No Battery Competition In Formula E Until 2018/2019


Formula E battery

Formula E battery

FIA Formula E decided to postpone its planned battery competition previously scheduled for the third season.

That means that all the teams will use cars with the same batteries, from a single manufacturer.

The new date for the battery competition is season five (2018/2019).

Until then, there will be new, improved battery for seasons three and four, probably from the same manufacturer – Williams Advanced Engineering – as in season one and two.

That also closes the doors for a bunch of other companies who had hoped to become a battery supplier next season.

In season five, every team in theory should be able to chose batteries from different manufacturers, which is one of the long-awaited, important changes needed to speed up technology developments.

Alejandro Agag, CEO of Formula E, commented:

“For years three and four it’s going to be a new battery, but the same for everyone. [It will be a] new design from Williams, in principle.”

“It’s not signed but it’s really looking like we’re going in that direction.”

Source: Apex Racing PR

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Too bad,that is the war chest.

What we need is Formula B for battery! Or B prize like X prize!

Couldn’t they at least have had 2 or 3 battery manufacturers before that?

Oh, well. The good part is that there will be more competitive racing than if some team would have developed a superior battery-pack just for them.

What is the current battery pack size? That would be some good information for the article.

28 kWh (Usable)

Given it is a couple of years old now they can probably increase it significantly with a new one, giving either faster cars or longer races, faster would be my preference at this point, I find the current races highly watchable at their current length and the car swap really doesn’t bother me as much as it obviously does other people.

Well, I hope that Williams can increase the capacity before then! They need to be able to have stronger motor(s) and/or run harder.

How much did Williams pay the FIA for this?