Base Tesla Model S P85D Gets Price Slashed By $14,500, Range Now Listed At 285 Miles

OCT 27 2014 BY JAY COLE 46

Tesla Model S P85D Just Got Cheaper

Tesla Model S P85D Just Got Cheaper

Remember when the Tesla high performance P85D launched 3 weeks ago, and we felt that the $120,170 base price, which included a lot of forced options, was still more than fair?

New Tesla Model S P85D Pricing Structure (click to enlarge)

New Tesla Model S P85D Pricing Structure (click to enlarge)

Well, forget all that.

As Tesla announced their new, better/cheaper leasing program for the Model S over the weekend (full details/monthly payment schedules can be found here), they also quietly decontented the minimum requirements for the P85D.

Previously, one had to have the P85D equipped with the Tech, Smart Air and 21″ wheel packages to get the top-of-the-line AWD, 0-60 mph in 3.2 second ultra performance package.

Today, not so much.

Now you can pass on all that extra stuff (that really doesn’t affect the performance of the car) plus delete out the new “Black Textile Seats” the company introduced at the time of the car’s launch and save another $3,500.

The new total on Tesla Model S P85D?  $105,670   A full $14,500 cheaper!  Additionally, you can lease the P85D now from $1,461/month.

Random note:  For those not following the rabid flow of P85D  news of late, note that the car now also has a listed range (right graphic) of 285 miles, instead of previously stated 275 miles.

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Great news!

Not good for the rest of us regular people.

no, it is great news: that means that the rich ones will change their ModelS for the P85D, thus a flow of standard ModelS will arrive on the used car market with very correct prices

yeah right, who the hell has this amount of money to pay for a car…………….and if I had it, I would buy a NRE 😎

Wow, the price dropped by the cost of 3/4 of a Nissan Leaf; what a bargain! Now I think I will buy two.

I could buy a dozen leaves and I still could not drive a 150 miles despite white knuckle turtle watching hyper-miling ever Chademo searching neurosis inducing driving.

I could buy a house, a Mitsubishi i-miev and solar panels for this price.

I personally think Tesla was cutting their price trying to get back down to Earth.

What would be even cooler is if they cut the price of a $72,000 Base Model S by $14,000 or even $6000. Tesla sales would skyrocket.

I bet the Model S 60 loaners are now going for $40-50K.

Where? I can’t find them.

Better to call the service centers for this. That way, you get the federal tax credit + state rebates + full new car warranty. I think the deals will be pretty sweet, now that the new car prices have dropped.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater


Subsidies only go to the first owner.

“The original use of the vehicle began with you.”

Dr. Kenneth,
Yes, I know. The service center loaners are not registered. So, these qualify for all the rebates and credits. The used cars don’t.
I’ve inquired once after my test drive. But the price was still high for me, and I don’t want a Tesla that much.

The cheapest 60 kWh Model S on Craigslist is $69,000:

But there is one on teslamotorsclub for a tiny bit less ($68,000)

It is very difficult to find an S60 on the secondary market and the asking prices are barely below the $7500 tax credit. Any claim otherwise is FOS.

What someone is asking and what they’ll get are 2 different things. Nobody wants a 60kw tesla or at least I would say there will be a lot less interest so throw a low ball offer. You never know. 50,000 might be the magic number.

A recent report said that the price for a “loaner”, that is a car used by a Tesla Service Center to provide a temporary car for someone who has their Model S in the shop, was $1 per mile off the full retail price.

$40k-50k? Not likely! These cars are being sold as new, with just the very small discount noted.

Keep in mind that demand for the Model S continues to greatly outstrip supply. And if that price drop for the P85 is just the first in a series of price reductions across the board for the Model S, demand will surge to an even higher level.

$1 per mile + 1% per month. I checked an S60 that had 8K miles, was offered ~$11K discount. But with the options + tax etc, was still over $80K.
If you find a bare bones S60 with some luck ( no tech package, no 21″ wheels etc), $50K before sales tax may be possible.

Buy a house? That would already set you back of at least 3 times as much. We should kind of relativate a Model S cost because compared to, as you mentioned a house, the price is rather small and affordable. The problem is rather that the people are not used to pay that kind of a price for a standard gasoline car and that is because they forget that they don’t have to pay for the gasoline truck load that usually come with a car and that the Model S is actually made of much better materials like aluminum than other standard cars. This in turn means the Model S can potentially last a long as a Rolls and therefore constitute a much better investment. By the way a house is so expensive exactly because it is a longer lasting investment because otherwise it is just bricks and cement.

