AWD Electric Jaguar SUV Coming In 2017?

NOV 22 2015 BY MARK KANE 16

Jaguar F-PACE

Jaguar F-PACE

Jaguar F-PACE

Jaguar F-PACE

Contradictory news on Jaguar’s electric future comes from different outlets.

Automotive News’ interview with Jaguar Land Rover CEO Ralf Speth shows that the automaker’s near- term future will be EVless, but then Autocar expects a long-range electric crossover/SUV, and now speculates on an electric SUV with four-motor AWD and 300 miles (500 km) range in 2017:

“An all-electric Jaguar SUV will be revealed next year before going on sale in 2017 – and Autocar has learned that some of the most flamboyant styling touches of the C-X75 hypercar concept will be used on the new model as the firm seeks to ensure that it stands apart from rivals.”

The price tag is expected to be around £60,000 ($90,000, but expect it to be lower in the U.S., as prices in Europe always are higher).

Aluminium architecture comes from XE and F-Pace.  C-X75 hypercar styling touches? Hmm…sounds interesting.

We don’t find the news of a premium auto maker switching to plug-in platforms in the future too surprising, but if there is anything shaky about the Autocar report, it is the release date – 2017 just isn’t that far off, and if there is one thing we have realized following electric cars…they don’t ever arrive as quickly as we would like.

Jaguar C-X75

Jaguar C-X75

Source: Autocar

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One thing I often wonder when I hear about a car that will be coming in such and such a year is whether it will come at the end of that year and then be a model year car of the following year, or if it is meant that it will be that year that will be the model year of the car. Anyone else wonder that too?

You can safely assume 2017 means early 2018.
You can also assume this “announcement” might just be to hold “loyal” Jag owners to wait and not jump to Tesla.
Maybe it’ll work.

Charging infrastructure! 300-mile cars are worthless without it.

Yeah, that only works for 99.9999% of all trips.

Most people could just rent a Prius or a Volt on the one day (or at worse week) a year they have to drive more than 300 miles in one day…

I would say a PHEV SUV to compete with the Volvo XC90.


Maybe they’ll partner with Tesla on the Supercharging network and leapfrog all the other majors…

Jaguar and electric. If anyone can make electric cars unreliable, Jaguar is the one.

Could you imagine the nightmare if Lucas was still their electrical supplier?

If anyone can make electric cars unreliable, Jaguar is the one.

Wait a minute now…Eighty percent of all Jaguars are still on the road.

The other 20% made it home okay.

Lucas, the inventor of the intermittent wipers.

Lucas, the inventor of the intermittent headlights.

Lucas, the inventor of the intermittent ignition system.

Lucas invented a vacuum cleaner, it was their only product that didn’t suck.

British motorcycle riders in the 1960s used to call it the company “Lucas Prince of Darkness”

Elon said he was in talks with a non Germam European Automaker on sharing Supercharger access and roll out. Could it have been Jaguar? Could it have been the thing that changed their mind and start a plan to move on Electrics?

I was unaware of this.

Jag could restyle and rebrand a Model X in a short time and have a solid entry, if Tesla has the capacity to build them.

If they do this, I’d reconsider my “never again” promise to myself. 😉

If another car maker joined the Tesla supercharging network and paid for some chargers and for access to the others, would they get their brand name on the chargers? That is to say, would we see a “Jaguar Supercharger”, for example?

Not to pick on Jag, but the gap between affordable 70-85 mile range EV’s, and hyper-expensive 250+ mile range EV’s doesn’t seem to be closing very quickly.

For ICE vehicles, the large car and small car categories are both outsold by both the midsize and the CUV categories.

But we seem to have a flood of EV’s that are either large cars, large SUV’s, or small cars. Very little in the midsize and CUV categories, which happen to be some of the hottest segments in sales growth.

I seriously just don’t get it. Car makers should be targeting the growing mid-size and CUV markets with mid-priced vehicles. Another hyper expensive car is nice and all, but it isn’t what the market really needs.

About that F-Pace: Why do they make a Jaguar look like a Land Rover, especially since they already own the Land Rover brand anyway? That’s not how a Jaguar is supposed to look!

Why do you buy a brand and then ruin it?