Autoweek Lists BMW i3 Among Its 5 Favorite SUVs of 2013


BMW i3 an SUV?

BMW i3 an SUV?

Autoweek has compiled its list of “Five Favorite SUVs From 2013” and guess what?  The BMW i3 squeezed its way onto the list.

BMW i3

BMW i3

Apparently, the i3 is now an SUV.  That’s news to us… but we’ll happily take more free publicity for a new plug-in player.

Here’s how Autoweek justifies its placement of the i3 in the SUV category:

“The i3 isn’t a traditional SUV, but with its hybrid powerplant, room for cargo and upright driving position, it has all the hallmarks. The smallish BMW will go on sale in the second quarter of 2014, for about $41,000. The range extender version will come in at about $45,000.”

But still, the i3 is no SUV.

Autoweek tech contributor Tim Stevens says this of the i3:

BMW i3

BMW i3

“Economy was indeed a focus in the i3, but the most important thing is that it hasn’t lost its entire family lineage. This is not the Ultimate Driving Machine, but it certainly is a machine that is very fun to drive.”

The other 4 vehicles to make Autoweek’s 5 favorite SUVs list are as follows:

  • 2012 Volkswagen Touareg TDI Lux
  • 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL63 AMG
  • 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland
  • 2014 Acura MDX SH-AWD

Yes, those are all true SUVs.  The BMW i3 doesn’t belong on that list.  That’s for sure.

Hat tip to InsideEVs contributor Chris Neff!!!

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I haven’t gotten up close to an i3 yet. So please pardon the ignorance. But… Can a back-seat door be opened without opening the corresponding front-seat door?

It cannot. My daughter got stuck when we did a test drive. I walked out to open the charging door and hear loud screams from the back as she could not get out. Had high hopes for this car, completely dismissed it as a family car

Why would you want your daughter to have the ability to open the door and get about before you? Its not hard to open your door and then open the back door… you people cant be serious

Lol people are ridiculous with their silly complaints

oh boo hoo you cant open the rear door yourself, big f*ckin deal? only time the doors will open is when the car is stopped. front person gets out, opens the rear door, simple.

“…room for cargo…”

My tiny i-MiEV has more storage capacity than the i3. Is it an SUV now too? Autoweek, you have lost credibility with me.

I drove one at the LA auto show and loved the power but I wish that I could get a EV that doesnt throttle down the torque below 20 mph. My focus could do 0-60 a second faster and so could the I3 with full torque at 0mph. Althought my tires arent lasting very long because I am constantly driving at full throttle with no noise to scare me into slowing down. I hope the I3 doesn’t option itself out of my price range.

your focus is not quicker than an M3, stop it

I think you mis-read what he said.

I misread that also. He’s saying that EVs limit the torque up to about 20mph, this certainly seems to happen in my LEAF. I would prefer it if the torque was gradually increased, it seems quite sudden in the LEAF. I can understand that there’s probably some good reasons for it being limited but what would be better would be some kind of perfect traction control and full possible power without spinning the wheels. Probably there would be too high stresses on other parts of the drivetrain though.

Then I forgot mention what I thought he was saying, that he’s got a Focus EV that would be faster without the torque limiting not that he Focus is faster than an i3.

As America loves SUVs and hates hatchbacks, you have to call the i3 an SUV. Even if it is really a hatchback.

+1. If MichaelB’s daughter can’t get out of the back seat on her own, it must be an SuV.

i3 = SUV

Is this a joke?

Its not a Sedan or Coupe

Some of you obviously don’t get Autoweek, and aren’t following along 😉

SUV? Perhaps they should change their name to “Autoweak”.

its funny all of you saying it isnt an SUV…. please tell me what it is then, sure isnt a couple, or sedan, or convertible, or truck

It’s a hatchback, just like versions of the Focus, Mazda 2 & 3, and the Versa Note, Golf etc. My 2003 Forester is either a small, tall wagon or a small CUV. None of these cars are SUVs.

A toy