Barstow, CA Tesla Supercharger Vandalized Before Thanksgiving Weekend (Update)

Tesla Superchargers


The very same Supercharger that had a Tesla car stolen at gunpoint has now been surgically vandalized just before the very busy Thanksgiving day weekend.

Tesla Supercharging station in Barstow indicates fault

Tesla Supercharging station in Barstow indicates fault

The Barstow Tesla Supercharger station is the gateway for Tesla cars between California and Las Vegas, a very popular weekend destination.

The criminals were not just punks on meth randomly destroying things. Whoever did this knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

They broke the locked handles on two separate on the high voltage (480 volt) distribution boxes, then unbolted the covers inside the box that distributed power to every Supercharger. Then, they cut the electric supply wires to EVERY Supercharger with commercial grade tools (they are big cables). All the circuit breakers were also removed.

There were no repair vehicles or personnel seen at the site on Tuesday, November 22, 2016 at midday as well as no signs that it is out-of-service.

This vandalism was done several days ago. Tesla is suggesting to owners on the phone that this site will be repaired by November 30.

UPDATE (November 23rd, 4:17 PM): InsideEVs contributor, and Model S Owner George Bower reports that the Supercharging station in Barstow has now been brought back online by Tesla ahead of schedule.  Kudos to Tesla, and our thanks to George!

Barstow, CA Tesla Supercharging vandalism

Barstow, CA Tesla Supercharging vandalism

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Something this technical and specific isn’t just vandalism… it’s industrial sabotage!

F’ing Exxon.
Lazy CEO can’t take the heat.

And he cant take charge either. Or a charge.

Exxon and other major oil companies were huge Hillary supporters, financially. Exxon was a major contributor to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s other nonprofit organization, to the tune of $19 million. Just sayin’.

“ExxonMobil has delivered roughly $2 million to the [Clinton] foundation since 2009 — and nearly $17 million to another nonprofit group co-founded by Hillary Clinton. . .”

That’s as true as it is irrelevant.

Support for the Clinton foundation is not the same as political endorsement. In the 2016 election cycle Exxon donated $1.9M in campaign contributions of which 86% or $1.7M went to republicans whereas about $200k went to democrats. Most of these contributions were to super pacs.

Just sayin’

Koch brothers.

TESLA needs to install cameras at all Supercharger sites.

Cameras need to be installed that take a picture when the transformer cover is opened. This is similar to some data center network protections. There should also be a camera on every Supercharger itself. This would reduce vandalism as well as improve safety. Catching the person and prosecuting them would be the best way to stop this in the future.

And who will float the chech for all this?

Security cameras are pretty damn cheap these days. And clearly all of these sites already have internet access since the Superchargers require it. I don’t see the cost as much of a factor.

Nor much of a deterrent to someone who would do this. It’s not like ski masks cost a ton of $$…

Warning Signs Posted…Soon as someone Breaks the Locks on these boxes or tampers with any equipment ,Police are automatically called without the criminal having knowledge of this so they can catch them in the act!..

If you want to catch them in the act, DON’T post signs warning them

It should be easy to include cameras at Supercharger sites.

Right-wing group led by Trump propagandist launches campaign against Elon Musk, Tesla and SpaceX

Elon Musk vs. the Trolls – Bloomberg

I would guess that this isn’t so much about vandalism as it is simply outright theft. Those high-voltage breakers are quite expensive and would be easy to fence to an electrician who does commercial work. They probably cut the wires because it was the fastest way to disconnect them.

If they were looking for money they would have taken more copper

scrap copper prices are in the toilet.

As high voltage breakers get more common vis a vis chargers, it’d be easy to permanently etch them with I.D.’s just like catalytic converters – to reduce platinum scavenging. If the etch is damaged/removed viola … you got your thief.

Too Bad they didn’t get electrocuted when they snipped the cables …That happened to a guy in Detroit when he was stealing Copper Cable from a light standard..But This was a Professional Job.

Deliberate EV attacks. I wonder if it’s a crazy Trump supporter or someone who lost their job in the oil fields.


Or Trump himself!

Or his chief anti-environmental monkeywrencher, Myron Ebell

Or it could be a local Model S or X Supercharger hog who received a Tesla letter asking them to leave the Chargers to long distance travelers. Or someone upset with the recent announcement that Tesla will no longer offer lifetime free charging at its Supercharger network for new buyers in 2017.

It is far more likely to be a non-Tesla owner, If you own a Tesla, you would not damage a super charger for change in policy since you would be grandfathered. If it was a “local” abuser they would be cutting the charger they need.

You’re suggesting that a Tesla Owner, who fully comprehends and values the importance of every SuperCharger Station, did this? Especially days before a major travel holiday?

And why? You suggest they were motivated over a personal petty disagreement over usage policy changes (that the majority of users prospective buyers are actually in agreement with), enough that they would personally take out an entire fast charging station out of spite?

Motivations of a financial and / or political nature, are much stronger possibilities, IMHO. Look for more hit pieces regarding Tesla’s “Fragile” and “Failed” SuperCharger Stations during a holiday outage on conservative media outlets.

Please. In CA, disgruntled owners would simply sue. If they can afford a Tesla, they can afford a lawyer

Yeah, and the Secret Service protected him the whole time while he was doing it.

Someone’s being taking crazy pills.

Trump would still be there hitting the handle trying to break it with a golf club

I wonder if this was a “false flag” operation by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to make it appear that Trump supporters carried out the vandalism in an effort to discredit them.

“The contemporary term false flag describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.”

