Batpod Build. Wait, What? (w/video)


You read that right.  A guy who goes by the handle “Podbuilder” over on has been working away for a bit over a year now on a thing he calls a “replica Batpod”.  We call it awesome.  Check out his build thread here: Podbuilder.  The guy knows how to put a few pieces of steel together, that’s for sure.

Here’s his general video, but don’t miss his channel for a lot of the details of the fabrication and the assembly:

Also, his first run “frankenstein” video:

You can be sure we’re following his progress.  Stay tuned.

Podbuilder CAD work

Podbuilder CAD work

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Alfred, get more Gold Bond, the Batpod chafes me so.

Those tires don’t look like a good pick . . . not going to lean well.

LOL. Have you not seen the latest Batman movies? I can’t tell if you’re joking around or not. 🙂

Yup, and there it is…theres always someone ready to criticise and its always someone who isn’t building an awesome piece of machinery who couldn’t build anything close to it and doesn’t have 1/1000th of the abilities the person who IS actually doing it has! YAWN speculoser.

No sidestand required!

Ain’t that the truth!

That things gotta be killer on your knees…and I thought my crotchrocket was bad…

I want one to drive to the cons and charity events I do… I want one.