“Buy a house? That would already set you back of at least 3 times as much. We should kind of relativate a Model S cost because compared to, as you mentioned a house, the price is rather small and affordable.”

Location. Location. Location. Housing prices vary tremendously depending on what region the house is located in. Manhattan real estate is ridiculously expensive, while they can’t give away Detroit real estate. Likewise, city real estate is usually much more expensive than rural real estate. Also, many homes are still empty and abandoned after banks sent them into foreclosure during the financial meltdown a few years ago.

In Detroit, you can buy a fixer upper for $1000, then repair it for $30K to make it livable.
The monthly payment for Model S is close to mortgages many people pay, and there is no tax benefit for this.

Would you really want to raise your children where houses are selling for $1K?

You can get a nice house in a good part of Pittsburgh for less than the price of a Model S. There’s a 3BR/2BA up the street from me for less than $85K. A used iMiEV is about 12K, and panels can go for around 15K. All in all, you could get all three of those things for the less than a nicely loaded P85D.

> I could buy a house, a Mitsubishi i-miev and solar panels for this price.

Well, maybe a house in suburban Detroit.

argh, someone beat me to it.

I bought an Imiev for 18,500 after tax credit, a 5.2KW UL listed solar array with enphase for 7k and a house in winter park Florida for 50k. thats 75.5k. The price of a MS 60.

I guess you meant to say – Tesla backorders would skyrocket.


I take the bus to work, my transport costs for my commute is less than $500.

New cars are expensive, new sports cars are really expensive. The economic argument for any Tesla is pretty bloody shaky at best. The same could be said for the Leaf. If you are poor (like me) live close to work and walk, cycle or take the bus.

I sleep deeply knowing that if my bank went to the wall I would have little to lose….. yes I’d rather have a model S

that’s $500 per year, sorry

Yes, the Tesla is a luxury car. It’s a silly argument that it would save you money, it’s a $100k car! If you want to save money on a car, get a Golf or something, a small hatchback.

I used to run behind a bus to get to work and then I found that if I ran behind a taxi I could save more money.

“…now also has a listed range of 285 miles”

Yeah, but that doesn’t appear to be the EPA range. Until I hear otherwise, I am going to continue to believe the 275 mile number.

The 275 mile range wasn’t an EPA range number either. The 21″ wheels and tires are known to lower range relative to the 19″ wheels and tires so I’m guessing no longer requiring the 21″ wheels is where most of the range difference is coming from.

Here is the info on 21″ vs. 19″ tires from the Tesla Motors website:
“21-inch wheels with low-profile performance tires wear faster and reduce battery range compared to 19-inch wheels with all season tires.”

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

I’d go for 3-season tires, and not toting all the extra weight of big rims around (plus having a nicer ride) would be another benefit.

Get the darn Model 3 on the road for -$14,500 less and 285 mile range!!!!!!!!!!!!

fingers crossed

lol now all the people that ordered it right when it came out are probably pissed

I’m fairly confident Tesla will reach out to them and offer them the chance to drop the previously-required options. Note that they (and anyone) would still have the same price IF they still want those options, but now the difference is that they can choose not to order the 3 previously-mandatory ones (which didn’t make sense to me in the first place).

Curiously though, it seems that the “next-generation seats” are only available for the P85D, not even the non-AWD P85. Anyone know why that is?

Maybe Tesla has a big pile of “This Generation Seats” left?

Tesla has a LOT of 2WD cars to move. I think it’s time for Rock’vember?

Seems reasonable.

Tesla is made to order. They don’t have a huge stockpile of cars to shift. Currently there is a 2 month waiting period (60 kWh) but it only takes a week to make the car.

Actually while Tesla doesn’t have huge inventory of cars, it does maintain a fairly large stockpile of parts for model S, depending on lead times. Seats, glass, battery enclosures and many other parts are sitting in huge piles in Tesla. There are strategic reasons for this. Seats are mostly made in line with General assrmbly but the new Ricaro seats have not yet hit the volumes to fill all orders of S. they will soon become standard. at the latest, with the model S refresh in 2016.

@EVer: Doubtful, most people ordering these first P85D likely optioned them to the max. Most will not drop back to 19″ wheels and cheaper interior.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Wow, $3500 extra for “Black Textile Seats”, do they come Scotchgarded with integrated “happy ending” masseuse or something?

I guess that those seats come just with huge profit margins for Tesla!