Anything is possible especially after emails revealed plans by DNC party bosses to rig the primaries so that Bernie Sanders would lose to their choice Hillary, and after a DNC operative was caught on video admitting to and bragging about paying people to start a riot to shut down a Trump Rally in Chicago. Hopefully, that operative will be prosecuted when the new administration comes into office.

DNC operative, Scott Fogel said:
“We have mentally ill people we pay to do sh*t. Make no mistake.”

This is even nutty on the “Sven Scale” of “really dude”?

false flag: the favorite phrase of conspiracy nutjobs.

How about this theory, that Tesla itself cut the cables to save on high electricity bills this Thanksgiving? They need to save cash, a lot of it. This is one way. This could be Mr. Musk’s way of crying foul again, and get some sympathy sales.

But seriously, this shows why the SCs shouldn’t be left unguarded. Tesla should put valets there. People were already scared to charge for 30-60 mins at some of these remote locations. Now, they will be even more afraid. At least, the Halloween is over.

Thank God, Bolt’s CCS fast chargers will be located in secured areas, known as dealer lots, with lots of lighting and security guards patrolling the areas.

Ah, Dr. FUD Spreader’s anti-Tesla propaganda, i.e. one of svens many alternate usernames no doubt.

What idiots we have to deal with here

Dr. Tesla Shorter — I see you are yet again violating your agreement to disclose your short position in TSLA when you post here. How many times have you now violated that agreement? 6 times? 7 times?

LOL. I never signed up for any such thing. You are confusing me with Mark B Spiegel aka Logical Thoughts. I know, I’m so revered by Mr. Musk’s monkey crusaders, that they will put my disclosure right below my every post. But seriously, where is your disclosure that you are long Tesla on blind faith?

Trump Supports EV’s

Canyou provide some proof of this?

Do your own research…cheers

“Do your own research.”

The battle cry of conspiracy nuts around the world.

How about YOU cite your evidence, explain YOUR theories. Otherwise they’re just the rantings of the lunatic fringe.

Here is the solution. Get a truck ( 18 wheeler) filled with Powerpacks already charged and park it there. These Powepacks can supercharge some cars at Barstow while the damage is being fixed. The truck can have folded solar panels to trickle charge the packs.

If they were professionals then it is easier to know them. Also the motive is clear. I suspect that they were filmed, but since they were professionals then they must have camouflaged themselves!

Tesla has used a diesel-powered SuperCharger on at least one occasion but the optics are bad for a company that wants to eliminate fossil fuel usage

Yup. A portable Supercharger powered by a diesel motor is practical, even if it sends the wrong environmental message.

A portable Supercharger powered by fold-out solar panels isn’t. You’d need a solar farm about the size of one or two football fields for each Supercharger.

How about a mini little coal plant, where bags of lignite coal are fed into it. 😉

Diesel & Coal…Very Good ! One step forward 50 steps Back! L M A O

You’ve gotta admit, that would be hilarious.

Not so environmentally friendly, or even a good idea, but funny nonetheless.

I gotta get a “Powered by Coal” bumper sticker for my EV

They should paint these diesel generators green and write “Hyper-battery” on them. It would not only send correct message to true believers, but would pump up share price, as everybody will start speculating about new great invention of secret and revolutionary Tesla super-weapon: Hyper-batteries!!! Exhaust may be tagged “environmentally friendly pixie-dust”, problem solved. And if some evil shorter-fudster-big oil conspirator would reveal the scheme, you can always claim that it was just a testing of Neste renewable diesel.

I think it will be faster to repair the supercharger than to build a custom 18-wheeler with Superchargers, Powerpacks, and a PV array!


Not to mention substantially cheaper and more environmentally friendly. No need to have a rig and a ton of batteries sitting around if they aren’t being used. Also, what if this occurred on the East Coast? You want to ship it across country??

Was probably some Clarity or Mirai punks who wanted to be the only EVs capable of driving between LA and SF for Thanksgiving.

Joking aside this is ridiculous. Not surprising though really. Was gonna happen sooner or later.

There have been other instances of vandalism to EV chargers. It’s common in parking lots, and has happened to superchargers a couple of times before. It wasn’t this precise before, though.

You mean LA to LV apparently.

They not gonna stop us, just like they wouldn’t go back to horse carriages we wouldn’t consider going back to gas cars. It’s already game over for big oil, they just are in denial still.

Let’s start a conspiracy theory! Wonder if it was some disgruntled employees or contractors who installed the Superchargers — but weren’t happy with the pay or treatment by Tesla. So they vandalized in retaliation. I have zero evidence to suggest this story, so it must be true.

I’m surprised Pu-Pu and Get Real haven’t already accused me of being the culprit.

Do I think a short-selling serial anti-Tesla FUDster was involved? Heck no. Sadly, it’s not a crime to post FUD which you know isn’t true on a daily basis, repeatedly spread anti-Tesla smear campaigns, or make personal attacks on anyone who says nice things about a company trying to make the world a better place.

Would that they were.

Do I think you read the news about this vandalism with relish and glee? Absolutely.

Welcome back. It is so nice to see you here.

allies of Pushmi-Pullyu

Sven repeats himself by calling Pushmi for Pu-pu. I thought you were willing to grow up at some time in life Sven? 🙂

Growing up means having to leave his parent’s house…

What’s wrong with calling Pushmi-Pullyu by the shorter moniker Pu-Pu?

