Bed & Breakfast In New Hampshire Installs 2 Charging Stations To Attract New Guests


The Bernerhof Inn Bed and Breakfast adds two charging stations with the plan to attract EV drivers. “Build it and they will come”

The Bernerhof Inn

The Bernerhof Inn

This Inn appears to be up to date with modern technology with things such as complimentary iPads to guests with a customized app specifically for the Inn. And now, with the recent addition of the 2 charging stations, the Inn is probably ahead of the time.

The charging cost is free for guests and drivers traveling through the area. It is likely you will find the site while searching for the charging station online.

Currently, there are not a whole lot of charging stations in New Hampshire. Just 13 of them.  But more are slowly being added.

With these chargers added at the Inn, EV drivers will be within range of the some of the state’s most iconic scenery.

General manager of the Bernerhof Inn, Steve Lambert stated:

“We are seeing Teslas and other brands of electric cars visiting the Mount Washington Valley and seeking charging options.”

The electric co-op’s renewable energy engineer and manager of the pilot program, Gary Lemay added:

“People with electric vehicles charge first at home, second at work and third at a destination-type location where they will be staying for one to three hours longer.”

“That makes these hotels and resorts ideal locations for EV charging stations.”

If interested, all of the info the Bernerhof Inn can be found here on the Inn’s website.

Source: Boston Herald.

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This story and the recent story that Disney World installed chargers for the first time, and they installed four, are evidence of the nascent state of electric cars. Disney World figured they only need 4 chargers? Not 40? They have lots of employees who live within Leaf range. And an increasing number of customers driving PHEVs and Teslas. The b&b story is good, but it’s depressing that this counts as news.

The Bernerhof Inn is lit up like a Vegas Casino in the picture.

I suspect they get lots of well-to-do clients from NYC. Boston. etc.

It probably makes sense for them to pay an electrician a nominal amount to run some underground 220 out to a couple charging Kiosks.

Bummer…that is a bit out of my range…not talking $$$ here 😉

Sometimes leadership like this is never even seen by their competition, let alone the press, so it good that this made the news. It is, in one sense, sad that it is news, but so few businesses get it’s, such that it is still news!

I recently started a push, for my vacation, to discuss this very idea at as many of my stops as I could, and even set up a web page and made up a little two-fold (3 – Panels) handout to promote this idea. see More at