China’s EV-Maker BAIC Sets Up Autonomous Shop In U.S.

JAN 16 2019 BY GASGOO 2

China’s EV maker looks to U.S. for self-driving tech.

Chinese NEV maker BAIC BJEV and visionICs, a Silicon Valley-based technology company, recently set up a joint laboratory of autonomous driving technology in Silicon Valley to research and develop the solid-state LiDAR-focused next-generation multi-sensor fusion autonomous driving system, according to a Chinese media outlet.

BAIC BJEV revealed that the joint laboratory will conduct in-depth R&D of autonomous driving strategy, LiDAR, multi-sensor fusion system as well as high-level autonomous driving, with the aim of improving the company’s technology level and optimizing users’ experience.

As a crucial sensing part for autonomous driving system, LiDAR is able to make the real-time 3-D scanning over surroundings as accurate as one centimeter, boasting apparent superiority over other sensors in accuracy and responding speed. However, it is still hard to largely use LiDAR in mass-produced models limited by the relatively higher cost, power consumption and instability. The next-generation solid-state LiDAR, featuring the same working principle as the phased array radar applied in the J-20 fighter jet, sports advantages over the existing camera- and millimeter-wave radar-centric volume autonomous driving system in performance, cost and reliability.

Focusing on autonomous driving sensing technologies, visionICs reportedly possesses the world-leading solid-state LiDAR chip and AI technologies. Dr. Li Cheng, founder of visionICs, stated that both companies will share technologies with each other based on the newly-built joint laboratory, integrating visionICs’s cutting-edge technologies in in-car sensor chip and AI into the EV maker’s autonomous driving strategy.

BAIC BJEV opened a R&D center in Silicon Valley as early as 2016 that aims to help it explore and search latest technology resources by fully entering the core R&D industrial ecosystem there. The latest foundation of the joint laboratory signals BAIC BJEV’s ambition to absorbing the most advanced technologies into its products through more abundant approaches.

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Remember when Toyota, Honda, and then Datsun (Nissan) showed up in the US? Remember the hit the big three took? When BAIC and BYD start selling aggressively in the US market, I think it will be the end for GM and Ford. It seems like GM/Ford are scrambling to catch up but it might be a little too late. I sincerely hope this will not be the case. It won’t be a single blow but a combination of issues. If US legacy dealerships outside of the west coast do not drop their disdain for EVs soon they will be part of the demise. Hopefully, Tesla’s economies of scale will keep at least one US auto manufacturer alive.

Stealerships have to die, They have no bznz being in the 21st century.