Speaking of growing up, what’s up with your screen name: allies of Pu-Pu? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Fanboyz are annoying, but fanboyz of fanboyz are really pathetic and annoying. Just to be clear, you’re just a fanboi of Pu-Pu and not a member of a cult that worships Pu-Pu, right? 🙂

“Pu-Pu” is wrong spelling? “Poo-poo” is the right one?

Ally of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sven


Leave poor Sven alone!


His posts has the same destroying effect. He is paid to do virtual sabotage.

sven we know you aren’t smart enough to do that, keep trolling from the bed.

OK, as long as you keep wetting your bed.

That was my theory. Given that they knew which cables to cut and removed the circuit breakers, I would say it was a disgruntled installer. And the fact that they must have known the HV cables weren’t live when they cut them.

Shocking news. I hope they vandals face a battery of super charges.

Stop pun-ishing us with your jolting humor.


I am disgusted with these puns in view of this tragedy, you people should be charged.

With what? Assault of a battery?

You too are reVolting. I am currently getting amped up to do something about this!

My head hertz from reading all these bad puns.

It is desecration of the holy place, the place where the spirit of the Holly Battery is born! All true believers are in shock and must be united behind one true prophet who will reward their faith! He loves you!

What’s with all these conspiracy theory? The only way to stop la to Vegas is to disable barstow and primm/Rancho cucamonga.

Maybe the electrical panels could have dye misters that spray all over the vandles. That would be cool.

Like the levers on the fire alarm stations in schools. I like this.

They would have to be disarmable, though. The fire alarm levers use a key to do it.

Ha! Very interesting idea.

Only if it contains acid too. You commit a crime you should pay a price.

No, but I suspect panel intrusion alarms and cameras are in order after this.

Bring back the electric chair! 😉

it’s gonna be a legitimate punishment indeed. Important thing is, the chair should be powered by renewable sources of electricity.

Sorry, won’t work. Thomas Edison established that you can’t kill people with DC power.

Tesla has always used AC motors. They are good at both DC and AC.

But in an effort to discredit AC electricity, Thomas Edison used it to kill an elephant, which just happens to be the symbol of the Republican Party. Coincidence?

He wanted it called, “Westinghousing”. I think the ‘hatred’ was more of a political nature.

I think they should have compromised and standardized on 25 HZ power, which was slow enough to ‘almost’ be DC yet could go through a Transformer. All of southern Ontario until the late 50’s was running on this, that’s why I could go across the border and watch a 25 HZ compatible old Color TV Set.

Canadians still had it in places for longer than we did, but the last 25 HZ finally died 10/2006. The last DC in downtown Buffalo died around 1951, and NYC still hung on (by pricing it (DC) out of existance) until around 2000.

Meh. That’s too good for him, and a waste of high voltage electricity that can be used for Supercharging. Instead, put him in the hydrogen gas chamber or give him a lethal gasoline injection.

Or just locked in a closed garage with an gas car with the engine running and no way to get inside the vehicle.

That’s the winner. It is actually not such a bad way to die and it emphasizes the toxic nature of gasoline and its exhaust.

This is NOT vandalism.
This is sabotage.
If it is indeed ‘inspired’ by aggressive Carbontrumpionist language someone should be careful, because gas stations are a LOT easier to sabotage than charging stations.

Except that the EV fans are a LOT less ready for violence then fuelsniffers.

I can’t be certain from the description, but it does read more like it’s a case of deliberate sabotage and not mere casual vandalism or copper thieves.

This has the whiff of a hate crime, like “coal rollers” spewing their diesel soot all over electric cars.

Hate speech and hate crimes are up, encouraged by the Trumpians. I hope this isn’t the start of a trend. 🙁

Agreed elections have consequences.

Coal rolling can be assault with toxic poisonous chemicals.

Exactly, like rioting and pulling people from their cars and beating them for voting the wrong way.

Oh wait, nevermind, thats the hillary supporters….

As opposed to Trump IN PERSON at a rally in Birmingham, Alabama, notorious for Sheriff Bull Connor’s attacks on Dr. King’s protesters, goading the White crowd to beat up a Black protester, and later saying “maybe he deserved it.”

And the media barely noticed. Is it 1963 again? No, even George Wallace would not have dared to incite his supporters to do it in front of him and the cameras. 1863? Even Jefferson Davis was too genteel to do that.

When a mob of White Southerners beats up a Black man it has a specific historical baggage, and you know what that is.

And yet Trump said on 60 minutes, he EVEN LOOKED DIRECTLY AT THE CAMERA, and told people who support him to not do violence against anyone.

Does that get any airtime, besides that segment of 60 minutes?

Any yet Obama refuses do denounce any of the attacks that have been done against Trump’s supporters. Does the media hold him to that. NOPE!

I watched a number of Trump rally’s and he constantly says, “Get them out of here”, and says for the camera’s to be focused on them, while they are being evicted.

These people are evicted by the police!

These rally’s are paid for and hosted by Trump’s campaign. If people want to protest, they have to do it outside on public property.

If Trump supporters went into Clinton’s rally’s, the media would have blamed Trump himself, and been in a uproar over it.

So do you believe Trump has some magical power that looking directly into the camera will get people to do something?

That could explains things a bit I guess. 😉

Did you forget to take your medication this morning?

Sorry, forgot the obligatory: 😉 and here are a few more, to show there was no hard feelings: 😉 😉 😉


So Alpha, here is your Fuher Herr Trump REPEATEDLY ENCOURAGING VIOLENCE in his own words:

Will you be one of the first to sign up for whatever will be the equivalent of Trump’s SS or are you to big of a coward to do that?

