AVIS Denmark Orders 401 Nissan e-NV200 & 60 LEAFs

MAY 11 2015 BY MARK KANE 7

Nissan already sold 400 LEAF to Avis in 2014

Nissan already sold 400 LEAF to Avis in 2014

AVIS Denmark is expanding its already huge electric car fleet, which are offered for lease.

After 400 LEAFs bought last year, now the company ordered a further 60 and 401 e-NV200 vans.

In total AVIS will then have 861 electric Nissans, which makes them Nissan’s largest electric vehicle customer ever.

“In 2014 AVIS ordered 400 Nissan LEAF electric cars and after successfully placing them through its leasing scheme has added the Nissan e-NV200 electric light commercial and passenger vehicle variants to its offering. In addition, to continue to meet demand in the Danish market, the company has ordered an additional 60 Nissan LEAF, bringing its total EV fleet to date to 861 vehicles.”

AVIS Denmark Managing Director, Kasper Gjedsted commented:

“We had great success already with the Nissan LEAF in Denmark and we leased all of the units we purchased from Nissan very quickly, which has led to us ordering more. To follow up that success we have decided to add the e-NV200 vehicle to broaden our offering and appeal to new types of customers.”

Director of Electric Vehicles for Nissan Europe, Jean-Pierre Diernaz believes the deal is a clear demonstration of the trust companies have in Nissan electric vehicles, commenting:

“We are very happy to be working with AVIS again to create a lease offering for customers in Denmark. With big companies like AVIS in Denmark and DHL in Italy placing significant orders for Nissan electric vehicles we can see that more people are realising the unique combination of driving comfort, low running costs and zero emissions is very appealing.”

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7 Comments on "AVIS Denmark Orders 401 Nissan e-NV200 & 60 LEAFs"

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Only 860 cars is their biggest customer? Sad. But still nice to see that they more than double their numbers 🙂

I would imagine their biggest electric vehicle customer. Certainly not the brands biggest customer.

I am curious how long Avis plans to keep these EVs in their fleet. Typically they do not keep ICE vehicles long, and I hope they keep EVs longer.

Actually, there’s nothing wrong IMHO, if they get new ones on the typical schedule, and sell those 2nd-hand to private/public customers in or around Denmark.

On the contrary. The more EVs getting more quickly on the road, the merrier.

Initially they were returned to Nissan Denmark after one year, but thanks to the success the new leafs and eNV200 remains in the AVIS fleet for two years.
It’s currently the cheapest way of financing a Polo and Golf class car in Denmark – and I just love my 2015 model Leaf

Ive bought 3 brand new Leafs so far, maybe i am their biggest individual owner? Either way, i’m still waiting to be able to order my E NV200 here in the states. If they don’t hurry up, im gonna start looking for an azure dynamics transit connect orphan.