BAIC Constructing New Electric Car Factory

FEB 19 2015 BY MARK KANE 3



Chinese automaker BAIC is building an EV factory in Laixi (Shandong Province).  The factory should begin operations in 2016.

Initial production capacity of the assembly line will be 5,000 vehicles annually.

E150EV and Weiwang 306 are the two first models that will enter production in Laixi.

BAIC expects that in 2017, production could ramp up to 50,000 EVs a year and then onto 100,000 a year, ultimately landing at 200,000 annually by 2020.

Source: Automotive News China (subscription req.)

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I’ve just been reading about how Ford doesn’t fit fast charging. It seems to me that if the big car makers let Chinese companies get in to the market with better products they may continue to take market share. It wasn’t that long ago the nobody would consider a car from Korean car maker but they now make a good product at a good price and are well accepted. Also look at the electric buses, they are filling the gap.

Do not underestimate the abilities of the Chinese to build a quality EV if they wanted to, to date they have been building to a price without quietly, but for more money they can and will get the quietly correct for the world market. look at the iPhone.

Miggy you are right.
The old paradigm (can) change fast if the tipping point (Frog) is reached. Perfect in RealTime Charging and Vehicle Detection (MagSense)(R)(TM) …combined