AWD Plug-In Hybrid BMW 2 Series Active Tourer To Launch In 2015

NOV 29 2014 BY MARK KANE 7

BMW Concept Active Tourer

BMW Concept Active Tourer

BMW X5 PHEV at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show - Image Credit: Tom Moloughney

BMW X5 PHEV at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show – Image Credit: Tom Moloughney

CAR is reporting that next year we will see the BMW 2-series Active Tourer in a plug-in hybrid version.

This model was the first front-wheel drive BMW, and first MPV, so now it will be one of the first plug-in hybrids (excluding BMW i subbrand) with all wheel drive.

The same platform will be shared with the new BMW X1.

“While almost all rival hybrids drive the front wheels, BMW’s eDrive concept connects to the rear wheels via a 102bhp/184lb ft electric motor.

“According to sources from within Munich’s corridors of R&D, this application offers distinct traction and weight distribution benefits, along with four-wheel torque vectoring.”

“Decoded: the new BMW people carrier will be quicker and sharper driving, as well as cleaner. And four-wheel drive may well tempt away buyers of regular SUVs to try this taller-riding BMW.”

It’s expected that the lithium-ion battery pack will take Active Tourer PHEV up to 20 miles in all electric range before the 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine takes over.

Source: CAR

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Maybe the BMW fanboys (what ever you will like to call them) that have shunned the i3 might finally have a slightly brighter look on the 2-series active tourer now that it’ll be 4WD.

Actually maybe i can wipe egg off my face from the Audi e-tron debacle (all this time I thought the e-tron was coming in AWD to the US!) and start looking at this car.

The AER is embarrassing

Otherwise the car may be intriguing depending on price

Launching where? Sold in the USA?
Not likely

Dear readers,
After BMW start of Plug-in-hybrids, which will offer 4WD you will notice that past of the classical cars had gone.
The efficiency together with low CO2 will enable them to produce cars with estonishing sport characters… You still have no clue about the future which BMW is bringing for us…

Hopefully that future isnt overpriced crap like the last 40 years from bmw.


hm.. take the headlights three feet less down the fenders, remove the Mirai H2 scoops, kill the Rio chrome plastering on the grill and delete the ricey 28 inch wheels and we may have something..

nawp, the Lex’ rear-window narrowing and the deeply dropping nose, conveying an overall shape of a cat stretching its back has gotta go too.. Bangle apparently assassinated everyone (that Didn’t lick his boots) from the design staff before he was serially raped and escorted in irons to the welcoming arms of Samsung.

but hey, with the standard CO2-is-the-only-thing-that-matters 20 mile AER it was
So tempting..

Buying an ’85 shark 735i, me.. when all the lickers remaining from Bangle’s reign are finally, summarily shot, and the Real design team returns, then we’ll talk (i.e., the design for the -admittedly, very lucrative- asian market will differ Significantly from the rest of the world’s product offerings).
Slapping Lexus accoutrements on an MB or BMW is akin to the lipstick on something?
My humbly stereotypical statement for the year.