BAIC Electric Supercar Aims For Tesla’s Premium EV Market Segment


Some leaked images of what’s supposedly an electric supercar being built by China’s Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation (BAIC) have hit the Internet.

According to Autocar, the images “claim to show the new electric powered two-seater ahead of a planned world debut at the upcoming Beijing motor show.”

In addition to the pair of images, some specs have apparently leaked out too, but there’s no way to verify any of these figures right now:

“Although no official details pertaining to the new electric supercar’s drivetrain have been released by BAIC, internet reports suggest it will be capable of accelerating from 0-62mph in less than 3.0 sec and reach a top speed of 162mph.”

BAIC Electric Supercar

BAIC Electric Supercar

This car will reportedly make it to production by the end of this year. However, we highly doubt this to be accurate though.

Some additional details come to us via “Chinese sources” –

“… the new supercar boasts three driving models with varying ground clearances. They include Economy, with a ground clearance of 120mm; Comfort with 100mm and Race with 80mm. The car is also claimed to achieve a range of up to 186 miles”

“At a suggested 4570mm in length, 2040mm in width and 1214mm in height, the secretive Chinese supercar is the same length, 90mm wider and 14mm higher than the Ferrari 458.”

We’re highly suspect of this, as BAIC has made no official announcement and there seems to be only a few undisclosed sources being cited for this information, but still an interesting development to potentially be aware of nonetheless.

Source: Autocar

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Just another impracticle supercar nobody can afford.

deborah crazy train flower power


Looks like an i8 competitor.

They even appropriated the iSeries color scheme.

I like how you kindly used the word “appropriated”.

It looks like the Mach 5 to me. Hmm, I wonder if it will have auto jacks?

Does the Speed Racer startled look come standard?

Does it come with a kid and chimp in the trunk?

deborah crazy train flower power

🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Supercar with 162mph top speed 🙂

“BAIC Electric Supercar Aims For Tesla’s Premium EV Market Segment”

Funny how all the cars that “aim” to compete directly with Tesla keep missing… usually badly. That goes double for Chinese make cars, due to the pervasive problems with quality control in Chinese manufacturing.

We don’t need electric supercars. We need _affordable_, mass-market friendly 200+ mile capable vehicles. Why is this so difficult to understand?

Blue Skies in China?

… That whole thing is ‘shopped…….

Another pie in the sky overpriced unicorn. Go Tesla Go.

Hey some real pie in the sky:

For the communist party official who has everything. Can use their Panamanian front company to buy one.

I don’t see how a 2-seater “supercar” is a Tesla competitor. If anything it’s a competitor to Porsche, Bugatti, Rimac Automobili or Koenigsegg – although not much of a competitor if max speed is limited to 162 mph.

Funny, they weren’t satisfied with only ripping off the i8’s design, they had to complete the theft and even use the same color scheme.

This doesn’t aim for Tesla. Not even the luxury car maker Tesla, and definitely not for the mainstream car maker Tesla is working hard to become. The two current Teslas are incredibly practical, safe, economical to operate and can carry up to seven people (at least two of which kids for the MS), and while their performance is outstanding they aren’t supercars in the normal sense.

This aims for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani and McLaren. I think it’ll have a hard time competing with those, but who knows.

The looks are cool, if not exactly innovative.

The chinnese are known for making illegal copies of other cars. This one looks like the BMW i8. There is no need for 0-62 miles in 3 seconds to drive in the congested streets of our cities. 70 -80 mph is enough. Sport cars is a limited market. How about adding to more seats?