Because It’s Earth Day: Nissan Launches LEAF Taxis in NYC


Nissan LEAF Taxi Set for Duty in NYC

Nissan LEAF Taxi Set for Duty in NYC

It’s only 6, but it’s a start.

LEAF Taxi in NYC

LEAF Taxi in NYC

On Earth Day (aka April 22), 6 Nissan LEAF taxis will hit the streets of New York City in search of folks in need of a lift.

As part of a field study/trial/pilot test the LEAF taxis will “will enable Nissan, the city, the taxi industry and the public to learn more about how to integrate electric vehicles as taxis.”

As you might of expected, Nissan will provide the LEAF free of charge and will install a few quick charge stations to support the initial rollout.

The LEAF taxis will be in the hands of owner-operators, as well as under the guidance of taxi fleets in NYC.

Sure, it ain’t all too exciting to learn that only 6 LEAFs will join an estimated 13,237 taxis in NYC, but way back in the day (1907 to be exact) a startup named New York Taxicab Company followed a similar approach by introducing a handful (65 vehicles imported from France) of gas-fueled automobiles and bit by bit NYC’s horse-drawn carriage taxis faded away into the past.

Maybe the past will repeat itself.



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I wonder if they could set up taxi queue’s, where they could sit plugged in, waiting for passengers? These would be at popular locations, where taxis are typically hailed.


The first cab company to go 100% electric will save a bundle on gas.



This is sad. Three years ago BYD put 40 cabs, with twice the pack size, in service in China. We are going nowhere fast.

Bill Howland

¬∑How much you want to bet all those Nissan Taxi EV’s get a 8kwh trunk mounted additional battery from ENGINEER for $5395 plus installation?

That way they’ll get another 40 miles (ideally) to get them out of a bind.

The way that the typical NYC taxi driver drives, they’ll NEED it. Incidentally, they also increase the charging rate by 7 amps (14 to 21, 28 to 35, or in Nyc’s case, 31 to 38 assuming 200 volt charging, unless they took special care to get 240 to the evse.).

¬∑Considering the above its a good thing Leviton sells the ‘400’ model (40 amps). Looks like the ENGINEER pack plus a 6.6 kw charger in a new Nissan would use almost 40 amps. I don’t know if the pack will try to use more than 7 amps if the voltage is low (200), but 40 amps ought to handle the whole shebang.

I wonder if 40 amps burns out the j1772 jack on the front of the car. Maybe you can only use the pack with 3.3 kw nissans.