AWD Mini Clubman Plug-In Hybrid Expected to Debut in 2015


Mini Clubman Prototype

Mini Clubman Prototype

On several occasions, we’ve presented the case for the plug-in hybrid Mini.

BMW i8 Cutaway

BMW i8 Cutaway

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Now, there’s even more to add to the PHEV Mini story.

As Motoring File reports:

“Sources have been telling us for more than a year to expect something special in the drivetrain of the next generation MINI Clubman. More recently, we’ve had a high-level source confirm that the Clubman will indeed see all-wheel drive in at least one configuration. What we didn’t realize was that both sources were actually saying the same thing. When MINI releases the 2016 Clubman next year, we believe they will also introduce the brand’s first hybrid model…”

So, the plug-in hybrid Mini won’t be a Cooper, but rather a Clubman.

Makes sense to us as this allows Mini the space to package the plug-in components without eliminating the rear seats.

The PHEV Mini Clubman is slated to get the same powertrain as the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer:

  • Plug in version will likely feature a a 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbocharged (borrowed from the BMW i8) engine with a “high-performance” electric motor (likely borrowed from the BMW i3) and a lithium-ion battery.
  • This setup will crank out somewhere in the neighborhood of 190 hp, which will propel the production vehicle from 0 to 60 mph in 7 seconds.
  • Top speed will be approximately 125 mph.

    Aren't You Glad There's Some i8 Blood in the PHEV Mini?

    Aren’t You Glad There’s Some i8 Blood in the PHEV Mini?

We suspect that the Mini Clubman PHEV will have 15 to 20 miles of electric-only range, which isn’t brag worthy, but the fact that it will have both BMW i8 and BMW i3 bits within is something we’re sure future Mini Clubman PHEV owners will be thrilled to know.

2014 Minis - These Aren't Clubmans

2014 Minis – These Aren’t Clubmans

When will this AWD Mini Clubman PHEV arrive?  Word is that it’ll debut when the next-gen Clubman does in the second half of 2015.

As for price, the Clubman PHEV will certainly be the range topper, so maybe our ballpark guess of $30,000 will be a starting point?  Oh, and like BMW, Mini loves its options and packages, so expect a decked out Clubman PHEV to easily top $40,000.

Source: Motoring File

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Since GM won’t put out a plug-in SUV, this may be a good option…


This looks a lot smaller than an SUV. I need Google some more pics.

while this is a large sportswagon as far as Mini goes, it’s size relative to other makes is that of a c-segment.

it’s within 1 inch of every dimension with respect to the Golf 7 hatch.

The Mini Countryman has the same dimensions as a Kia Soul.

I’m interested. Push up those EV-only range numbers, and reduce the 0-60 numbers, and make it eligible for the full $7500 fed incentive, and I’m first in line.

I take this back if this is actually clubman, and not countryman. I thought it was a countryman by the photo. The camo must have worked? I still can’t tell…

a plug in clubman is stupid, no thanks

I think the larger Countryman is what they are talking about. That currently has 4WD…


Yes, the photo on the top of the page is a Countryman.

actually it’s the clubman

Not sure it will be on my list, but AWD PHEV is a great drivetrain to start developing. Only the Outlander PHEV is sporting that right now.

Wonder if we will see a beefed up version of this in the X5 PHEV?