Beacon City Welcomes Tesla Model 3 To Hong Kong

FEB 23 2019 BY ALEX WAI 10

Hong Kong says hello to the Model 3.

Tesla has finally launched the Model 3 for public preview in Hong Kong. This is the fourth and most affordable member of the Tesla family being launched in Hong Kong.

The event took place at Element Mall, an upscale mall located next to the Hong Kong high speed railway station. Many local reservation holders may have already been invited for private viewing near the end of 2018 and some impatient fans even traveled north, crossing the border to Shenzhen to see the display cars at pop up stores. There was some disappointment that the preview model shown is still a LHD (left-hand drive) version but was not surprised as the preview launch of the Model X back in 2016 was also in LHD.

Although Hong Kong is part of China many fans are jealous of their neighbours up north already taking deliveries of the LHD version. Whereas vehicles in this city are all RHD as it has always been based around the British road system when Hong Kong was a colony until June 30th 1997. Unfortunately local fans and reservation holders will have to wait a bit longer when the online configurator opens in May 2019 and deliveries will begin in Q3.

Local media were the first group to experience the Model 3 at the public preview.

Pricing has not been announced as it requires final approval by the local customs but models and specs available for the city were provided:

  • Long Range Battery(RWD) – 600km range / 225km/h top speed / 5.4s 0-100km/h
  • Long Range Battery(AWD) – 560km range / 233km/h top speed / 4.8s 0-100km/h
  • Performance (AWD) – 530km range / 250km/h top speed / 3.5s 0-100km/h

Robin Ren, VP Global Sales and Isabel Fan, Regional Director, Hong Kong & Macau

Both Model S and X were also displayed at the event which cost at nearly USD128,000 and up which includes USD32,000 tax exemption when buyers trade-in their aging ICE vehicles (must meet requirement listed by the local transport department). The base price for these two premium models have risen more than 40% compared to the days before April 1st, 2017 when all EVs sold in Hong Kong enjoyed 100% tax wavier.

But to be clear  60kw/h battery packs were still available for purchase two years ago and the latest configurator only has the choice of 100 kWh version. Tesla’s strategy will likely use the more affordable Model 3 and the to be announced Model Y to fill in the price gap that targets customers who are owners of BMW 3 series, X3 or similar price range models within the ICE arena. It will also put pressure on the BMW i3 or VW e-Golf available in the local market when competing in price/performance.

Tesla delivered the first Roadster in 2010, first Model S in 2014 and first Model X in 2017 to Hong Kong customers.

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I am surprised that the government hasn’t converted Hong Kong to LHD. The longer this is put off, the harder it gets and people like to travel so crossing over into the opposite lane when driving a few miles north is a pain.

Or manufacturers could just deliver RHD cars? Not aimed at Tesla (even though we’ve been waiting a while) but we never got a RHD Bolt either.

Or Hong Kong can align with China and most of the rest of the world.

There is actually comparatively little automobile traffic between Hong Kong and mainland China; it takes a special license to travel between the two.

I don’t know how long it will be until the switch is made. I suppose it will happen eventually, perhaps when the barriers to travel between HK and China are relaxed. But countries have proven rather resistant to switching from right-hand to left-hand drive.

You mean redrawing every single road and replacing every single car? Seems impossible at this point.

Model-3 goes to Hong Kong the land of Rolls Royces. Very good to hear the people there loving the Tesla.

The specs for the LR RWD seem to give it longer range than the AWD. I hope the LR RWD comes to Australia first up!

We have known that the AWD Model 3 is less efficient for a long time… Tesla fudges the EPA ratings to hide this fact, but other rating systems probably don’t offer that possibility.

Unlikely the RWD variant will come first. Tesla generally introduces the most expensive variants first.

(The LR RWD might in fact not come to some markets at all, considering that it has been discontinued in the US… Though it’s apparently available in China — and I guess it might show up again in the US as well at some point?…)

Great stuff, I saw lots of Tesla’s in Hong Kong last year.

As did I last year.
Also drove from China to Hong Kong. Car had 2 license plates.