Battery Gigafactory Planned For Europe, Founded By Ex-Tesla Execs


European Gigafactory

The European gigafactory aims to mass-produce battery cells to decrease costs to below $100 per kWh.

North Volt, a new lithium-ion battery startup founded last year, will take root in Europe in the near future. The company, founded by former Tesla Supply Chain Management VP, Peter Carlsson, and partner, Paolo Cerruti, former Tesla supply chain executive, officially launched in Stockholm this week.

Tesla Gigafactory

North Volt is looking to build a European gigafactory. Possible locations include Sweden and Finland. A group of Swedish investors will fund the venture, with a goal of bringing down lithium-ion battery costs in Europe to less than $100 per kWh. Carlsson told Breakit that the project will amount to about $4 billion U.S. He shared (translated from Swedish):

“We are six people today, but intends to create a bunch of 25 to 30 of the best engineers. We will pick a lot internationally, from the United States and Japan, but we also want the best in Sweden in the field.”

“If we have a number of players who have access to the project as of now, we hope that the year ahead, when we really need to build up substantial capital to put the shovel in the ground and build a factory, have sufficient confidence in the project. It is estimated to cost 40 billion (kroner) in four steps. Vinnova and the Swedish Energy Agency were early supporters. “

“We have a bold and ambitious business plan in place and I am very pleased by the strong support we have received from both the public and private sector,” said Peter Carlsson in a statement.

 “When fully developed, it will be half a million square meters, give or take.There are fifty hectares – the old town of Stockholm is 34 hectares.”

Carlsson takes the position of CEO of the battery startup. He worked for NXP Semiconductors prior to his four-year stint at Tesla (2011-2015). His supply chain experience, along with that of Cerutti, should prove advantageous to the new project. Cerutti will assume the position of COO for North Volt. He has prior experience in a similar capacity with Nissan and Renault.

Sweden recently made a push to attract Tesla to its turf. Perhaps North Volt is intending to beat the company to the bast location and/or real estate. Construction is set to begin in 2019, as long as details fall into place accordingly. Production at North Volt could begin as soon as 2020. But, as we have all seen with the Tesla Gigafactory, the monumental project will take years to reach full operating capacity. Carlsson’s goal is to complete the gigafactory by 2023, reaching its 32 GWh potential.

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I truly believe an independent company opening a massive battery factory is going to rake it in, within a couple of years. All the massive car manufacturers are going to realise that they need to switch to EV as quick as possible but they will be severely limited by battery production. So a company that is able to produce these at volume will make huge amounts of revenue.

Placing it in sweden make sense since we have cheap, very clean electricity in ouer gridd

Build it in Finland. It would be a Sisu-Factory!

So now the word “gigafactory” is being used as a generic descriptive word, like kleenex or xerox? Here’s hoping Tesla trademarks the name, to discourage it being misused as a generic label for every large factory in the world.

But good luck to North Volt. The world is definitely going to need an expanding supply of EV batteries; hopefully that’s going to be a market which rapidly expands in the next few years!

So far as I can see, it’s not the company who’s misusing the brand name of Tesla’s factory, it’s just the writer of this article.

OK but there are no EV battery standards. cCell, pouch, size, packaging – all different