When the left loses, and lost big time this time (twice Clinton the loser), they over read every word that Donald has said, but completely ignore the fact, he told his supporters not to do violence, and faced the camera and spoke directly to them not to do violence.

Can people be taken roughly and kicked out of a private venue. Of course, as long as it’s reasonable force. That’s the law! I know you lefties have a problem with that, but if Clinton did it, you would say, the protesters deserved it.

What a laugh, all the nazi comparisons. Just a poor loser, hung up on lies, and exaggerations

On groups that want divide on race:

Trump: I don’t want to energize the group, and I disavow the group.


UNKNOWN: Mr. President-elect, I wanted to ask you, there was a conference this past weekend in Washington of people who pledged their allegiance to Nazism.

TRUMP: Boy, you are really into this stuff, huh?

PRIEBUS: I think we answered that one right off the bat.

UNKNOWN: Are you going to condemn them?

TRUMP: Of course I did, of course I did.

PRIEBUS: He already did.

UNKNOWN: Are you going to do it right now?

TRUMP: Oh, I see, maybe you weren’t here. Sure. Would you like me to do it here? I’ll do it here. Of course I condemn. I disavow and condemn.


Of course this won’t be enough for the lefties that will continue to accuse him of being a Nazi.

LMFAO Alpha!

Well genius, after repeatedly encouraging violence (on the record as my link showed).

Trump can’t simply walk back all the Alt-Right wing-nut crazies he has “energized”

As far as Trump being an environmentalist, really?

In the same interview he rants and raves about how bad wind turbines are not to mention the basket of deplorables he has given leadership positions to like Myron Ebell not to mention Steve Bannon.

What is going to be funny though is when Trump really blows it by doing something like starting a trade war, crashing the economy,start actively going after clean tech/EVs, bailing out on NATO members or even worse starting a war (lets hope he doesn’t go off on one of his mental rages and start nuking someone).

Whats really going to be funny is how you and your fellow alt-righters come on here and start trying to disavow your support for this psychopath con-man fraudster!

You’e delusional. And you have a name “Get Real”. What a joke that is. What a waste of time, even trying to explain things to you.

Just a poor loser. Can’t accept defeat.

I see that Scott Franco peruses Alt Right-Wing media with his thoroughly discredited allegation that Clinton supporters pulled from car and beat a Trump voter.

Did you see it on the white supremacist site The Daily Stormer Scott???

Here is the truth behind this incident if your even interested in the truth:

Is it no wonder that this country is so screwed over right now when people like Scott and Bill and Alpha let their extremist ideology and conspiracies Trump the facts!

How can you defend these savages? You think these thugs beat the living crap out of this guy, went into his car to steal whatever valuables they could find, and then stole his car, dragging the owner along with it, all over a minor traffic accident? You’re in IDIOT. This was a racially motivated attack, and a hate crime. They beat him down because he was white, and they assumed he voted for Trump in the previous day’s election. The onlookers where just as racist, and overcome with glee at the sight of a white man being beaten. Would these thugs have beaten him, and would the onlookers have cheered, if it was an older black man who was involved in the traffic accident? I think not.

It’s difficult to watch such brutality. How can you not condone this vicious hate crime.

Click on the link in the article for the longer version that shows one of the thug stealing the car, driving off with the owner being dragged along the side. WARNING: the longer version contains a NOT SAFE FOR WORK soundtrack that has cursing/vulgar-language.

“How can you defend these savages? ”


Don’t try to spin that story.

Nobody is defending the savages. We are only criticizing those people who propagate false news without doing any fact checking themselves.

Both the LEFT and Right are guilt of it. But this election certainly proves and gives a big rise to the right leaning false “news” sites.

Thanks MMF, good call on sven’s endless spinning and propaganda here!

“I see that Scott Franco peruses Alt Right-Wing media with his thoroughly discredited allegation that Clinton supporters pulled from car and beat a Trump voter.”

It doesn’t matter.

Because both Liberal and Conservatives like their own echo dome.

Truth and facts don’t matter anymore and people only want to hear what they want to hear.

Of course, I am going to totally flame either side for Propagating false news.

In this case, the A-hole are the Scott Franco who has been known to be a repeat offender.

November 30 seems like a very slow response from Tesla, especially with the busiest travel day of the year being tomorrow, and since the vandalism occurred several days ago. What’s up with that? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Clearly, you’ve never worked in a job that required logistics involving specialized proprietary components and specially trained crews at remote sites. Tesla is a small and growing company, but they don’t have Teleporter capability to instantly replace strategically sabotaged Stations. And this is exactly why the station was attacked. Again, your rhetorical queries are both needlessly negative, unrealistic and increasingly tiresome.

I think the new tactic is to make Tesla suffer “a death by a thousand cuts”. In this case, make accusations that SuperChargers are unreliable and Tesla’s customers are unhappy with one of it’s single greatest assets– its SuperCharger Network. Conservative media is already carrying hit pieces. Legislative attacks will be next.

The Eco-War is starting before Drumpf takes office. This is going to be an ugly 4 years.

A volunteer “Block Watch” effort by the EV community, to help protect EV Chargers and related assets, might be one thing we can do, that might help slow down or bring these perpetrators to justice.

Also, every Tesla has cameras built into it…

Elections have consequences…many more negative consequences are yet to come against low carbon technology.

Eco war? Blame it on Dump? Just because some a-hole and/or who wants to steal equipment committed a crime doesn’t mean “war” or due to Dump. As I point out below, similar vandalism was done in Feb. 2016 when they were still having Republitard circus and She-lery was for-sure going to be elected.

