Balqon and Polar Power Team Up to Develop Range Extender for Workhorse Trucks

OCT 13 2013 BY STAFF 1

Balqon, a developer of electric-drive technology for commercial vehicles, signed a joint agreement with Polar Power to develop a series plug-in hybrid system for Balqon’s line of heavy-duty electric trucks and buses.

Polar Power Diesel Generator

Polar Power Diesel Generator


Under terms of this agreement, Balqon and Polar Power will develop a 40 kW on-board diesel DC generator to increase the range of Balqon’s workhorse vehicles.

Balwinder Samra, CEO and President of Balqon Corporation, stated:

“Integration of on-board generator in our 2014 model year vehicles allows us to address increased range applications for heavy duty trucks and buses used at ports, airports and distribution warehouses, while still providing our customer with lower operating cost and emissions of an electric drive train.”

“We believe Polar Power’s decades of experience in developing and integrating DC powered generator systems provides us the opportunity to jointly address the growing need for lower emission heavy duty vehicles in global markets.”

Balqon’s electric trucks, including its yard tractor (pictured above) are widely used by Ford at its Michigan Assembly Plant.

Polar Power currently manufacturers a 26 kW diesel generator for range-extending applications, though it’s not powerful enough for Balqon’s heavy haulers.  The 40 kW unit under development will be capable of satisfying Balqon’s needs.

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One of the reasons for electric yard tractors is to eliminate the nasty diesel exhaust emissions typically associated with yard tractors. But now Balqon is adding a diesel generator range extender, so they’ll not only have nasty diesel emissions once again (although at a reduced level, hopefully), but they’ll also have all of the diesel maintenance requirements that a pure BEV eliminates. I hope Balqon considered increasing the battery capacity before stepping backward by adding a diesel generator range extender.