Autopilot Camera Captures Tesla Model S Crash


Back in April of 2016, Tesla featured an accident as one of its customer stories. The accident survivor and his wife credited Tesla for saving his life. Now, thanks to renowned “Tesla hacker,” Jason Hughes (@wk057), the story has come back to life, complete with video footage of the incident.

Hughes was able to access the salvaged Tesla Model S and yank saved data from the Autopilot camera, to see exactly what occurred. This is not the first time that Hughes has been able to get footage from an Autopilot camera. The system saves the last few frames prior to an incident. Hughes regularly invests in salvaged Teslas for parts to assist in his special Tesla “projects.”

In the video, you can tell that the Model S hits a truck and an SUV. What you don’t see is that the vehicle was struck in the rear first, by a huge truck hauling a jet engine. Bill, the Model S driver, came out of the accident intact. Though the car looked obliterated, the cabin (as we have seen in many other incidents) stayed in pretty good shape. Bill’s wife was sure after seeing the pictures of the car, that Bill was likely in critical condition … or worse. She said:

“Then I get a text, with a picture of his car and the truck that hit him. My brain couldn’t quite process what his car looked like and the fact that he was texting me pictures. I was certain I would get to the hospital and get bad news, or that Bill would be headed in surgery. Instead, he was sitting in the hallway, in a wheel chair. Talking. Alive.”

Not only was the cabin spared, Jason Hughes also mentioned that the motors and battery pack were still functional. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently denied the Model S its esteemed Top Safety Pick status. This was surprising, since the car has achieved five stars in the past from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. However, Tesla claims that the seatbelt issue related to the IIHS’ findings, has been resolved.

Hat tip to Jason Hughes for pulling the footage!

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Damn !

Any 5-star rated vehicle will keep occupants safe in even severe accidents.

Oh people don’t die in 5-star rated vehicles at severe accidents? Lol

The Model S did not perform well enough in crash tests to earn the IIHS Good rating. Many other cars perform better. Not sure what this video proves.

Tesla should focus on fixing their design so they can at least get up to the safety rating of a Volt.

PaulT — Your statement is only 20% correct.

On 5 crash tests, the Model S got 4 “good” ratings, and 1 “acceptable” rating on the smaller of the offset tests. That’s 19/20 points.

This collision proves that the other “good” Model S test results were accurate, and valid.

A retest of the Model S by IIHS shows that Tesla’s changes did not fix the problem.

Telsa’s safety rating still lags.


Tesla Model S’ safety is 2nd to none as proven by the many very serious crashes that this ultra high-performance car has been in where the occupants survived.

Sorry troll, but other cars like the Volt (which I own BTW) are also very safe but have not been involved in as many serious accidents because they aren’t driven as fast typically.

I’m sure Tesla will redesign for better performance on the new overlap test.

The Suv need work done anyway a tail light out and back right corner crushed