In fact, only couple of chargers being vandalized (that I know of) out of thousands is remarkably small rate of vandalism. Some parts of LA has almost 100% graffiti.

You need to actually read the article before commenting, Sparky.

The timing of this, right before one of the two holidays in the year with the most traffic, and the apparent technical expertise of the sabotage, indicates a motive far beyond mere casual vandalism.

You need to take off the tin-foil hat. There has been vandalism against CCS/Chademo early in the year while Obama was president, and other vandalism in TX few years ago. So the conclusion we draw from that is Dump is responsible for Supercharger vandalism while Obama is responsible for CCS vandalism?

Fact is, CA voted overwhelmingly for She-lery, and this incident was in CA. If you’re going to blame this on presidential election, it should be blamed on She-lery. Obviously, that’s nonsense, and so is blaming it on Dump.

C’mon Sparky. Certainly Trump himself had NOTHING to do with this and I’m sure he would condemn it.

But his fringe supporters? . . . I can certainly see that. The county where Barstow is located went for Hillary but just by a small amount and the Barstow part is a red part of the county.

Do I think a Trumpkin did it . . . I have no idea. But it certainly is a plausible theory.

Fringe BLM Obama supporter killed cops, so we should blame Obama for that? Some lunatics do, but you know better (or at least I hope you know better).

Simple fact is, you wouldn’t risk going to jail for life-threatening vandalism since taking high voltage breakers out could kill you. I suspect there’s some financial motive as some others have alluded. If it’s simple case of anti-EV vandalism, they would’ve set the place on fire; it’s quicker and no risk to one’s life.

What part of “C’mon Sparky. Certainly Trump himself had NOTHING to do with this and I’m sure he would condemn it.” did you not understand?

Setting fire attracts attention thus adding to the risk of the crime and has much more serious criminal penalties.

Potential to kill yourself with high voltage is more palatable than some smoke? That makes no sense.

“But his fringe supporters? . . . I can certainly see that.”

Just like how you can see Obama’s fringe supporters killed cops, cause riots and stab and beat up people in Dump rallies? I don’t deny there are idiots and mentally disturbed out there, but I don’t associate that with Dump or Obummer support.

We have already established that the criminal knew what they were doing by turning off and stealing the breakers such that there was no danger to the criminal when cutting the wires.

And yes, I certainly can see fringe Obama supporters doing absolutely TERRIBLE acts. I suspect that deplorable criminal that attacked the police down in Texas voted for Obama and I am glad the police killed him. Both sides have fringe lunatics.

“Fact is, CA voted overwhelmingly for She-lery, ”

Fact is that you have no clue on how the geopolitical map looks like in CA.

The central valley where this station is located is much closer to Red than Blue compared to the rest of the CA.

You don’t even know that this is in San Bernadino County (not central valley) that voted for She-lery, yet you tell me I have no clue? Unlike SB county where this station is located, there are many counties in NoCal that actually voted for Dump. Seriously, get a clue.

Oh, I think that the hypothesis of this being the work of an overzealous Trumpkin is quite plausible. We saw Trumpian neo-Nazis at gathering this weekend giving a Hail Trump salute so why not Anti-Eco-terrorists?

(No, I do NOT think all Trump voters are like that but it goes without question that Trump has certainly energized a really creepy fringe of the far right with their anti-semitism, racism, Pepe memes, etc. They have shown us that with both words and deeds.)

yes, you do think that. And by the way half of america voted for trump. Look left, look right. Those guys and girls are the deplorables.

Don’t tell me what I think, jerk. (Yes, I am calling you a jerk for accusing me of things that you have no evidence to support but do have actual evidence in support of the contrary.) That’s the kind of stereotyping assumptions that causes problems. Duh. Don’t do that.

No, half of America did not vote for Trump. He neither got the majority nor the most votes.

If you take out CA, he did. In CA, She-lery got a 7.8M votes while Dump got 4.1M (3.8M less). But popular vote lead for She-lery is only 2M nationwide. In effect, Dump won the popular vote by almost 2M votes without CA.

Seeing how this vandalism took place in CA where people voted 2 to 1 for She-lery, blaming this on Dump is nonsense.

Sparky, you are really going off the rails here.

“If you take out CA, he did.”

Excuse me? Why would we take out California? Is California not part of the “real America”? *eyeroll* BTW, this is an EV site and nearly half the EVs sold in the USA are sold in California.

“Seeing how this vandalism took place in CA where people voted 2 to 1 for She-lery, blaming this on Dump is nonsense.”

NO ONE is blaming this on Trump . . . but the idea that fringe Trump supporters did this is a plausible hypothesis. And this part of California is Trump country, not Hillary country.

And what the heck is “She-lery” supposed to mean? I don’t get that. Emphasizing that she is a woman? Doesn’t the name Hillary already give that away?

If you look to your right and left at voting booth in states other than CA, chances are you’re looking at Dump voter over half the time. That’s addressing Scott Franco’s comment.

If you saw her speeches and supporters toward latter part of the campaign, you’d know why she’s She-lery. Her point was “over look everything I messed up, but vote for me because I’m a she”. I suspect this is part of the reason why almost 55% of Caucasian women voted for Dump despite his grabbiness.

“If you take out CA, he did”

That is the biggest joke and stupidest thing I have ever heard.

It is like saying that if we take out SparkEV out of the inside EV, then nobody would support Spark EV fanatically.

Excluding a significant portion of the samples to proves a point in an experiment is called FALSIFYING or TEMPERING the experiment. In layman’s term, it is called rigging the result.

