Barcelona to Become World Electric Vehicle Capital Later This Month as EVS 27 Rolls In

NOV 15 2013 BY STAFF

Press Center at EVS 27

Press Center at EVS 27

Barcelona, Spain will soon become the world’s electric vehicle capital, a name given to the host city of the Electric Vehicle Symposium.

EVS 27 to be Held in Bareclona

EVS 27 to be Held in Bareclona

This Symposium, called EVS 27 to mark the 27th edition of the event, will take place in Barcelona from November 18 to 20.

EVS unites some of the world’s electric vehicle leaders and is considered the premier annual event for EV conferences, demonstrations and other EV-related events.

Barcelona is quickly becoming one of the world’s leading EV cities. According to EVS organizers:

“Barcelona is in seventh place in the world ranking of cities that promote the development of electric mobility solutions.”

“This city has the cleanest bus fleet in Europe and over 300 electric vehicles in the public fleets on its municipal routes. It also has one of the largest numbers of electric motorbikes in Europe thanks to rental and sharing initiatives and it has over 260 charging points.”

“Furthermore, car manufacturers such as Nissan have chosen Barcelona as a production base for their latest electric models. The Japanese manufacturer has centralised global production of its new 100% electric van, the e-NV200 here in this city. It will be the model for the city’s clean e-taxi and will also be used in New York.”

So, yeah, Barcelona seems deserving of playing host to EVS.

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