Average Renault Zoe Owner Drives Only 33 Miles Per Day



We’re not sure why Renault Tweeted this, but according to the automaker the average Zoe owner drives only 33 miles per day.

That figure seems unremarkable, so perhaps it’s not wise for Renault to make it public.

33 x 365 is 12,045, but again we see nothing notable in even this annual figure.

Maybe we’re missing something?

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Just an informative fact maybe? I do about 15 miles on a regular working day, but more like 9000 miles a year (so 25 miles a day) in my Zoe.

Yeah, Eric is stuck in US-thinking mode.

Europeans don’t drive as much, and 19k km per year is well above average.

^ This.

Renault probably wanted to emphasize that Zoé owners actually drive more than most Europeans, which would indeed be noteworthy.

agree I do about 30,000km a year, about 85km a day, but that can range from 50km to 300km in one day.

Renault want to show that a small car w a small battery is viable.


It’s perfect, as long as you don’t do long distance driving in one of their cars…

That’s the more interesting number. “How many days a year do you drive more than 80 miles?” might have been a more relevant question to ask.

It would be fun if all cars today would have had statistics on how far they are driven during different days so that the driver would be able to see how suitable he/she is to go all electric.

I don’t agree with that second fact as I have used my ZOE to travel to the UK and to Germany. Not really a problem thanks to that wonderful chameleon charger.

BEVs require a slight shift in thinking. With an ICE you put £100 in the tank and you know it will last you a week/month etc. With this attitude, 80 miles on a charge is horribly low. What Renault are saying is: look, you can easily cover a day’s driving – with the implied ‘and recharge overnight’.

Let me calculate:

15.000Km /365 days = 41 Kilometers per day.

The average driver in Germany drives 15.000 Km a year, so my mumbers fit.

And now what ?


I Have got it.

“ZOE Owners drive 4x more miles than Nissan Leaf Owners” Thats the message.

Look here:

From that numbers Leaf Owners drive in average around 3100 Miles per year.


Haha… very funny 🙂

No, just the facts.

“Facts” – come on.

Garbage in=Garbage out.

Hit 19k personally at right about 20 months. In the US, so perhaps a tiny bit below average.

You bring up a good point, but your data and math is flawed. You need to take monthly sales and integrate twice to get total car-months on the road.

In 2011, most sales were later on. Maybe 7k car-years on the road. 2012 was also end-heavy when the price drop happened, so maybe 10k car-years from the 26k sales plus 22k from 2011 cars. 2013 was mostly flat, so maybe 22k car-years from 46k sales, plus 22k plus 26k.

So that would be 7+(10+22)+(22+22+26)=109k car-years for the Leaf up to the beginning of 2014. I don’t know how much of 2014 was counted but if we bring it up to 130k car-years, that means 7000km per year.

So 4x is an exaggeration, but 2-3x is still a lot.

Personally, I’m skeptical of the 53km/day claim. Maybe it’s only counting days that the car is driven.

Agreed. Furthermore (from the very article zoe-driver linked):

“We assume this 567,311,898-miles-drive figure is based on a calculation of total distance driven by all Nissan LEAF vehicles registered to CARWINGS; therefore the actual ‘real world’ numbers is likely much higher.”

I might add that my mileage on Carwings is measurably lower than my odometer, probably because I don’t dutifully touch [OK] every time (sometimes I just turn on the radio or AC first, and apparently pressing a button other than [Ok] gets the dialog dismissed like it was rejected).

I’m sure certain people routinely, explicitly decline having some or all of their miles reported, and Nissan, if it respects this wish for privacy, probably doesn’t have a way to distinguish between this case and the vehicle simply not being used.

Long story short, only take this overall distance numbers as verified minimum.


Your home made calculations with not enough accurate information and with flawed variables aren’t remotely close to facts.

Actually I thought you were kidding with your comment since even a fifth grader would have realized that something was severly wrong with that conclusion. 🙂

I’m at 48km average. But most work days I only have 10km or 15km. The average is increased quite a bit by my international travels. My 8 day trip to the UK added 1400km to the odometer. And I only drove notable distances on 5 of those days. So on those days I averaged 280km without any trouble.

Basically they want to justify their absurd batery rental policy…

This is one of the reasons for the Amazing Zoe poor sale figures

I think the figure matches the larger of the lease figures (12,000 mile per year) they offer……!