BAIC EX3 Electric Car To Launch In April

MAR 4 2019 BY GASGOO 3

All-new EV from BAIC

The BAIC EX3 rolled off the production line in recent days and will reportedly hit the market in April 2019, according to China’s media outlets.

The EV model was showcased at the Auto Guangzhou 2018. Drawing design gene from the BAIC EX3 Concept, the new model boasts a styling of crossover. At the front end, the EX3 features the split-type headlights with the slim light bar stretching backward. A charging port is concealed in the middle of the intake grille. The vehicle looks quite sporty by adopting 17-inch two-tone rims. Boasting a neat design, the rear end features pulling-through taillights and a black bumper embedded with the L-shaped reflector.

The new car measures 4,200mm long, 1,780mm wide and 1,638mm tall with a wheelbase spanning 2,585mm.

Inside, the vehicle is covered by black and brown colors, adopting some silver elements as embellishment. A large-sized floating display on the center console and the all-new knob-shaped gearshift add a bit of futuristic trait to the vehicle. Moreover, the three-spoke leather-covered flat bottomed steering wheel improves the sports quality.

The EX3 is outfitted with the start-stop system, electric park brake, automatic parking system, automatic air-conditioning and USB charging port. Powering the EV is an electric motor that generates up to 160kW, mated with a ternary-lithium battery pack offer by Beijing Pride Power System Technology Limited or CATL.

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Start-stop system? I know what it is on ICE cars but I have no idea what that is on an EV. Anyone care to educate me?

I think that’s a mistake resulting from some sort of translation difficulty in that the batteries could be used to power a start-stop system in conventional cars, as suggested in a corporate blurb from years ago, when Johnson Controls first teamed up with BAIC.
“Under the MOU Johnson Controls and BHAP will partner to offer a range of batteries to automakers and service networks under BAIC Group, one of China’s largest automobile manufacturers. These batteries can power conventional vehicles and those for Start-Stop systems.”
Just my guess.
So the batteries can be used to power a bev or power a stop-start system in conventional gas engines, and the phrase just got conflated to mean all cars, and never got fixed, clarified, just copied and pasted.
Either that or they just absconded the start–stop system name to indicate when you press a button the car starts and when you press it again the car turns off.

As long as we’re learning, what is “ternary-lithium” and how does it compare and contrast to other lithium chemistries?