I had so much more respect for you until recently…

If you can’t accept the fact that outside of CA had more popular vote for Dump than She-lery, you’re just delusional. CA only has about 12% of US population, which means majority of 88% voted for Dump. I could care less what you respect; fact is fact.

And a great many people in America and other countries have voted for White supremacy and authoritarian rule before. All those people who threw rocks at Dr. King’s protesters switched parties to get back at the Federal government, and most are still alive. So all that’s proven is that White people may not have changed their hearts at all in 100 years; they’ve just gotten better at lying to pollsters. Maybe it will be Germany next.

I am disappointed that they are still deplorable, but what will they do when Whites are a minority of the population? Jim Crow? Apartheid? All the crimes of their endlessly-praised ancestors? What do they want the rest of us to do? Shut up and live as 2nd class citizens like in the good old days that Trump worships?

There is no future there and you know it.

I wouldn’t count on Merkel winning a fourth term.

Dump’s son in law is a Jew, and Dump’s daughter converted to Judaism. Neo-Nazis who support Dump have to be missing lots of brain-matter. You shouldn’t make fun of mentally disabled.

Yeah and Werner Heisenberg was a Jew that worked on Hitler’s atomic bomb so I guess Hitler loved the Jews. Things are not always so simple.

Heisenberght does not like to see that reduction to the atomic bomb and the connection to Hitler.

Unfortunately you are right and things are never that simple and never certain.

Luckily we can quantify uncertainty!

Btw. I recognize that there seems to be a generally high level of aggression in this forum at the moment.

Maybe we can all calm down again and just blame it all on the wheater?

You’re equating Heisenberg to Dump’s daughter being a Jew? Just wow. I’m speechless how blind you are.

Yeah, these things are not made with parts that you can buy at Home Depot or Amazon. I’m sure component parts are available somewhere but finding the parts, transporting the parts to the site, getting repair experts to the site, and doing the repair job all take time.

” involving specialized proprietary components and specially trained crews at remote sites”

Did you worked yourself? Connecting some standard cables with standard high power breakers 100 miles from Los Angeles is “specialized” and “remote” now? Vow, what a heroic task, connect a cable in a week’s time! They probably were delivering it by rocket from Mars 😉

Nov 30? Good Lord! This seals my theory, that Tesla itself cut the cables to conserve cash for Q4. What’s next? Sabotage of service centers? Looks like the last days are here.

How do these stations NOT have security cameras with how much the installation costs?

Most of them do. Remember that cameras are easy to hide now. Putting cameras in the cabinets themselves would be quite easy, too. I work in telecommunications and frequently see them in panels.

camera does not repel saboteurs…

They make it possible to determine when, and a bit of why, the event occurred. Plus a simple panel intrusion alarm will usually scare off anyone during the job.

Looks like the perpetrators were incentivized by ideological or financial gain. I have seen some Rolling Coal Dudes recently by my neighborhood oil wells, and let’s just say they absolutely hate EV’s! They would do a lot worse than this last act, if they knew they could get away with it.

The symbol for a failed Supercharger on the center navigation screen needs to be changed. It is too easy to overlook the current symbol.

I recommend a wrench symbol, colored yellow or other contrasting color. This is just basic human factors.

FYI, a wrench is the symbol used on such maps to indicate Tesla service centers.

Lots of choices for a symbol:

1) Yellow construction cone

2) Yellow X

You know there’s dudes in Teslas that got stuck out there.

That sucks.

I talked with two Model S owners while charging in Primm.

One had no idea and their Model S-70 was so new, it still had the paper license plates (used, CPO?). This was there first “outing”.

They fully charged in Rancho Cucamonga (because they didn’t know any better to just charge enough to get to the next Supercharger), and as they drove by Barstow, they decided that they should be able to make Primm.

They found out what cooling temps and a 4000 foot pass do to range! They arrived with 9 miles, after coasting in neutral down the hills.

The other owner got stranded and ended up at an RV park for many hours with his UMC.

This is a mess.

This seems like a really strange thing to do, why surgically cut cables and remove breakers? If you hate tesla why not just break in to the cabinet, fill it with petrol and set fire to it? Far quicker and far harder to repair. How long will it take to splice some cables and replace the breakers. If you had a small team of electricians It will probably take less time to repair than it took to damage. What a strange and pointless thing to do. I could think of 50 different ways of putting a super charger out of action that would be better than this. What a weenier.

It’s not pointless. And the goal of disabling an entire SuperCharger Site achieved, regardless of technique. This sabotage was done to create an artificial ‘wedge issue’, to advance anti-EV / Anti_Tesla purposes.

The zealots of Orange Hitler are not that smart. I would think there would be a better chance that this was done by a disgruntled employee.

Well, a fire is more likely to attract attention and arson probably has much harsher prison sentences.

Large breakers are expensive. They are $100+ a pop. Whoever stole them probably used them in a project to save a bunch of money on parts. Extra $$$$

Or if we find them on EBay

That’s a very plausible theory, and in my opinion, the most likely motive for the crime.

Why would they cut the cables after stealing the breakers? That makes no sense.

Cutting the cables gets them no additional booty and it increases their criminal penalties by adding a sabotage/vandalism charge.

It’s much faster to cut it with appropriate tool as oppose to unscrew the lug.
This is the way electrician does it when they need to disposed old panel.
But the breakers were surely bolt in, and they took care not to break them unbolting all properly.

The steal is a possibility, but could also be just a way to smoke the trace.
They certainly knew how to do it.

UH OH, there goes svens’ theory he conveniently adopted to try and minimize the Anti Tesla angle he so fervently supports here with his endless FUD.

