battery storage, the area will be a good candidate for molten-salt direct heat storage, so a solar power station can generate electricity around the clock; several such stations exist in the US & in Spain, and one is buing built in the Atacama desert in Chile.

We’ll certainly be seeing a lot more diversification in the power grids around the world, along with transnational interconnections that should help with overall stability while also being a powerful incentive for more renewables/new energies firms to install infrastructure.