Average Fuel Economy of New Cars Sold Drops to 23.3 MPG


Many of us would like to get this country off of oil.  There are many reasons why.  Chief among them is to loosen the dependence on foreign imported oil.

We love driving electric and hybrid cars.  We are thrilled when we don’t go to the gas station for weeks, months, or even years.

However, the lion share of the US population has yet to catch on.

A report from TrueCar this month tells the tale.

The average fuel economy of all new cars bought in April was 23.3 miles per gallon versus 23.4 m.p.g. for those bought in March.

These are not good numbers.

Sales are brisk, and the percentage of trucks and SUVs sold increased in April, explaining the drop in total MPG. This is despite gas prices close to $4.00 per gallon.

Though it would be nice to see the average closer to 100 mpg we have made some progress since 2008 when the average mpg of new cars sold was 20.6.

Source (Free Press)

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One positive way to look at this trend is in reality, the total aggregate fuel economy of all of the vehicles offered on the market has increased, and also will continue to increase the next few years. Even the gas-thirsty Suburban of today is less gas-thirsty then 10 years ago. People are buying far fewer pick-ups and SUV’s then 10 years ago. We now have EV’s, EREV’s, and a growing list of hybrids that were not even in existance 10 years ago. I think we will continue to see fluctuations in the average gas fuel economy, but the overall trend will increase upward.

Now that we are getting used to 4 dollar a gallon gas it just makes sence that we start buying bigger cars again.

Maybe when it hits the symbolic 5 dollars a gallon ( sometime after the next election ) we will think about fuel efficiency again.

And those financing rates are so good now -what could possibly go wrong?