Get Real,

If brains were made from dynamite, you wouldn’t even be able to blow your nose. 🙁

Copper theft is a recurring thing here in the Netherlands where distribution boxes are pillaged from our national rail network leaving thousands stranded.

Ocassionaly someone clips the wrong cable and they are electrocuted.

It also happens with empty buildings that have all the copper wire and pipes gutted in a weekend.

Seems like they left a lot of copper behind if it was a copper theft. Sadly, it feels like just another pathetic attempt to maintain an energy monopoly.

Yep. This was ideologically motivated sabotage. All the hallmarks of it.

Right. Similar to he far left burning up SUV’s. Which was really stupid as that act polluted the air more than those SUV’s ever would have, plus they were simply replaced.

I don’t mind when people act like idiots, as we are want to do, but when they act upon their idiocy, that is a different story.

Yep, amazingly stupid. Create pollution by burning, and create more pollution from building the insurance-covered replacement vehicle. An own-goal.

There was no copper missing.

The only thing I saw missing was the actual panel that held the circuit breakers for the Superchargers.

The doors were flopping in the breeze, and the bolts were dropped on the ground. They were in and out quick (less than 5 minutes).

The transformer was still humming with power. The six Tesla battery packs that store energy and the solar panels appeared ok. Not a scratch on the dispensing stalls.

Deliberate, calculated, quick, surgical. No obvious financial motive (nobody is putting 4 large three phase circuit breakers on eBay).

Agreed Tony.

It almost has to be a former (or current) installer to pull it off like they did. In that case, was it disgruntled over the work or anti-EV sabotage?

Disgruntled would be my first guess.

I am disappointed Tesla couldn’t find a way to get this back online faster. This is a reality they will have to deal with. Hopefully Tesla will inventory a supply of replacement parts to expidite a sabotage repair in the future.

Do not know why above comments mention ideology.

Using industrial tools and professional knowledge on remote location… is motivated by ideology?


On the other hand skill level and preparedness would suggest monetary incentives.

They didn’t take many of the valuable parts, such as the copper wire. That indicates ideological motivations, not financial motivations.

Monetary incentives? They left thousands of dollars of valuable equipment still sitting there. And there would be no reason to cut the cables which thereby increases the time/risk of committing the crime while also greatly increasing the criminal penalties without providing a penny more of monetary gain.

That makes no sense.

You’re assuming that a criminal would know that cutting the wires would bring additional charges to the theft/grand-larceny and trespass charges. If it was quicker to cut the wires rather loosen the lugs, the thief would probably cut them to get in and out as quick as possible and avoid detection. It’s not like thieves robbing a jewelry store in a smash and grab would open the display case instead of smashing it, so as to avoid additional charges.

Just to feed the conspiracy theories, I live in Missouri and the weekend after the election my 2016 Volt was vandalized while parked in a public parking garage.

I have been driving for 45 years, and I have never–until now–had a car vandalized.

Sorry for your missfortune. Had similar happen to a “clean diesel” years ago. Now, I know the dude was merely clairvoyant.

Surprised there aren’t security cameras… I mean superchargers are connected to the internet right?

As noted above, there may very well be such cameras. But those don’t actually prevent vandalism or sabotage, as Tesla certainly wouldn’t pay anyone to monitor such cameras 24/7.

We can hope that there is a video recording to help identify the saboteur(s) and that they will be arrested soon.

Law of Unintended Consequence…The supercharger vandalism serves only to more tightly unite the EV community.

EV adoption are an important component to American Energy Security so the vandals among other things are anti-American security.

This just emphasizes the fact that more high speed charging stations are needed (of all types, not just Superchargers).

Right now it’s easy for saboteurs to really create a mess by removing strategic chargers from service.

Once charging stations are as ubiquitous as gas stations, this won’t be an issue.

It certainly takes a special kind of a-hole to do this before a major holiday.

A couple things:
This is Barstow, CA. Not a very safe city. An electrician did the work. Can you imagine a common vandal knowing what wires to cut? Much less live wires and breaker boxes? My theory is that the electrician company that did the most recent install or update had a labor dispute that ended badly, and the electrician took his or her tools over there and “undid” the work in a fit of rage. The Holiday Inn likely had some sort of camera feed for the parking lot.
Regardless of my theory, whoever did this was highly trained and highly unethical. The ICE equivalent here is dumping hot gelatin into the main fill tank of a gas station.

That makes sense Vexar.
I’ve stayed over night at the hotel ther and used the SC. It is surrounded on 2 sides by a block wall and in sight of all the rooms in the upper stories of the hotel. IOW not the least secured SC if I was to choose one.

I just checked my Nav screen in my car and it does show that that station is down. It does NOT show that station down on on my home computer though.

Should be interesting to see how long it takes to get it fixed. It should be reasonably quick. It’s close to LA and not in the booneys.

We had similar thoughts. Looking at what was done and how, my first guess would be that Tesla didn’t pay the SC installers invoice. The company came back and shut the site down until the invoice was paid.

Yes it absolutley was an electrician.

1) There was no other damage

2) The perpetrator(s) went directly to the correct boxes (there are lots of boxes at this site, with solar and battery backup)

3) They obviously had the correct tool to shear those large cables. Those weren’t broken off, or done with amateur hardware like a hacksaw. They also didn’t waste time unbolting the wires from the circuit breakers.

4) Amateurs would have randomly broke other things, etched their gang affiliation, spray painted some bullshit, etc.

