Bare Metal Peugeot Exalt Plug-In Hybrid Concept Gets Revealed


Peugeot Exalt

Peugeot Exalt

The Peugeot Exalt plug-in hybrid concept has been revealed.

Later this week, the Exalt will get its world premier at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show where we’ll be in attendance.

For now, we present Peugeot’s images of Exalt.

Peugeot Exalt

Peugeot Exalt

You’ll immediately notice that Exalt sport bare metal on most of its exterior panels.  Peugeot says this is done so that Exalt resembles historical automobiles.  The bare metal is beaten into shape by hand.  Imagine the amount of labor that requires.

Out back, the Exalt features shark skin, which Peugeot says improves aerodynamics and reduces fuel consumption.

Exalt is Peugeot’s future vision of the saloon, or sleek sedan in English.  It’s technically a 5-door hatchback that weighs 3,750 pounds.

Peugeot Exalt

Peugeot Exalt

Exalt is a plug-in hybrid with a 1.6-liter engine.  The four-cylinder puts out 266 hp and is supplemented by a 67 hp electric motor mounted to the rear axle.

This is Peugeot’s Hybrid4 system, which is a through-the-road hybrid setup that automatically selects which driving mode (electric, gas or gas-electric) to use.

Peugeot Exalt Interior

Peugeot Exalt Interior

In terms of style, Sophie Gazeu, Peugeot Exalt stylist, told Autocar:

“There is more than one way to do luxury. A top-end leather handbag that has aged is more highly prized than one that has come straight out of the shop. Wooden furniture that has marked through use is said to have character.”

“We hear a lot about authenticity, but what is authentic about a piece of wood that has 1000 layers of lacquer on it, or real leather that is treated so much that it looks like plastic, no matter for how many years you use it?”

Peugeot’s design director, Gilles Vidal, stated:

“The Onyx supercar concept was our guiding force.”

“That set the design philosophy, and especially the principle of having an emotional relationship with a car that sets it apart, led by the use of materials. At this end of the market, you are not buying the car because you have to. You are buying it because you want to. The Exalt is very distinguishable as a modern Peugeot.”

Exalt is purely a concept.  As such, specific details on electric-only range and battery capacity have not been made available.

Look for us to present live images of Exalt when it hits the stage in Beijing.

Peugeot Exalt

Peugeot Exalt

Sources: Peugeot & Autocar

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That’s a beautiful EV but I am having a hard time with that two tone and the bare metal. I know Eric complained about the two tone Prius but that one looks like he just came from the scrap yard. Not too crazy about the passenger wood glove compartment either. Would hate to encounter it in an accident too. The rest is quite stunning. Overall quite attractive.

Realistically, the bare metal and interior will never make it to production.

This is a beautiful car and unlike anything I have even seen from this company.

I would prefer a bigger electric motor and the option to select when to use what propulsion.

Optimally would be, of course, if the engine was only a range extender.

Very nice looking car.

I like it.

GM should take some design classes from Peugeot. That thing is beautiful!

bare metal makes me think delorean