Bangalore, India to Install 20 DC Quick Chargers


India's Only EV Available to Buy Today - Mahindra Reva e2o

India’s Only EV Available to Buy Today – Mahindra Reva e2o

Most US cities are without DC quick chargers, but Bangalore, India will soon be home to 20 of those highly desired units.

e2o Gets Quick Charged

e2o Gets Quick Charged

In an effort to drive up EV adoption and to boost Mahindra Reva e20 EV sales, the city of Bangalore is moving forward with plans to put 20 quick chargers in the ground.

Mahindra Reva is behind the program, called “Quick2Charge,” which will get those DC chargers in by the end of 2014.

As DNA India reports:

“The stations are called quick2charge because charging for merely 15 minutes can enable an electric car to run 25 km. Likewise, 30 minutes for up to 50 km and one hour for 100 km. In stark contrast, charging at a regular station for one hour can power a vehicle for only up to 20 km.”

The lack of public charging stations is thought to be one of the primary reasons why EVs are not selling  well in India.  Mahindra Reva says sales of its e20 have totaled only 500 units since it launched in India in March 2013.

As for the DC quick chargers, DNA India states:

“Mahindra Reva is looking for public private partnerships for expanding this concept. Developed, manufactured and designed wholly in India, each quick charging station would cost approximately Rs 3.5 lakh.”

Or approximately $5,600 USD.

Source: DNA India

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Hooray, one more quick-charging connector! Good job reinventing the wheel, Mahindra.

Well, at least it’s cheap, only ~1/3 the cost of the next most affordable DC QC (the Nissan/Sumitomo CHAdeMO)… although also ~1/3 the speed. :-/

But hey, whatever helps the world burn less gas, especially in 2-stroke engines…

Yes its quite cheap. Infact their Solar module charger (1KW) is also quite cheap around (1,50,000 INR or USD 2500. I wish State government/Central government can provide some tax incentive for companies to install these in their office premises. I tried in my organisation and they said not possible given the cost 🙁

If you want an actual owner review you can see owners(Mr.Kamlesh Mallick) blog at

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We have been trying to connect with the Bangalore City employee who can help us make Bangalore a partner in the World EV Cities and Ecosystems information sharing network that UCDavis is developing.
please ask him or her to contact me.
thank you,
Elisabeth (Lili) Fulton
International Liaison Coordinator
World EV Cities and Ecosystems (WECE)
part of the Plug-in Hybrid and EV Research Center
at the Institute of Transport Studies (ITS)
University of California at Davis

That’s great.. Mahindra already had 100 charging points in Bangalore.
Infact you can target New Delhi as well. in 2012 they planned to open 66 charging spots in New Delhi.
Also i will suggest contact Chetan Maini (he was the man behind Reva & E20)

I can’t tell from a web search if this is the China DC quick charge standard, or yet another proprietary standard.