The main circuit breaker was off, and

That is definitely a very plausible theory. The only problem with it is that the electrician for the project becomes an immediate suspect if there was some sort of payment dispute. But the electrician could believe that just ordinary vandals or anti-eco-saboteurs would be blamed.

This may be a dumb question, but are Supercharger Stations union installed?

This company is contracted by Tesla for installs:

the blue/white collar culture wars have commenced

Where’s the CCTV footage? Don’t tell me all these SC stations don’t inherently have some kind of surveillance system installed? C’mon you kiddy me?

yeah seriously! i would hope that all stations have decent security and cameras.

it would be safe as people stay in their cars to charge and it may deter a carjacker or in this case vandalism…

Right. Tesla installs tons of cameras on their cars but none at the Superchargers?

Gotta have at least one

Not sure if this is first case of supercharger vandalism, but there was “cut the wires” vandalism against eVgo at Corona Hills Plaza in Feb. 17, 2016. They had security camera and showed the guy doing it, not sure if they ever caught him.

We had several stations get their cords cut in Dallas several years ago. They found all of the cords at a copper recycling facility.

Elections have consequences…this is just the beginning of the anti-clean energy campaign by Trumpians.

Sounds like “red” necks to me. Politicians don’t (or maybe they do!) understand how easy it is to fan the flames and turn talk into nasty action.

Looking forward to any video footage.

Too bad we don’t have 100kW wireless charging w/the chargers buried beneath concrete.

Time to develop defensive snake robots.

Sad & Pathetic lowlifes.

I hope tesla will install some HD security cameras, so they can get these bums next time they try this.

Time to deploy the hidden cameras that capture video or images to the cloud.


480v is deadly , this had to be a trained person, or a very lucky idiot.

It wasn’t lucky that they broke the correct lock for the main circuit breaker, and then removed the individual circuit breakers from another box with the power turned off.

With all that power & expensive equipment around, surely someone can afford closed-circuit cameras to monitor charging areas against such vandalism? If this was the UK the whole thing would have been on a recording in some security office somewhere.

Had to be agents from Faraday Future, or the CHAdeMO Association.

LOL! The CHAdeMO Association! It’s so obvious. They certainly had the motive.


Yeah, pretty obviously an electrician did this – apparently to remove several 200 amp I-Line breakers.

ON the bright side it should take only a few hours to repair, and the breakers are commonly available.

If this is a super popular location, you would have thought someone would have seen someone doing things in the Corral.

I agree. Nov 30 for a repair date is ridiculous. I could buy the breakers in Seattle, drive there and have them installed and the site fixed myself before then.

That is why they cut the cables also.

I am no EE or electrician, but my understanding (from our 480 equipment) is you can’t just pig tail off the cut line. New cable needs to be pulled the full length.

Someone new exactly how to make this a difficult repair on short notice and do the damage quickly.

No, splicing of any king of cable is possible and in fact done on a regular basis.

It’s a bit of work but much less than disconnecting every left wires and rewiring again.
At least as a temporary fix.

The cables were cut off long enough that it just looks like you could move the breakers down two notches (3.5″) and connect them again.

If someone wanted to commit sabotage, they just wanted to be a small nuisance not a big one.

Hmmm. Good observation.

WTF?!?!? Who would do this? I am completely stumped! Some angry Central Valley Trumpkin that hates those fancy-schmancy rich liberals in their Teslas?

Tesla is going to need to put video cameras at all their Supercharger stations.

Just one thing. I’d guess that they pulled the breakers first. Cutting through a live HV cable can get exciting.

Does sound professional, but keep in mind that the tools are available at home depot.

Lots of wild speculation here about who and why. Nobody knows SHIT. Be a bit humble.

We know the reported facts about the crime. We are quite free to speculate about the crime and discuss.

police investigating this? there probably won’t be a response anything like the police protecting the Chinese owned oil pipeline thru the rivers of North Dakota.

No political statement being made, just thieves trying to steal copper wire as shown by the photo of cut wires in the electrical distribution panel. They were probably interrupted by an approaching vehicle before they had a chance to pull them out.

Police should check the highest paying copper recycler in the area. The exact lengths of stolen wires can be determined, then multiplied by cost per pound paid by recycler plus/minus 10%, would point them to thief since recyclers are required to show ID.

No wire was stolen.

Perfect use case to pu up a temporary Hydrogen electric genset for the superchargers.

I meant this is a perfect use case for a hydrogen genset for the superchargers.

Temporary genset.

I don’t get the comments here.

Someone obviously just wanted to quickly get 4- 200 amp Square-D I-Line Breakers, btw, they cost alot more than $100.

No shock hazard since they flipped the main.

If they wanted to be MEAN they would have cut the cables at the conduit ends, forcing all new wiring; but they didn’t so its obvious they just wanted the pricey breakers and/or trip units.

Agreed. If someone wanted to be a nuisance they didn’t want to be much of one.

Things are way out of hand here. Accusations of conspiracies, big oil and false flags even.

Someone posts that Musk has problems with trolls? Seems like there’s problems on both sides.

FOSSIL FUEL MAFIA is behind this.

Too many comments to read.
Simple question, what’s the possibility it was a disgruntled former employee from either the contractor who installed it or (dare I say) Tesla itself.

Governor Brown needs to investigate and determine motive.

City of Orange – J1772’s were some of the nation’s very 1st to come on line AND get vandalized/sabotaged shortly thereafter – and THOSE are almost next door to the police station. Owners or Tesla may want to covertly install cameras …. NOT to thwart douchebags necessarily … but for other reasons. ‘nuf said. 😉